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  1. Aww come on. This is a lock down covid era - time to play/listen to music, But if you close the door .........
  2. Yeah there was trouble ,violence even but what can you do? He was an American psycho.
  3. Died 11th October. A great influence on me. RIP Carey
  4. Would like like to go for literary characters or places. Probably been done before but hey ho. Aramis (don't have to put, but for those that don't know - The Three Musketeers )
  5. Probably need to start another thread, COVID 19 Top Ten or Viral Hits etc Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
  6. Meals on the train/plane or automobile or 😰
  7. Baggage not appearing when you've landed at an airport.
  8. Raising your elbow to greet someone.
  9. Telephone Man - Meri Wilson (OMG popped into my head - 1977 one hit wonder ) For your education
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