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  1. I am part way through Lost in Music by Giles Smith which was published in 1995. I am not sure how I missed it before. It is a great read for anyone who has ever been in love with their own record collection or in love with their own reflection in the mirror whilst playing air guitar. Forgive the pun, but this book strikes a chord and assuming that it keeps up the same sparky tempo from the opening chapters onto the middle eight then I would highly recommend it.
  2. The author is Alan Harris.
  3. Someone recommended this travel book to me as a 'British Bryson' and I am pleased that he did, because it is a fantastic read. It is funny, sad, beautiful, inspirational and I couldn't put it down. I read it in two sittings. I would recommend this to anyone who falls into one or more of the following categories :- 1. Likes funny/quirky travel books, 2. Is having a mid-life crisis! 3. Wants a bit of armchair adventure in places like Indonesia, Vietnam, China, 4. Enjoys the likes of Chatwin/McCarthy/Bryson, I got my copy through Amazon but my friend got his at his local bookshop, published by Pegasus. On a separate, but related theme, was I the only one not to get 'Round Ireland with a Fridge' by Tony Hawks? Did I miss something? I liked the idea but it didn't click with me.
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