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  1. We've probably only had 2 inches or so here in the West Midlands. Enough snow to cause chaos with travel and schools etc but not enough to actually build anything out of or play in properly. Therefore it is the worst kind of snow. I had the three middle days of this week off work anyway so we were all set for school closures should they happen They didn't. Until Friday when the worst of the snow had gone and the temperature had warmed up a lot, then eldest son's school decided that their site was suddenly unsafe so he got a day off while I made it to work and his Dad looked after him. Working in a hospital, I can't really have snow days where I work at home - not unless we divide up the patients into small groups and take some each!
  2. Oh yes I have, I read Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit as a study book in my teens. Hadn't made the connection somehow.
  3. I have just read this and finished it last night, though goodness knows why! I found it a strange jumble of things, none of which quite worked. The love story, such as it was, was not credible, the lecturing on the issues mentioned in the opening post were lengthy, the cutting and chopping between different elements of the book didn't add to the narrative, just to the fragmentation of the novel as a whole. Odd. Sometimes a hurried library book grab works well and I find a new author I enjoy. This was bad. One good thing came out of it though, it reminded me I must read 1984 again. I haven't read that in years... I've never read anything else by JW though. Should I?
  4. I have just finished this novel and I although I did find it scary at the beginning and wondered whether to give up and read something else, I suddenly flipped and found none of it scary at all for some reason. I did find the writing style evocative and beautiful and the characters, in general, were believable and intricate. I did find that I wanted an explanation as to the scribbles and the little person running up and down, and the mirror moving etc and I was disappointed that Waters hadn't felt a need to provide one. A lot of what kept me going during the reading of the book was wanting to find out what on earth had caused it all but I wasn't to be granted that, which was frustrating. I also found it a disappointment that there was no culmination to the Roderick story, we never found out what he had seen or experienced, what he made of what had happened to his mother and sister, whether he was able to come back and claim the house. Nothing. Once he was carted away from Hundreds, that was pretty much the end of his part in the story and I felt more could have been made of it. However, I did find the book an interesting insight into the era, council estates, the breaking up of huge houses of that type, the early NHS, class... The Night Watch made me want to finish the last page and start again immediately from the beginning to piece it all together in my mind, but this one, I don't think I will read it again.
  5. I'm about a third of the way through The Time Traveller's Wife, a book which I had heard mentioned a lot but didn't know the first thing about! I didn't really know what to expect and given the sci-fi nature of time travel I didn't know if it was at all the sort of thing I would enjoy. I have to say that I am enjoying it a lot.
  6. Is that the Shakespeare one? I didn't do that one in the end, opting for The 19th Century Novel which I loved. It's hard to believe when you get close to the end, isn't it? My degree, for one reason and another, took me 11 years complete but was so worth it when I finally knew I had finished. I put my pen down for the final time in my final exam and I just cried quietly for the last few minutes such was the relief I felt and the pride I felt in having kept going to the bitter end. It still chokes me up now when I think about it. You'll get there now, you've put too much in not to finish now. Let us know how you get on.
  7. I've had two hours sleep in the last 36 as I worked a very busy night shift last night and we've been at a wedding all day. We had to bow out before the evening do got underway for various reasons and so what I'm doing now is sitting here thinking, 'phew' and feeling glad to have got to the end of the day. I don't think I'll be up long, somehow.
  8. I watched the whole of Rev in one evening two nights ago, having managed to miss every single episode up until then. I've got out of the habit of putting the TV on at all just lately. I had mixed feelings about it. It was funny in places but felt rather like a documentary too in places! I also felt that some things were hugely overdone which was a shame, but some of the relationships were very sensitively portrayed, such as Adam and Colin. We did find that we knew someone a bit like every one of the characters, especially Darren which made us laugh hugely as everything he did was reminiscent of someone near here. I felt impossibly sad about it all by the end though, magnified by having watched it all in one big blob, though there were some lovely scenes right at the end.
  9. Oh, that was a reply to Claire on the last page!
  10. I'm reading a succession of rather pants novels from the library. I have been for weeks and am starting to crave something a little more meaty.
  11. We still haven't done that and we have been here a year next month.
  12. I'm not doing a lot today either. Over the last few days have done a night shift, had my sister and her family staying overnight , baked for 100 people, had a family round for Sunday lunch and the afternoon yesterday and am now recharging. The children are riding bikes and reading and painting warhammer figures (not all at the same time) and I am trying to get through a Snowdon of washing.
  13. I've climbed Mount Sinai. Anyone else done that? I've watched a patient grab and eat a piece of her own poo. (Nurses on BGO come forth)
  14. Oh, I'm a BGO cat lover! I haven't been around here for a while, mind. We have had one cat for almost the whole of our marriage. She was about 1 when we got her and is now about 14. We also have a young cat who we got as a kitten last year and we have recently had her litter of five kittens too. Four have gone to good homes and we have one left which we are keeping. Giving them away was awful though, like giving away your children! But they all went to people we know who have all had cats before so we are pleased. They will all be just fine, and two of them have gone to the same family which is lovely. The only downside really is that we gave them all 'working titles' which we were happy for their new owners to change and all of them have opted to keep the silly names we gave them! Oops.
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