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  1. I know "Battle Royale" from a movie. I've heard something about "The Hunger Games" but ignored it mainly because I don't think I'm a target for it. I didn't suspect it's a remake. I was just thinking the same topic, or something like that.
  2. Kama

    Asian authors

    Sigh... Meg, it's your problem. I haven't defined somebody's nationality, just cultural background. If you don't see a difference between Japanese brought up in Japan and North/South America or Europe, then it's really not my problem. For me, it's the end of my conversation with you about your fixation, in which you don't read with understanding, twist my words and create a weird image of me because of your delusions.
  3. Kama

    Asian authors

    Yup, there are. I usually prefer to hear the opinions of people I "know" and can discuss it. I know nothing of the people that puts the list, nor their literary taste... That's why I usually don't read the book review blogs nor the "you must read these books" lists. Except one blog, by my irl friend. I'm kinda disappointed in this list: http://flavorwire.com/219692/10-contemporary-south-asian-writers-you-should-know/view-all/ Hardly even "why I should know them", it's mostly a set of short bio infos with titles. I've never said that either, so stop it. I read books by people who live on emigration, and this doesn't stop me from reading and enjoying them. But again, the intention of this topic was different. See the first post. K? They can claim to be Martians, I don't care about it in this topic. I had something specific in mind, and the "born and grown up in USA/Europe" is not in THIS topic. Tho I can enjoy their books and them as authors. I enjoy Gaiman's books and it doesn't matter for me where he wrote there. So stop putting your delusions into my words. Maybe you should stop taking part in this topic if you disagree with my frames, huh? Actually, 1Q84 is still on my "to read" list. I'm ashamed of myself. You know, I'm at loss at what I've read lately and what I haven't. The last few years is a blank for me in the terms of books etc. I almost don't remember anything. I remember some SF/fantasy titles by Asian authors I've read, because I had a lecture about it in one of RPG conventions two years ago. And some of those books are on my shelves. I've read Japanese writers a lot. Part of this is thanks to that our Japanese embassy in Warsaw for years had a good library with Japanese books in Polish or English. I enjoyed Abe Kobo's "Inter Ice Age 4" and "The Woman in the Dunes". I singled him out for the book, because I've read this one few times already and I'm not tired of it. I can't choose my favourite book by Haruki Murakami. I enjoyed Yoshimoto's Banana "Tsugumi" and "Kitchen". I've read Ryu Murakami's "Coin Locker Babies". I've read Yukio Mishima. On my shelves I've got a set of his short stories translated into Polish. I like books like "The Samurai Banner of Furin Kazan" by Yasushi Inoue. I'm interested in other regions. It's just most of the books I have from Japanese authors. What I have on my shelves except Japanese writers? Manil Suri's "The Death of Vishnu" which I enjoyed. I still had no chance to read Samil Basu's "Turbulence" but since he writes fantasy/sf I plan to read all of his books. So far I've read only one volume of Indian comic "Devi" but I'm gonna read more, I like it. I've been interested in Indian mythology for years. That's why I first noticed "The Death of Vishnu" and read that. What else? Ha Jin's "Waiting". The main hero wouldn't get my "favourite character" vote, but it was well written. I haven't read Ma Jian nor Mo Yan. Since Mo Yan got the award, we've got few books by his name published in Polish. I'm gonna try reading one. I've read short stories of Dee (Indonesian author) but I didn't like them. I still plan to read her "Supernova" series. I've bought some books of Indonesian authors, with main LGBT-heroes, but it's still on my "to read" list. It's ALL I REMEMBER, for now.
  4. What do you mean about "The Hunger Games"? I'm familiar with Yamato, but I didn't know about the inspiration. Not that it would matter.
  5. I forgot about some book that I haven't read for a long time, but which I still like a lot. Sorting out your books is a good way to find what's "lost". So, it'd be "Faraon" (Pharaoh") also known as "The Pharaoh and The Priest: a Historical Novel of an Ancient Egypt" by Bolesław Prus (real name: Aleksander Głowacki) and "Quo Vadis" also known as "Quo Vadis: A Narrative of the Time of Nero" by Henryk Sienkiewicz. Polish classics from 1895. I've read them so long time ago, that I forgot how long they were (but interesting!). When I was around 15 years old, I had a list of books I've read. Long times. Recently, I've been using goodreads as such a list. KerryC, you're a hero! wow!
  6. I'm not a fan of romance. "The Coldfire Trilogy" has a "not exactly happy ending" that's why I like it so much. I have some SF titles that don't have happy endings either. Is that a "more serious" genre or something? I'm not gonna comment on classics you mention, because I don't remember. Except the story for children aka "Christmas Story". Yup, it's more exciting. I guess if Japanese would make "Star Wars" it'd be a better title. I always prefer to watch the original Asian horrors than USA remakes. "Shall we dansu?" (Japanese) was far better than USA version with Jeniffer Lopez. The books don't get remakes, luckily.
  7. Kama

