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  1. Loved the book. I was really gripped by the story even reading into the early hours to finish.
  2. just finished this. Great read I would definitely recommend it.
  3. I loved Over the Rainbow. Equally good performance on Andrew Marr show on Sunday.
  4. People who don't say please or thank you.
  5. Cider With Rosie - Laurie Lee
  6. mac

    The Ashes

    Talk about a down, up, down day for England!
  7. It does`nt seem right to me to be barefoot in the office or wander around in socks.
  8. Bit late but I`m happy with this.
  9. I agree with you all.
  10. mac

    BGO on Mobiles

    Looking good on my mobile but different I will have to explore.
  11. I have just finished this book. It is all that Megustaleer says and certainly rewarding. Once into the book it is compelling reading and well worth the effort.
  12. Congratulations to you both.
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