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  1. The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
  2. Came across this post looking for the book Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death:. How prescient was this guy? Fake news is rife.
  3. Standing In Another Man's Grave - Ian Rankin
  4. Three Times a Lady - Commodores
  5. Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart - Alicia Keys Sorry repeated broken
  6. Not sure if that's true, I have memories of book reviews where you have disagreed but honestly is it worth trolling back 6 years. Do agree with the commendation for reading books that you find hard going or start not to like. Guess then you speed read. Whatever, Mr HG please keep going where no one has gone before and look at the ones we have.
  7. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World;s Most Dangerous Tan - Mary L Trump A family exposure where the use of agent orange (nerve gas) as a tanning agent, gave us an orange president with psychotic tendencies. Some of it is true.
  8. Chuntzy I think you need to pick the next a to z theme.
  9. Man of The World - Fleetwood Mac ( not their greatest song but link for Peter Green RIP)
  10. Have a lot of respect for your reviews Mr HG, you have put me on to many many books I've read and loved. I only meant that comment because this book had garnered many good reviews. Your tastes sometimes don't match mine and was hoping someone else (like Binker) may have a different view. Guess I will have to read it and find out
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