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  1. It's been a long time since I have appeared on BGO, and then only in fits and bursts, but I felt I should just come on now to let any of you who may have still been in contact with CherryPie either on BGO, or more likely through Facebook, that my darling girl suddenly and devastatingly passed away on Friday 17 January. To be taken from us at just 58 hardly seems fair but then life isn't always. So, just in case anyone from when we both appeared on here almost daily is still in contact, obviously there will be no further responses or comments. All I can ask is that anyone who may feel so inclined take a moment to say a prayer for her lovely, kind spirit. Thanks and God Bless RG
  2. Luna, you are NOT alone!!! One of the best "riff" rock bands ever IMHO. Highway To Hell is just one song that is guaranteed to have me "Dad Air-Guitaring" around the kitchen, but just about anything of theirs would do the job. RIP Malcolm. Wouldn't exactly say they had been the soundtrack to my life, other musicians/bands probably fill that role better for me, but with a longevity like theirs they have certainly been around for most of it. Perhaps like yourself I seem to feel the loss of musicians more than just about any other losses as music has always been such a major part of my life. Never played it (except the clarinet exceptionally badly at the age of 12) but always listening to it and experiencing it.
  3. Nedina, done, and hope that my drivel helps in some small way!! Good luck.
  4. Cripes, I'm a Grandpa!!!!! And totally smitten with little Elinor Anne. I know that CP and I are SUPPOSED to be biased, but she is such a little beaut. Had the inestimable pleasure of feeding her this afternoon, followed by the even more inestimable pleasure of a nappy change (Number 1 only thankfully!) followed by the EVEN MORE inestimable pleasure of a lengthy cuddle. Reckon it has been a good 29 years since I last did any of that, for our own lovely daughter, the new mum. How things roll around. Have a feeling this wee mite is going to have me wrapped around her little finger. Don't get onto BGO quite as much as I used to or as frequently as CP, although I think she keeps things relatively up-to-date. HAVE actually been doing some reading over the last few months and may actually get some posts done if I put my newly-acquired grandparental mind to it
  5. Oh this is a hard one to take. Tom Petty, one of my rock heroes and a musician of great integrity, not to mention fabulous songs, gone at 66. Daughter texted last night to say she had just heard it and I'm afraid I shed a tear or three. To quote the closing line from one of my all-time favourite songs (Free Fallin')...................."gonna free fall out into nuthin', gonna leave this world for a while" His songs will never die.
  6. Agree completely, glad to hear that the Binker household is intact and not wet. Looking at the morning news today the people of Houston seem to have something even worse to look forward to tomorrow.....a visit from The Donald.
  7. Tempted to say Persil, but let's go with.. Board
  8. Couldn't put it better Meg, an absolute master of working an audience and ad-libbing. I know he did get criticism over "Strictly" but there were still plenty of occasions when you knew he was going "off-piste".
  9. Surprised to see no mention of Bruce Forsyth yet. Whether he was your particular cup of tea or not there's no denying that he formed a backdrop to many Saturday nights TV viewing as we were growing up, and a career that went well beyond my tender years (ahem). I actually thought he was a master of what he did in terms of leading light entertainment shows and I imagine that he is probably the last of his particular brand of entertainer.
  10. Just realised that I should probably have posted my Just Abandoned before my Currently Reading, doh!!! So, recently abandoned a book called "Robbery Under Arms" by a writer named Rolf Boldrewood. The only reason I was reading it really was that it was a book that had been given to my Dad in April 1943 by a distantly-related cousin (no idea how many times removed!) who, at that time, had been in England serving with the Royal Australian Air Force. My Dad would have been 13. Described as " a tale of bush-ranging and the goldfields" I thought, what the heck, let's see what my Dad might have seen in it all those years ago (assuming of course that he did ever read it himself!) I tried, I really did, but the colloquialism of the dialogue often had me wondering what on Earth everyone was talking about and I'm afraid I chucked it in after about 60 pages. Sorry Pops but it's going back onto the bookshelf to remain a family keep-sake.
  11. Watching the hour-long highlights of day three of the Test Match against West Indies played at Edgbaston, which my son Tom and I attended yesterday. At an hour long it wasn't much shorter than the two West Indies innings we saw, England taking 19 wickets in the day (effectively about six hours play). Pity for all the day four ticket holders who just won't have had a match to go to today. First day/night Test in England and it seems the jury is out on the success or otherwise of it. Great atmosphere at Edgbaston but then it usually is for a big cricket day, so I don't think the day/night element changed that at all. Probably just meant that people were 3 hours drunker throughout the day!! Necessary for the England team to experience the format though as they will be playing day/nighters during the upcoming tour to Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately all the "big" West Indies players choose to play 20/20 cricket at home rather than be available for the Test side, so you do feel that it is a very diluted and rather naive side that are being presented. They surely cannot be any worse than they have over the last three days??
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