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  1. Hello everyone to who-so-ever is reading this thread. It is like sending my thoughts to great cosmic waves and seeing if I catch a signal in return. I am happy to announce about my debut novel 'Time in Love" is being published this week online and next week at general bookstores. This is a special moment for me, and to be honest one special novel. It has so many memories of mine attached to it. The characters are not real life entities but rather fragment of my imagination but each imagination does come from a few special moments. Don't worry the novel will not be as corny as my words sound right now. It is a novel about Jenna Oswald and Allen Carmen who fall in love but under certain circumstances sometimes no matter the age bar you have to make certain choices that might not be in your best interest. It is about longing, love and faith. If you believe or appreciate any of those feelings, do buy one for yourself, you will not regret it. The book will be releasing worldwide next week at general book stores. But it recently got released online. As due to bookgrouponline policy I can not mention the direct link for purchase.I am including link to my blog, please do check it out. You will find the link for online purchase. Do go and buy it from there. Help a writer keep her dreams alive and I assure you, it will be few hours worth spend. Link of my blog: http://psnovel.blogspot.in/
  2. Hey Guys! In the locality where I live, there is often cutting of trees rather than pruning and it breaks my heart to see that. Sometimes I do raise my voice but my family stops me as they don't want any disturbance in their peaceful social life. And those who are cutting trees they are like big BULLIES and they feel they can do whatever they want. The only excuse they give is, lot of leaves fall of on the car and it is difficult to clean later. WTF. No one supports me and when I emailed to some consumer complaint sites I got vague answers or no answers at all. Pruning is allowed but not brutally cutting them. My heart goes out for the nature. What to do?
  3. See the thing is, during Christmas people have this calm and happiness in them so they share the same with others. In mundane life, it somehow just gets lost in the super-fast life with career, job etc. I like that for just few days atleast everyone seems to join for dining, listen to old melodies and share few experiences of the year that is about to bid goodbye. But anyways, so here I welcome year 2014. And wishing all of you the same.
  4. Guys I just finished reading where rainbows end sometime ago by Cecelia Ahern. Anyone has read it? Must read!
  5. Hey everyone. Seems like Christmas has gone by along time ago but I still want those twinkling lights in the house. The holiday feeling kind of soothes me that I still have time to take everyday headache. Are you guys still feeling the same?
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    Hey Guys, Myself P.S. I am a debut author with my first book soon to hit the market with the title "Time in Love". I am great believer of love and courage. I guess in all these years watching my parents everyday I learned to endure struggle and pain and to always hope that someday life will take out a light out of its pocket to shine over us. I am adding my blog link which I recently started, do check it: psnovel.blogspot.in Anyone has read Love Walked in by Marisa de los santos. Amaaazinng storyline.
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