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  1. I'm just starting "More Sand in My Bra" after discovering the first at a book sale. It's a whole series of travel adventures, mostly dis-adventures very entertaining reading!
  2. A book I just got from Barnes and Noble. com, about the f***ishima "Accident"...the walls of whatever politics...but basically " Oops we don't know how to contain it how many years past" 2000 gadillion pounds of radioacitive fuel in the ocean....oh crap, our bad...this is a horror story beyond reason.
  3. I'm sure there are many Dave Barry fans on this site. I haven't bought this yet but it's on the top of my wish list. For those of you who haven't read Dave Barry he's addictive if you have an ADHD sense of humor. I've collected all of his books along the way. With his past books however watch out, he usually includes a chapter...Viewing a Hiroshima museum, his mother's suicide, colon cancer...a serious chapter will pop up...then he'll go back on his merry way...he won a Pulitzer even after a college prof told him he'd never be a writer...grammatically incorrect yet amazing
  4. I saw this...I work in hardware retail but same idea...people can be obviously professionals possibly in charge of major divisions of their company...but the self-check machine is beyond their comprehension...this book is a blast!
  5. Don't know if anyone has looked at this book yet. I'm just in the first chapters. Some of us remember Lisa Robinson from Rock Scene and Creem...actually I don't remember much of her writing. At fourteen I wasn't ready to critique rock journalism. But the book is surprisingly...flat perhaps? I can't explain it. Like someone took a few downs then copied word for word from various diaries. Maybe that's what she did, but as someone who toured with Led Zep and the Stones during legendary tours and was submerged in the New York music world would have a more rocking narrative. It might be that most of the subjects in the book are still very much alive...Interesting reading but could have been better.
  6. Sophie is an American Staffordshire. Callie is an American Bull Dog. Seven cats from Levon a young ginger to Chii a senior citizen Munchkin. And my daughter has two rats.
  7. I'm an advocate for bully breed dogs and own two. And I start the day with about four cups of joe. I found this image by chance...bull terrier coffee, perfect!
  8. After reading some posts I could start breathing fire about guns in the US...insanity...the "right" to a concealed weapon. Then they go all bat crap when people solve their anger management issues with a bullet. But no the topic is censorship. I don't feel that any book, video game or other media can really influence the average individual to go out and copy what they perceive from watching or listening to such things. Certainly for an individual who is unbalanced to begin with a violent anything can tip them the wrong way. But too often it's an excuse. There were several cases where kids committed suicide listening to a variety of rock bands-Black Sabbath, Judas Priest...but if you slit your wrists to ABBA...believe me I would...then is ABBA responsible for pushing you over the edge? I don't think Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto or Harry Potter for that matter is depicting anything that the average child or teen is going to emulate in real life. Besides, I had several kids so I'm a veteran at child raising. The only thing censoring does is make a child more determined to get to the forbidden topic. Better that you set limits on the truly horrible stuff and have meaningful discussions about some of the rest.
  9. This was a fascinating book. I feel it got a bit bogged down in the courtroom. It also raises many questions. Some people's reflex response is of course they should have saved everyone and they were completely at fault that they didn't or couldn't. On the other side we don't know what we would do put in such horrendous circumstance. At my age I can look at it if I had been a patient there yes by all means put someone younger ahead of me for care. But for the medical staff, in life or death situation how do you triage the patients who might make it compared to those who are using up the dwindling supplies and may not survive evacuation. Depending on your age, political and religious affiliations everyone has a different view of this book.
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