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  1. My apologies then. I'd be happy to say more. First, with the apologies. Sorry fellows. I'm a first time author, and reading/writing groups haven't been my typical haunts. I was being spammy when I posted this. I'm a homeless, and winter is on it's way. The more I can do while warmth is at my disposal, the better. Cluelessness. I started this book after my experience with Occupy. Everything about it was inspired by some facet of my experience. The tone of the book was always intended to criticize occupiers. While becoming acquainted with people I'd met during the experience,
  2. Free book. Percentages - An Occupy Story I'd be selling it, but I can't afford to pay my poverty fees. Summary and download link: https://www.facebook.com/i.sam.crozier/photos/a.676555222386136.1073741825.676554972386161/764050560303268/?type=1&theater
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