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  1. My Brilliant Friend

    Just finished this for a book club read. It was a good read but maybe not as good as the hype suggests. Lots of characters as others have said and it was difficult at times to remember who was who. It will be interesting to find out what my fellow book club members made of it.
  2. Currently Reading

    My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
  3. Help Me Find That Book

    Yes I recognise this it’s Property of a Gentleman by Catherine Gaskin.
  4. what is everyone doing?

    Hi all. I've not been on the site for some time and have had some big changes in my life. After living in Essex for most of my life I've moved to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. Quiet a change as I had lived in my last house for 33 years. Being here means I am only 5 miles from my daughter which is great. I have also retired and got a puppy which is really like having another baby except that babies don't run around like mad things having puppy crazies. I've been catching up and am sorry to hear about the sad things some of you have experienced.
  5. A to Z Game

  6. The Ashes

    Disappointing finish. We collapsed very easily again. Still I'm viewing the team as a work in progress.
  7. what is everyone doing?

    So sorry. Such sad news.
  8. what is everyone doing?

    Best wishes Momac
  9. The Ashes

    Just as well that Finn has found some form as it looks like we will be without James Anderson.
  10. what is everyone doing?

    In Edinburgh for a few days with my daughter and son in law. Snow this morning and rain this evening. We are having a great time there is so much to do.
  11. Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to you all.
  12. what is everyone doing?

    Not my favourite game at all.