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  1. Less Well-Known Band, Artist & Album Recommendations

    Thanks and Hi back!!
  2. Less Well-Known Band, Artist & Album Recommendations

    Thanks for noticing! Job change and heavier schedule partly due to Mrs RR giving up driving as a result of eye problem meant reading activities severely curtailed. Hopefully 2 offspring should pass driving test in the next few weeks which might just mean I get some evenings back so maybe I'll pick up a thriller or 2 again...
  3. Less Well-Known Band, Artist & Album Recommendations

    Big Big Train - I was there. Fantastic band and gig. It's a long track but when the brass kicks in.... Oh my goodness! They tell stories of very English things, closure of the shipbuilding yard at Swan Hunter, coal mining in Wales, beekeeping, the rescue of a ditched bomber thanks to the 120 miles flight of their pigeon Winkie, etc. etc. You get the picture. This track tells the tale of the building and first "flight" of Mallard.
  4. This is the only one of Donna Leon's I have read and, after being a little unconvinced early on I enjoyed it once warmed up. I suspect my uncertainty may well have been due to coming into a well-established series late on. As with all authors in a series she did a fine job of scene setting without boring regular readers but it's a difficult thing for the new reader as the characterisation is bound to be more brief. Anyway, once I get back to reading (new job has kept me out of the loop for ages) I shall endeavour to go back to the start....
  5. Live Music Plans?

    The Australian Pink Floyd on Thursday. And saw Wicked in London on Saturday. Excellent show and a flawless performance.
  6. What song are you listening to... right NOW?

    Elizabeth - Dream The Electric Sleep
  7. what is everyone doing?

    I live in Datchet which has been the focus of the world's media this week. We have remained dry fortunately but there's been plenty of drama and a massive response from the community, and, a little after the horse bolted, from all manner of agencies and forces, with even Harry and William showing up (quietly) on Friday to muck in.
  8. Sherlock (TV series)

    Amanda Abington. I love the way she handles Sherlock and Watson and the twinkle in her eye. Not necessarily a beauty but she lights up the screen for me. (I hope she doesn't get bumped off, but somehow fear she will.)
  9. Sherlock (TV series)

    She's rather lovely.
  10. David

    Very saddened by this news. Setting aside his patience, wisdom and intelligence, all of which were obvious to members, from what I saw on here over the years I can say with total confidence that he was a really really nice man. I don't think there's a greater accolade at the end of a life. RIP David.
  11. Book Chain

    The Winter WARRIORS - David Gemmell
  12. David

    I've been watching this from a distance and after recent updates was feeling a little twitchy about logging in this morning if I'm honest. Delighted to read a more positive update on his condition.
  13. Doctor Sleep

    Apart from the quite excellent Dark Tower series I too had a fairly long break from King, but if you liked books like The Stand and It then I am sure you would enjoy Under The Dome. Every bit as good as those earlier novels with another opinion-dividing ending!
  14. Rest in Peace

    I didn't know about Cliff Morgan! Being an avid sports reader / listener can't believe his passing escaped my notice.
  15. Rest in Peace

    And now broadcaster David Jacobs has checked in.