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  1. Ooooh this thread is so cuuute!! I have three dogs at the moment. I also used to have cats as a child, along with bunnies, hamsters, and white mice. This is my beloved Tamaki. He's about 7 years old and a Japanese spitz mixed.
  2. My name is Barbie so it's barbie25 since the 25 marks my birthday. hehe. It might sound so lame, but it's easy to remember.
  3. This thread warms my heart! Sometimes I spend time on the net just looking at cute animal videos. Those really make me smile. Offline--- s tack of books, the smell of rain, and Adele's music. Those are pretty comforting. (--,)
  4. Well I just signed up here I'm currently navigating through the website and popping out browser tabs with forum threads. hehe.
  5. Hi! My name is Barbara Goulart, and I am a biologist from Florida. I've been reading books ever since I can remember. I’ve always been interested in science, mental health, and reading books, especially fiction novels from various genres. Reading keeps me sane and helps me cope up with a lot of things. The forum looks incredibly interesting and fun, I hope I can learn and contribute some things here as well. Maybe we can talk about our favorite books over coffee too.
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