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  1. General feedback implies that its very difficult to get items. I will be looking later, obviously some deals are much more popular than others ...a Wii for £50
  2. They are great fun, I think I had them as a set from the bookpeople.
  3. Elfstar


    For those of you watching in black and white the pink ball is just behind the green Used to watch it because my ex did cant be bothered now.
  4. My bf is dyslexic. He simply cant keep up with subtitles. If he tries it distracts and frustrates him so much he cant concentrate on the film. and he has to ask what lots of words are, not a good watching experience.
  5. As the mother of boys I often read their books....Skulduggery Pleasant, Alex Rider, Harry Potter etc. Also Trudi Canavan's Black magician. I still get great pleasure from them and just for myself I've just bought and read Pratchett's I shall wear midnight Not a big fan of Darren Shan tho. And I loved the tv version of The Gruffalo. The Alfie stories were some of our best read aloud books when they were little, I remember them with fondness and flicked through them when doing a big sort out. Bonting was a great favourite.
  6. Helicopter/plane/tank lessons? champagne balloon flight. His favourite (romantic) film scene reenacted. A mixed box of goodies, nostalgic sweets lots of places do hampers of very retro stuff, something to keep etc. Any ideas for a 21st?
  7. I've always used Persil non-bio but in recent months have needed a biological product. My bf has eczema and he finds Bold ok. I use tablets which go in the drawer but often use 1 instead of the 2 recommended. i find the range of products bewildering and tend to stick to what I know.
  8. Spent yesterday in London watching my fiance (not used to that yet) Pass off from kit ride. This basically means he is a fully trained cavalryman and can now do lots of ceremonial duties (if the cuirasses(?) didnt cause him a lot of pain on his neck and shoulder). I went to Knightsbridge Barracks and watched them do section work in Hyde Park and go round the canter track at speed, it was fab. Got really close to his horse. All the lads looked great in their uniforms. He's Blues and Royals which means blue jacket/red plume unlike the Lifeguards who have red jackets/white plumes. A fine spectacle and really interesting being on the inside. Today recovering from the 4:30 get up to be in Knightsbridge for 8:45. facebookers can see the photos.
  9. I am fuming. I have had to register something with the magistrates. At my local court, Dudley, because the other party lives elsewhere they sent it (after 3 weeks, althought they originally told me it would be done within a fewdays) to Coventry. I phoned Coventry who said no they hadnt got it, ring the central finance unit. They said no Coventry so I phoned Coventry back after some time they decided they had sent it to Leamington who I rang and they have sent it back to Dudley so they can forward it to Solihull. All because nobody knows which postcode areas each court covers. Is it just me.......
  10. wondering what to do with the elderberries swelling nicely on next doors tree. Not up to jelly bags etc when theyre ripe. Hoping to hear some good news from the magistrates court oh and i got engaged a couple of weeks ago to my lovely young bf. You facebookers probably already know.....
  11. Just checked, not in spam and still not recieived, never had a problem before.
  12. I havent had it unless its in my spam, not that it usually goes there will check later.
  13. Since when has a football match been an "important cultural event" that requires school to close early so staff and pupils can participate in the experience?
  14. No it isnt, i look after my bf's apps while he's away and make sure to send gifts. I use farmville more than town, quite like country life and really need neighbours in social city, haven't got to grips with petville or treasure island yet tho. Oh and the hours I could spend on word games and mindjolt generally.... got 5 Sue Blakeys which one are you, Twinkle?
  15. Just picked up 7 Heyer's for £1.49 from the local charity shop, I'm blissfully wallowing in Georgian England
  16. I know it wasn't but it doesn't matter what it was called it was horrific.
  17. I only watch once a fortnight when my bf is on leave. It's so hard not to watch them until he gets back but its more fun watching them together I'm really enjoying the series and am just hoping there's not too much heartbreak in store for Tara. And how creepily unpleasant was the scene of Tara and Eggs eating Maryann's hunter's souffle when we all knew what was in it.
  18. Yes tried that, will just have to fill form in as best we can when hes back on leave and hope for the best.... Just had a look at your link and that has answered one question although its prices are out of date. Thank you for that.
  19. Far too simple, it was lost at a driving course at a different place to where he is based which is different again to the address on the licence. Dont ask its complicated. i just want to talk to a human being.....
  20. Thats why I dont want to go to an office I need to phrase things as a general query but because he needs to change the address as well its not straightforward. I know I cant deal with it for him but I should be able to check what he needs to do, the info is hazy round lost licences and the PO staff didnt know. The addy on his current licence is a barracks that the DVLA site refuses to recognize so we cant do it on line. All I want to confirm is some documentation etc so he can send the right stuff. Since he's working very long hours its practically impossible for him to do himself. Yes he can reclaim charges if theres anyone about to process it. In fact all I really need to do is talk to a real person.
  21. Yes I've checked that but the nearest offices are a good 45mins to an hour away and the query is not about my own licence but my bf's which the army lost so I would rather just speak to someone. I tried almost every option but none of them gave the choice of "holding to speak to an operative" they simply say choose an option to continue and repeat this until you do then try to do an automated action. I've also checked the website, read the leaflet that accompanies a form and asked in the post office with no success.....can you see why I'm getting frustrated?
  22. Alice in Wonderland is not the original story but rather the tale of a grown up Alice returning to Underland not Wonderland as she called it as a child. Its an interesting film with some very good bits.. the Cheshire cat is wonderful and some that don't quite make it. The White Queen was just awful. The 3D was not used to such effect as in Avatar which I loved, predictable plotline and all. On the whole I'm glad I saw it but dont think it has made it to my must be purchased and watched again list.
  23. Thinking I really must stop lurking and start posting again. I seem to have been so stressed out the past few months I havent had the energy to do much other than browse here and facebook. I love visiting the site but now its time to get involved again really MUST read something.
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