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  1. In Singapore its very hot and I'm sooo grateful for the invention of fans for those windless days
  2. That's true, personality tests are very subjective to your mood at the time of answering. I have done plenty of personality tests and when I did the same ones at different points of my life I get a different answer. So now apparently I have changed personality 4 times!
  3. My wife loves it and I honestly don't know why! It was too much for me to read of course but I watched the film with her just to please her.. thank goodness i didn't read the book!
  4. I'm afraid I'm on the employer's side too. The key word is about tolerance, so having 2 or so piercings is tolerable, but more isn't. The same goes for clothing and any other "inappropriate" behaviour.
  5. Just signed up to this forum and reading all the posts :-)
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