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  1. It is a beautiful day here so RG and I spent the morning walking around a local lake. It was lovely to see so many family groups out in the sunshine. Having washed my car RG is now giving the back lawn it's first mow of the year. Hopefully spring is not too far away! Our little granddaughter is doing much better thank goodness. Although her feeds are still a little up and down she is having days when she takes larger amounts. The horrible vomiting has calmed down too. Hopefully next week when she is weighed again she may have gained a bit more weight!
  2. This is the eighth book in the Chief Inspector Gamache series and is described on the back cover as "the most outstanding novel yet from international bestselling phenomenon Louise Penny". I am not sure that I would describe it as the best but it is certainly well up there! Like The Brutal Telling and Bury Your Dead I just could not put this book down. Like a few of the other books in the series so far this book is not set in the village of Three Pines but unlike any of the novels so far no characters from the village appear in this book. The only regular characters to appear
  3. This was my least favourite of the series so far Viccie - I am now on number eight and they do get better. Books five and six have been the best for me so far. RG is now reading this one but has not said what he thinks so far. The language is very descriptive but unlike you Viccie I really enjoy that and would have to say that it is one of the reasons why I read the books. As to Gamache's gentle character once again I am a fan. He does have strength which is proven later on in the series and I would love to believe that such a kind, gentle but strong man could exist. I think it would be sad t
  4. I don't know about keeping us young Momac! At times we think it would be nice just to stop for a bit and have a duvet day. The only thing is that on the rare occasions that we get the chance we just cannot do it. We don't seem to be able to slow down to that extent these days. I do still make sure that I keep time free to walk on a regular basis as it is the one thing that helps my back. