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  1. Thanks Nonsuch . I have heard of that one. The one I have is by Michael Slater . I haven't started it yet .
  2. Thanks Ting , Just trying to get around to all the old threads and reply in some of them . I guess it'll take a bit to get into things but I'll keep on posting when I see something that I can contribute to .
  3. I don't ever remember seeing it or knowing much about it . I just remember the Art Linkletter show
  4. If anyone is interested there is a better book on these guys called Unstrung Heroes by Franz Lidz ,who was the nephew of these men. They in fact, helped to raise him . The book is so hilarious in spots, but heartbreaking in others Definitely one to read if you can find it .
  5. I love Dickens ! Problem is, I've only read a few of his books. I have all the others but have yet to read them . I loved Great Expectations best, then David Copperfield . Oliver was ok ,but not as good . Also loved Pickwick --such funny descriptions of the people . dickens had such an imagination and sense of humor . Not to judge a book by its' cover, but that always surprises me when an author who looks like him is so funny ! He looks like he would have been very serious all the time . I have a book on his life,so I need to read it to find out more about him .
  6. I have this book also, but don't want to read much about it yet in case it turns me off from it, so I'll wait and reply after reading it .
  7. Kerry I know it might sound odd, but that'd be right up my alley. I read quite a few true crime books ,so am constantly reading about things like that -- the court cases, the jail time, etc . It's pretty interesting to wonder what someone would want for their last meal . Some of them choose all their favorite foods, and others hardly nothing ... I can't remember who it was a few years back ,some lady from Texas maybe ? All she wanted was some canned peaches and lettuce or something like that ? I don't think she'd need to worry about dieting any longer at that point, would you ?
  8. Embarrassing to admit, but it took me 6 MONTHS to finish An American Tragedy . I loved the book, but it was really long and wordy ,so it took me forever to finish it .
  9. Well, I had quite a wide range of books on my list : From Peyton Place to Art Linkletter (Kids Say the Darndest Things ) I remember watching the second one when I was a kid, so I'd probably choose that one over Peyton Place .
  10. I read for many reasons. Probably all the ones listed on the first post. Sometimes I read a book to learn more about something that I'm curious about . Other times I read to let my brain have a vacation from everday life . It's good to let your brain have a break now and then ! I also read for enjoyment and entertainment .
  11. That's good to know if my screen ever cracks ! I'm pretty careful with mine most of the time ,and do have a case for it ,which I sometimes leave on and sometimes don't . It does helps I think if you keep it in a cover so it has a bit of padding .
  12. Definitely true in our house. We both have laptops, ereaders, tablets, etc, so we spend a good part of our time together "plugged in" to our gadgets . That being said, we have been Married since Birth ,so we've had lots of time to talk ! And THAT being said, I am the biggest GABBER that I know. I talk to anyone, whether I know them or not. I talk to strangers every time I leave the house , talk to people in stores, restaurants, Dr's waiting rooms, you name it, I TALK . So I might be plugged into gadgets a lot, but my mouth still works just fine
  13. I know this is a really stupid thing to think about , (and not that I plan on BEING in this position ), but I always wonder what people on Death Row want for their last meal ? I'd want my favorite food, biscuits and gravy !
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