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  1. Tennis

    I thought she had a point but maybe didn't convey it right. Thought the judge handled it terribly and should have just had a word off mic. This kind of puts it in context. I got 2/11 https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/sep/12/tennis-tantrums-quiz-meltdowns-serena-williams
  2. Book Chain

    The Man In The High Castle - Philip K Dick
  3. Song Chain

    Breakfast in Bed - Dusty Springfield
  4. A to Z Game

    Wake Up And Make Love To Me - Ian Dury
  5. What are you watching on TV?

    Nearly finished watching Killing Eve and loving it. Apparently it was huge in America and there is a massive online buzz. Violent funny and feminist ! Free on the Iplayer and many people are binging the whole box set in one go. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p06kbg8t/killing-eve-series-1-1-nice-face
  6. Post Office

    Had to search and it was 1987 when I seen Barfly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barfly_(film) Read alot of his stuff after and some I loved. I agree with Hux he's definitely not PC and that can be very refreshing in an increasingly sanitised world.
  7. what is everyone doing?

    Had some drinks with friends and went to the toilet in my local pub. There were obviously many locked in a toilet giggling and laughing. When they came out I knew one of them. Anyways sniffed some cocaine and consequently typing at 5am. Not gardening today.
  8. Song Chain

    If You Got The Money - Jamie T
  9. Vote for the new group read

    Would love to read one of these books along with you all. Stoner have read but would love to reread with the group. How to be a Heroine to me looks like the most lighthearted/ fun read? The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Never read anything by Agatha Christie which maybe sounds like blasphemy on a book forum. Just never got round to her but have seen the films/series. The Dead. Not read anything by James Joyce apart from starting Ulysses many times and failing every time.Must admit Binker as intrigued me. Voted.
  10. The Heather Blazing

    Thanks Viccie Read three books written by him and loved all of them. Just checked on Amazon and this one is not available in digital form
  11. Revived BGO Book Group

    Not read anything by Agatha Christie, James Joyce or Samantha Ellis. Would be happy with any of those
  12. What song is on your brain...right now?

    Re watching The Wire box set probably for the 4th or 5th time and this song grabbed me.
  13. Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to itsmeagain, Onion Budgie, Muggle, Loretta, Madeleine and Marie H With so many new members maybe we could consider a group read for September?
  14. World Cup 2018

    Were going home ....France v Croatia final
  15. World Cup 2018

    A little late but definitely something to celebrate - England are in the semi finals of the World Cup I cant think of a better world cup for excitement, skill and drama than this one. Every game apart from a few have been wonderfully entertaining. I'm glad we're not the country that put Russia out and glad we are not meeting them in the semi final for many reasons. France v Belgium 10th July England v Croatia 11th July The winners play on the 15th. Its coming home its coming home..........