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  1. This was nominated by 2 people in my RL book group last month. I was really looking forward to it, but am now not so sure...
  2. The Burning BRIDGE - John Flanagan
  3. Like Squirls, it's been a very long time since I've visited BGO and have only just seen this. I am so very, very saddened and sorry to read this thread. David was such a big part of BGO, not just his contributions on the boards but the support he gave us in he early days when he became a moderator. This time of year is one for reflection and I now intend to read back through some of my favourite old threads, so many of which David commented on, and enjoy his humour and insights. Much love to all BGO members and David's friends and family. xxx
  4. I mentioned this thread to one of my colleagues today when we met, both bare footed, at the water cooler. She said "it's fine to take your shoes off, as long as senior management or visitors aren't in the building". I like the logic. We did also then discuss the etiquette of scent - but agreed that if you feet are a little on the whiffy side, it's probably important that you air them (near an open window!).
  5. Aha - I read the beginning of a few threads, but not the ends so I missed that! ☺
  6. Level 8 wasn't the problem, took me a few attempts for levels 2 and 3 though!
  7. I frequently do take my shoes off in the day job (but always put them back on if I'm going to the kitchen/ladies/further than the photocopier). In the evening job, I'm always barefoot/socks only, and insist on the same for my clients, but that's normal for a Pilates class!
  8. It seems that this "like" button isn't available on mobile though! If it was, I'd like both your comments, Meg and David!
  9. I listened to this when I was trying out borrowing e-books/audio book downloads from the public library. Given that it's short, it kept sending me to sleep as I tried to listen to it! Like your boys, Meg, it's not a book I had read to me as a child, so I didn't come to it with any nostalgia. I generally felt it was rather twee.
  10. I find it quite sad that in the UK publishing industry translated works are such a minor part. Many other countries translate UK/US manuscripts as their main publishing focus so I think we really ought to acknowledge better those that get published against such competition in other countries. (ETA - competition in the way that it's almost easier for the publishers to look at bestsellers from other countries and commission a translation than to read through the perceived slush heap!). The Marsh Award (http://www.marshchristiantrust.org/Childrens_Literature_Translation) is a good starting place for ideas of CYA books that have been translated into English well.
  11. Mr Rosenblum's List by Natasha Solomons A book club read that I didn't quite finish in time for the meeting. General consensus was that it's a light, undemanding book much suited to sun-lounger reading! I will finish it, but it's not going to change my life.
  12. I finally read Small Wars by Sadie Jones (which you'll find mentioned on my TBR lists here from a loooong time ago...) on holiday this year. The incentive being that I was in Cyprus. Found it's perspective on the troubles in the 50s really interesting, especially compared with the tour guides comments on the trips we took. One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter...
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