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  1. I am all curled up as I have this nasstyy cold.. just don't know what to do. i can't sleep, breathe, smell, taste anything its like being a zombie or something :-(
  2. Honestly I think people can be both at different situations so this book is just trying to create a new niche by appealing to our inner selves during times when we feel very conscious about our actions and we want to read that 'yeah introverts are powerful here's why blabla' to make ourselves feel better. IMHO but no one else has to agree
  3. I'm torn between smartphone and dishwasher.. I think I'll pick smartphone just because of the amount of times all these features have saved me from so much trouble and time wasting.
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Bianca Dragos- you remind me of me when I was still in school, except that I get too distracted by books to do homework!
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