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  1. Who caused a sensation in Easy Rider
  2. I read about 2 books a week on average, depending on length.
  3. I miss it too Katrina. My local library, South Woodham Ferrers, was updated recently, check in and out your own books etc, and I feel there are less books available. I go to Chelmsford because of the better choice and hope they will still have a good selection. What do you all think of the new do it yourself system if you have it in your library?
  4. Why did you give no hint that night That quickly after the morrow`s dawn, And calmly, as if indifferent quite, Your would close your term here, up and be gone Where I could not follow With wing of swallow To gain one glimpse of your ever anon! The Going - Thomas Hardy
  5. We could all sit back and say our individual attempts to be `greener` will not make a difference but if everybody is doing something it must. Our council supplies bags for almost everything - cardboard, plastic bottles,tins,etc. which I religiously fill and put out. I was horrified when I worked out how many plastic bags I use when shopping so now take my own and reuse them. I do try to walk where ever possible but could use public transport more instead of using the car.
  6. The Books of Desmond Bagley I agree Desmond Bagley books are a good read. Searching thorough my bookshelves I have come across 5. The Enemy The Tightrope Men Windfall The Snow Tiger Bahama Crisis
  7. Oranges are not the only fruit - Jeanette Winterson
  8. Which also starred Emma Thompson
  9. mac

    It's back!

    Thanks Goodness. I did`nt think BGO was ever coming back! I definitely had withdrawal symtoms. Looks like we have all got a lot of work to do, posting like mad.
  10. I probably in common with lots of other members am trying to work out how many books I have. A quick guess would be about 500 spread throughout my house. However as my children have now left home I have a small bedroom that could be filled with lots of bookshelves to house my ever growing collection. I find it almost impossible to part with any of my books.
  11. mac

    The Ashes

    What a start to the 2nd test. A great days play. We just have to hope that the Aussies don`t show us how many runs we should have got on this pitch when they bat tomorrow.
  12. I am really going to show my age now as my first tv recollections are the wooden tops and rag tag and bobtail.
  13. I do so agree about the use of mobile phones whilst driving. Is it me or do more people seem to be doing this since it was banned?
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