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  1. Binker, I'm curious about whether you felt the same way about the other characters in the movie. Did they all (or any of them) sound the way you had imagined them?
  2. Do you mean that speech is always faster than the way you hear what you read, grasshopper?
  3. The number of questions that appear varies depending on the answers you give. But after you finish submitting your answers, you can go back, as momac and lunababymoonchild have said, and see the rest of the survey if you are curious about the questions that didn't show up.
  4. Thank you for trying it, Minxminnie - there are no right or wrong answers, so you could pick the answers that best fit your experience. People's experiences (and therefore answers) vary a lot.
  5. All of these comments here are very thought-provoking for me as well, so thank you for all your input. It is so interesting to hear different people's opinions.
  6. Thanks so much for making the effort, tagesmann! I've just discovered that I can receive (and I assume send?) personal messages on this forum, so I can answer specific questions that way if you have any-- that way I won't bias the responses of people who haven't taken the survey yet.
  7. Grasshopper, I would be happy to post a summary of my results when they are ready.
  8. Thanks very much for doing the survey, lunababymoonchild, grasshopper and Clavain. And thanks for attempting the survey, tagesmann- whichever answer you thought fitted your experience best would have been fine. Clavain, there are other questions as well.
  9. Thank you, Kerry and Ting Mikyunyu, for doing the survey! I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ting Mikyunyu. There is a lot of variation in normal reading experiences, and it really is interesting.
  10. Hello, I just joined this forum. I am a professor at an academic institution in the U.S. and I joined to post a survey about a research study I'm doing that is very relevant to people who like to read. I hope it's not a breach of etiquette to do that - please forgive my ignorance if it is, and let me know so that I can remove the post. I couldn't find any rules or guidelines for posting. I am also a fiction writer and a book lover, so I will stay on in this forum even if I am asked to remove my post about the survey. It looks like there are many interesting topics to browse and join here.
  11. Hello, I am an academic researcher doing a study and I am hoping for your help. The study is about inner voices people hear while reading (some people don’t have inner voices, and some people do). If you'd like to participate in a short, fun, completely anonymous survey about this - and are 18 or older - go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2XKMM6V. The link will take you to a secure site, which has a consent form and a survey; no identifying information will be collected from you. The survey only takes about 5 minutes and is not commercial in any way. Many thanks if you can help!
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