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  1. Did anyone else watch the very wonderful channel 4 series The Bookgroup a year or two back? If not then the dvd is available at rock bottom prices and i'm sure would appeal to all BGO members. A second series was screened but for some inexplicable reason has never been released on dvd.
  2. Many years ago i read a book entitled "Golf In The Kingdom" by Michael Murphy and even as a non-afficiando of the game i remember being enthralled by it. Subsequently it's become one of those volumes which i have always resisted re-reading for fear that the spell it cast over my youthful self may have long since vanished.
  3. Dear TC. Without wishing to broadcast my whereabouts to sundry ne'er-do-wells and vengeful reprobates, suffice to say that my particular part of "darkest norfolk" boasts a mere; is celebrated in a poem by John Betjeman; was the birthplace of former prime minister Harold Wilson's wife (as well as that of a current premiership centre-half and England international); recently held a year long festival devoted to poet-laureate John Skelton and two years ago was dubbed not only the meanest town in the country but the "brussel sprout capital of the UK"! Somehow I suspect you won't need your deerstalker and meerschaum pipe to pinpoint the location.
  4. Dear T.C. I desperately want to believe that Circulus are (or at least were) a real band, and if so, what are they up to nowadays? Please don't disillusion me!
  5. ....except just two more words...Finnegan's Wake!!
  6. To paraphrase Joni Mitchell...i think it largely depends on the time of year or the time of man (or woman). I remember reading On The Road as a teenager (at the 1970 Isle of Wight festival to be precise, so that certainly dates me!) and loving every page. Tried to re-read it a couple of years ago and gave up before i was a quarter of the way through. The same thing happened with Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman. I guess it only goes to show what a very subjective thing reading is. Or is it just that we we can never step into the same river twice?
  7. It would be a pleasure and a privilege!
  8. If "widely-read" is the same as "well-read" then i am!
  9. Heavy books?? Why not go for Lord Of The Rings or War And Peace or Remembrance Of Things Past? You need muscles like Arnie to lift those buggers!
  10. of course not all sci-fi is bad...just the vast majority of it!!
  11. In response to chrisg's comments re the lack of sci-fi readers in this group, i think it's because the majority of members would consider themselves fans of the more "literary" approach and - in Kurt Vonnegut's words - the problem with most science fiction authors is that they come up with some great ideas but the majority of them can't write for toffee!
  12. I'm plumping for The Shadow Of The Wind in the hope and expectation that the book itself is better than the title which sounds about as "authentic" as Peter Seller's apocryphal play Tomorrow's New Yesterday!
  13. Having somewhat belatedly discovered the works of the wondrous Kate Atkinson may i humbly suggest that anything by her might be considered as the groups forthcoming Book Of The Month? "Behind The Scenes At The Museum" remains her best known work but for me the follow-up "Human Croquet" is an even greater triumph. Both these novels are accessible, warm, humane and suffused with an abiding insight into the human spirit. What's more they are laugh-out-loud hilarious too! "Not The End Of The World" is a recent collection of short stories which i am sure could provide much lively debate amongs fellow members.
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