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  1. I think he is a great crime writer. Not only are his crime plots good but he also expands his characters and introduces a social and economic context into what he writes. One of the few crime writers where I buy the books as soon as they are released in hardback. The other must buy authors I also buy are Michael Connelley and James Lee Burke.
  2. Rather thought he had lost his way in the last two novels, particularly the one set in England, but this is rather better. Very ambiguous ending and will be interesting to see how he takes up the story. My bet would be that there will be an Afghanistan connection and the reappearance of Major Turner ............
  3. 26. In what year did the housesitters meet the coypu man? A 1979
  4. slapped wrist - and always a good idea to read the beginning of a thread
  5. 6. Who invited Kenzie to have a drink before the war? Jim Vurnan, Senator Sterling Mulkern, Senator Brian Paulson
  6. In your dreams - or is the current scenario a nightmare?
  7. Big Brother or cricket ............?
  8. Interestingly enough no. Bet Science was though - woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - and hurahhhhhhhhhhhhh etc.
  9. Agree with the above but for one thing - I like Orlaith - mind you had to reconsider when she went into how she would keep busy until the eviction. I'm a bit concerned tonights episode as have been evacuated from home as a result of todays bombs. Might have to stay in the office or I could book a hotel room ..................
  10. I am very confused as to the 'are you my dad' - are you both part of a dysfunctional family? This could be more entertaining than Big Brother - think you should both spill the beans here
  11. Cor blimey I am impressed - they are starting young on BGO these days. Agree with all the sentiments it was and still is a great book.
  12. You do have a magic wand - unfortunately Sauron realises he was barking up the wrong tree with all that Gollum ring stuff so he is now after you. As is Voldermort who has decided this Harry Potter bloke is not the real threat either. This is seriously bad news you - bish bosh - the end …….but no Hermione to the rescue again I wish I hadn’t started to reply to this post ……
  13. I have always been convinced that he was called Scient. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention - will in future refer to him as Science. When you get to a certain age (mine) - anyone who thinks you are younger than you are is heaped with masses of love and respect. I adore the fact you think I might still be at school. If it was irony due to my love of Big Brother, reading of Harry Potter - hey nonny nonny.
  14. Oh please don't - I love RR he is the Scient of this thread.
  15. Also whilst in the fever of conspiracy theory have a feeling that there are some people who are working hard to keep this strand oput of the way .......... That A-Z strand seems strangely opportunistic ............. (can't do emoticons yet)
  16. Yes. Read it on Sunday morning. Think Rowling's editor did not do the book any favours. It could have been cut by about 20%. It is quite different from the other books in that there are not lots of cliff hanger chapters. Fair bit of luuuuuurve and betrayal. The importance of loyalty comes over strongly. Think if you are aged between 8 - 12 you would be disappointed but after that think most people would enjoy it.
  17. Thorne Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been trying to remember that ........ immediately rushing off to Amazon (via BGO link of course) Hope they stand the test of time as I used to think they were hilarious
  18. About to make a sweeping generalisation …. (but I like the idea of being high brow strange how it sounds better than mono-brow but I digress) One of the things I have found about people who read widely is that they are hugely interested in people (high tendency to gossip and celebrate the absurd) and analyse how different people react to different situations. Often it is irrelevant whether the character is real or fictional. Just look at some of the threads on BOL along the lines of ‘who is your favourite character’. Big Brother is just another example of this curiosity (nosiness) of ours. Plus BB is watched for lots of us at the same time and the same pace. I fondly imagine we’d be just the same if a similar number of us read the same book at the same pace at the same time
  19. I am deeply addicted and signed up for the email updates whilst I was on holiday (thank you office for supplying a Blackberry). Friday will be very interesting …………………. Mykosi was the best but is now duplicitous to the nth degree - maybe she is a mole or rather the Big Brother hamster. Derek or Kamal to win but then again there is something so deliciously nerdish (oxymoron or what) about Eugene. He could be a dark horse. Love the fall out between Mykosi and Kamal and also Mykosi’s baby. Suspect it is rather like Mapp’s pregnancy in the EF Benson novels. Could dribble on like this for hours. PS To Bill, perhaps there should be a health warning on this thread.
  20. It was a very prescient hamster
  21. Didn't think much of the film but this was very likely because I loved the books so much. In fact I have read it three or four times. I also read everything else he wrote and in my opinion nothing else has come close
  22. Is our esteemed leader censoring all mentions of Big Brother or is it that I am the sole fan? Personally I love it to pieces and it is much more fun than the hamster ever was, and unlike the hamster I will not be called upon to arrange a funeral. Workwise I find it interesting to see who likes which inmate and why.
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