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    Who is Who?

    I'll do my best. I don't know how good it will be.
  2. ChrisG

    Who is Who?

    I'm still me, as far as I can tell. I don't stop by much anymore but got Bill's email and wanted to see if BGO had gotten back up and running. Glad to see it's going so well.
  3. So, if I don't fancy the Editor's Choice this month, I just ignore the whole thing and wait 'til next time, right? Damn! That's been the problem - I've been labouring under the delusion that Book Group membership was different than Book Club membership.
  4. Finally got my lone speaker working (sort of, it cuts in and out) and gave this a try. Got 8/10 Thanks, folks, those childhood music lessons paid off for something!
  5. I only remember reading Airport and Hotel, but I, too, loved the whole 'insider's behind the scenes' viewpoint and remember enjoying the books immensely.
  6. I'm with you, lucyb! I LOVE the whole season of decorations, traditions and rituals. Of course, with all my family, most of my friends, and even my dog on the other side of the ocean, I have had to start up new traditions over here with my partner and the cats, but it hasn't dampened my enthusiasm one iota! Although, I do miss Thanksgiving! Pumpkin pies, turkey, the whole family pigging out and great football! And it really starts the festive season off over there. I've already started into my viewing the seasonal DVDs (of which I have many) ritual. Can't wait to start on all the decorations and lights and gift wrapping and the tree!
  7. I have to admit that I probably wouldn't have read any of the BGO choices if I hadn't joined BGO. But, so far, the only one I skipped was the Tractors in Ukrainian one and that was because I just couldn't face another 'bestselling, Richard and Judy Book of the Month' type read after the previous choices. I did bail out on the Maze - but I've always hated maths so that was no surprise when my eyes glazed over and my brain went numb. (Although, surprisingly, when I got up the courage to do that BBC Maths quiz, I got 16 out of 20 so I must have learned something through all those painful courses). I have also read all the free books offered on here and wouldn't have chosen any of them for myself, either. So BGO is broadening my reading horizons! I must admit that there have been only two that I have really enjoyed: Cloud Atlas, which was understandable because I like sci-fi and that was a bit sci-fi in some of its stories, and Educating Peter, which I really enjoyed and was something I would never have picked up myself. I hope others will make an effort to read the BGO choices and join the discussions so it can be more involving for all the members. Things have slackened off quite a bit with the last couple of books.
  8. I seem to have stirred up a hornets' nest with my prior post (do you have that saying over here?). Sorry! Didn't mean it as a critiscism - more of an observation. This format seems to work for those of you who can get online more, so far be it from me to want to change it. I'll just have to make more effort to get here more often so I can participate.
  9. I may have lost track of the timing here, but isn't it time for a new choice YET? The last book was so short, and there hasn't been much input to the thread. So, before we all get inundated (hopefully!) with new reads as Christmas presents, shouldn't we be looking at the next BGO choice? Especially so we can add it to our Santa list before it's too late?
  10. These things are real non-starters for those of us who can only log on once a day or so, aren't they? But they are interesting reading, anyway.
  11. have no fear, bring that bottle over here
  12. Let us not forget: Vivaldi's Four Seasons any Mozart Beethoven's Sonatas The Nutcracker ('tis the Season!) Chopin (especially, the Sonatas) That should keep you soothed (and busy)
  13. Having bought the DVD of Series One while in the US, I have to keep mum about alot of things. But, I would recommend buying it to Chris (the other one ) if you haven't watched it in progress. It is very gripping, right to the end. And the extras were great (for once).
  14. Thanks Claire. That explains why I didn't 'get' it - I tend do do the self-help thing - myself! (Why line someone else's pockets to learn things that you could figure out yourself?)
  15. I've gotten this also - 'page cannot be displayed' thing. I'm afraid that I just give up when that happens, which may account for the fact that I haven't been here much lately. It's not that I don't still love you all . . . .
  16. So close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you
  17. Yep! It most certainly WAS a nightmare if you had Dubya at your mercy and let him LIVE! (Now, I'll probably be put on the CIA's list of subversives!)
  18. Don't apologise, Meg - I heartily agree! I think that certain authors (who happen to make their publishers loads of dosh) are given free rein. As to 'older classics', I always thought (and still do) that Ernest Hemingway should have been edited, big time!
  19. The road less travelled (Life and Society #2) is Robert Frost, surely? Unless there is one over here that I don't know about? 'I took the road less travelled, and it made all the difference' Ain't it the truth?
  20. Saint Jack is just so poisonously pious, you really want to see him take a fall, don't you?
  21. I'll give it a try: That's why I did me some talkin' to the sun, and I said I didn't like the way he got things done . . .
  22. Question, after last night's flashback on Charlie: If he was such a mess after just a weekend without a fix, how come he seems to be doing so well on the island??? Supposedly he went cold turkey a couple of weeks ago and he barely seems to have broken a sweat! Must be the good salt air.
  23. Don't feel too badly, Meg, so am I and I took Human Biology, Botany and Zoology courses! Aah, the memory is the first thing to go, isn't it? Great quiz, Grammath! Thanks for all your hard work. (Applause, applause).
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