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  1. I have always maintained that love triangles are just frustrating for a reader! I always hate when something comes between my two favourite characters in a book. In Twilight it was Bella, Jacob and Edward and in The Hunger Games it was Katniss, Peeta and Gale. For all of those fans out there I am team Edward and team Peeta! Always! It used to drive me crazy when I would read about Katniss choosing Gale and finally choosing Peeta in the last chapter! In any book it would drive me mad. However after writing Thunderstorm and now I'm in the middle of editing my second book which should be availab
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Sophie McNeill and I'm a newly published author. Thunderstorm is the first novel I have ever written, I wrote it when I was fifteen, three years ago. I'm so happy to see it published and available to buy online! I must admit that I have spent a lot of time googling myself to see it come up! :-) Thunderstorm is book for children (10-13). It follows the adventures of a young girl, Hale, who stumbles into the world of extraordinary, quite literally. She soon realizes that she possesses powers that other people could only dream of, she can do anything with her mind
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