    Asian authors

    Megaustaler, can you read with understanding? Because I don't like the country? Please, read again, then you can write something. Since you missed it, I'll spell it again for you. Born and grown up in Europe =/= Asian, no matter the descent. These are my requirements in general, because I'm not gonna take out every one of them and look is he more Asian or more American/European etc. I didn't write anything that I don't consider a Chinese who left China as an adult to not be Chinese writer. Btw, look at Wikipedia's note on Kazuo Ishiguro. How is he described? Japanese-born British author. He was born in Japan, but he grew up mostly in UK. So I consider him a British author. Do you want to go through every author and see if they feel "Asian" after growing up in Europe/USA/etc. It doesn't mean I'm not gonna read his books nor enjoy them. I did. But for this topic, it doesn't matter. I may not like USA government, people's attitude to blindly look at USA and take every shit from there, but where do you see the "I don't like the country" is beyond me. Yup, I don't like the country so I have friends from USA, some of my favourite books are by USA authors, and I do watch USA films/TV series. That's called "I don't like the country"? Barblue, I agree. Norwegian Wood is nice, despite the "events". Did you read his short stories? I've read "After the quake" and "Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman" and enjoyed it as much as longer stories. Well, not really surprising when Haruki Murakami is one of my most favourite authors. Can we finally put an "Asianess to authors" and start discussion on how we liked the setting, the "strangeness" factor or maybe the "strangeness" of topics, not often written by other authors. Do you like books for "locality" or the universalness and the origin of author is not important?
  8. Kama

    Asian authors

    "The God of Small Things" sounds familiar. Kinda. I wouldn't consider Naipaul an Indian author. I've read some of his books too. According to Wikipedia Vikram Seth is openly identifying himself as a bisexual. All the more reasons to read his books. Does he set LGBT characters as main characters? Or you've just read one his book? Thanks for the interesting post. I'm a proud Polish/European of Caucasian descent. I graduated from Oriental Studies faculty (Cross-cultural Relations). I've grown up on European/USA books. I'm using globalisation to the fullest, but it has some bad sides, too. I dislike how the USA culture is everywhere to the point people forget about their own good things of culture. Or other cultures. There is a lot of great things written/filmed outside of USA, but I think in Poland it's easier to find a crap from USA than a good title from somewhere else. In the past few years the rate of read books dropped, and a lot of them were by USA writers anyway. So now, I want to go back to my field of expertise. Asia is kinda my field (more than Africa, which I studied about too, but I don't know any African language). Sometimes I do think that Polish people have more in common with Asian cultures than with USA culture. Tho, a lot of USA things are part of "classic".
  9. Kama

    Asian authors

    Definetely, after my exam I'll need to get a lot of reading. I haven't read the books you mention. Is any of the books you mentioned a crime story? Tho I don't usually read crime stories, I'm a bit curious. It's not about where the story takes place, but who wrote it. Ofc, by an Asian author, so those who have grown up in USA/Europe etc. aren't considered as Asian. So, Kazuo Ishiguro is not an Asian author for me.
  10. Oh, ok. If I'll have a chance, I'll try it. Haruki Murakami is one of my favourite writers. Good thing there are more people with similar way of thinking about the endings.
  11. I can join the book reading as soon as I finish my exams, in around 2 weeks. Earlier, I'm just reading books somehow related to the exam. Hmmm... A 1895 novel. Sounds interesting. Also in 1895 we had in Poland a novel Pharaoh by Bolesław Prus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pharaoh_%28novel%29 A great book, which I highly recommend.
  12. > MOMAC You know, the happiness of people doesn't concern me either. I'm not depressed in the long run by sad endings. Just reading is a good 'relief', I don't need the 'feel good' stories. Reading 'happy endings' doesn't make me feel better. I just want to read good stories. I usually support the evil side, not the heroes fighting against evil. Because the evil ones are more interesting. Certainly, I'd like to read that. Alternative history? Why not. Some of such stories are good. I hope it's well written and the length is not a sign of graphomania.
  13. Dan, you did a great review. Usually I hate the romances, but after the review I'm thinking about reading that. How much USA history is in the "Cold Mountain"? I'm not exactly a fan of USA and I don't have an interest in USA history. Is it a bit of background and the plot universal or is it completely focused on USA? No offence, fellow USA readers, it's nothing personal. I've remembered another novel with a sad ending. "Things Fall Apart" by Chinhua Achebe. Ofc, anything with such a title can't have a happy ending (can it?). The saddest thing is even tho the author is Igbo, there's no Igbo edition of the book.
  14. Kama

    Asian authors

    lol. I'd like to see that. Most of my books are actually language learning.
  15. Kama

    Asian authors

    Meg, Barblue, thanks for tips. I'll dig into the topics later. I've heard of Kite Runner earlier, but haven't try it yet. The newest book sounds interesting, I wonder what'll be your opinion after you read it. What is MOH?
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