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  1. Thank's for that i will try and get a copy of both books ,, I tend to agree about her incidental research however i found the book that extra interesting because i could relate to some of the facts mentioned because living in Coventry i have seen the Church St Johns which isabella gave the money to starta building there though i dont think it started as a church (i will have tto reread the book ive already forgotten what it said in my defence it was a while back i read this, Regards, Nigel.
  2. Has anyone read this book byAlison Weir i found it magnificent and was wondering if there are any more history books on this subject? Kind regards, Nigel
  3. Evening all, Is it still available Jack? regards Taff.
  4. Having already finished the book, This is the one and only time i probably (hopefully) will say that in my opinion it would probably be better as a film than a really good read. Nigel.
  5. Hi Everyone, my first post in the forum and its not about books lol. However the last album(cd) i bought was O by damien rice along with the soundtrack to an autobiography by anse adams whidch i had to get from the states because as far as i know it has not been released in the uk yet. Regards, Nigel,
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