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    An article in the Sunday Times.
  1. Hello - I'm from Dublin, Rep. of Ireland & also read about this site in the Culture section of the Sunday Times. Just finished Madame Bovary & The Jane Austen Book Club and just started Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton. I really like his work - particularly the Consolations of Philosophy (a subject I studied at uni); also The Art of Travel which is really interesting to read when you are travelling on holidays anywhere Looking forward to reading lots of diverse opinions on the books I read in the future ! murphs
  2. I don't think the author wanted you to have much sympathy for her which I was surprised about - her poor husband was so devoted & blind to what was going on at all times. Even encouraging her to go horse-riding with the first guy who had his eye on her I thought it would be more like Anna Karenina (fave novel) where you really felt sorry for the heroine (or anti-heroine) & indignant at the injustice of women's treatment in society ! She was a great shopper though - Madame Bovary - you'd have to give her that
  3. Hi Darkstar, Sounds like that would have been fun As it wasn't on any of my courses for school or uni I never had to read it before. I was surprised how unlikeable the heroine is though. Murphs
  4. Hello - I'm brand new. Just finished reading Madame Bovary which was on my "must-read" list for a long time. Has anyone read it recently ? Murphs
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