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  1. LOVE is in the air - John Paul Young
  2. "American Psycho" - Bret Easton Ellis
  3. - Have news from an old friend, not for a particular reason, just because he/she wants to know about me. - See animals, especially baby ones, playing... I have a lot of fun seeing them in Internet videos or photos - Allow me some special meal or dessert from time to time.
  4. "The shadow of the wind" - Carlos Ruíz Zafón
  5. "The Slender Man" - Dexter Morgenstern
  6. "The Night Circus" - Erin Morgenstern
  7. I read the first book of the serie a few months ago, I did not know what to expect when I start because I didn't knew the author or the argument of the book; I saw it was some kind of funny detective girl and I got it . It was very entertaining, I like it; and now that you have remembered it to me, I think I will continue with the second of the serie when I finish my current reading
  8. Should or shouldn't I?

  9. Hi everyone! Here is a new one, I'm not very good with presentations but I will try I mostly like classic, fantasy and mystery novels, but I read adventure, terror o sci-fi too. Or a mix of all, that are very popular lately. When I was younger, I was the only member of my family with the "reading thing", the freak one... with time, I make my parents loves books too. So, there is a true-reader here Finally, I would like to apologize if I commit some orthographic faults, I'm not english but I will do my best writing correctly. The site looks amazing, thanks!
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