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  1. I have been touched by a similar thought to Jen when I lost someone who was far too young. About six months later I vowed to say the nice things about people that many people think but never say. The happiness it brings people is so rewarding, and its my way of making something positive out of something tragic. Maybe this can help others here.
  2. I am reading The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman. I'm not very far in, only a chapter or two, but I think it will be a book that stands apart from the others I have read recently. Am I bit concerned that I will find the content a bit heavy for bedtime reading, but will see.
  3. I wouldn't think reading would necessarily make you 'smarter', but I would like to think it does give me new ways to view the world and let me learn about more countries in ways I otherwise may not.
  4. Even though David was already struggling with his health when I joined here, his posts were the first I read, and I am sorry not to have known him. I hope you are all doing ok.
  5. Great question! There are many reasons why books appeal to me, and I have chosen booksin the store or online and by the time to go to read them I don't know why I bought them! I certainly read some books for escapism, some for laughter, some harmless adrenaline (ha! like I have a shortage of adrenaline right now!) etc. This question could take a page to answer properly but I don't have the time right now! I am more likely to choose a book if I have been completely captured by other books by the same author. Sometimes I want to learn, other times I just want to be absorbed in something for a co
  6. Oh and I read about 3 pages a night at the moment
  7. Wow just reading 24 hours worth of posts in this thread is exhausting! For those who are on the mend, I am glad. Going back to work after that 3 weeks off is never going to be easy! We just had another aftershock, I am so confused now that sometimes I can't tell when they end and my imagination kicks in!
  8. Luna you'll have a beautiful Christmas this year! Grasshopper I am closer than I want to be!
  9. We had another earthquake today. I was driving so didn't feel it, but everyone is spooked, and that includes me. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/9629660/Severe-quake-rattles-lower-North-Island
  10. I can see why it would pull at some people's heartstrings though. I don't have kids, so that connection isn't quite as strong for me. It still touched me though. Love Judi Dench.
  11. I saw Philomena in the weekend. I had braced myself that it might be a tear jerker but it wasn't for me. I really enjoyed it.
  12. I finished Bellagrand last night and am trying to decide which of the books I have lined up to read next. I hate that feeling were you have just read a couple of good books and getting into your next is hard work. Nice to have read the good ones but...
  13. I know what you mean with globalisation. I bought a Sony eBook reader and am happy with the device itself (although I did buy it before wifi enabled ones, I'd give a lot to have it wifi enabled) but I find the limitation is eBooks licenced for New Zealand. Although this is getting better, it was initially really hard, and has just gone backwards with a major retailer now redirecting their customers to Kobo. My mother bought a Kobo and you could say that it had also been crudely adapted for NZ, although even the woman on the Kobo help desk (that should say it all!) didn't seem to know why t
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