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    Books...of course books...always books, many, many, books. The other loves of my life are two dogs and a flock of cats. A wicked sense of humor and an enjoyment of non-fiction, history and Captain Morgan.
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  1. weed Use it in a proper sentence " Great weed man, I am burnt."
  2. " ONLY Lonely "- Hootie and the Blowfish
  3. This book was a complete surprise from the used book stacks at a local library. A striking cover, don't let it put you off...a bespeckled and stern looking middle-ager in a wheelchair...with apparently no lower limbs. Then you notice his hands. Either awkwardly placed or crippled, it's hard to tell from the photograph. As you go on to read the cover blurbs you expect a typical war journal. In comparison to "Born on the 4th of July" and other tomes of this period, this is not the least what you might expect. It is actually a story more in the vein of Pat Conroy, author of "The Great Santini". A boy growing up in a marine family. His first childhood rifle, the regular moving and uprooting, the legacy from birth of trying to live up to your father's legend. But this book is so much more than typical narrative. From the beginning the author sketches his relationship with his parents and family and life leading to his own expected military career. In 1968 during the escalation of the conflict, the author arrives fresh from officer training to the reality of Vietnam. I'm only up to this chapter now but will be reading this book to the last page. The author alternates through serious, humorous and sad observations in this often misunderstood chapter of history. Definitely worth hunting down a copy.
  4. "YOU Never Even Called Me By My Name"-David Allan Coe
  5. "FROM Four Until Late"-Eric Clapton
  6. Okay I'm going to answer a previous one "I wish I could leave the bus queue by sprouting wings and flying home." Wish granted, you have sprouted a set of glorious wings, but like Icaraus you're going to go too far and eff it up completely. You're so enchanted with the gift of flight you end up in some protected air space and it doesn't end well. I wish I could take a magic pill to learn plumbing and electric as a trade. Come on kids, where is everybodee?
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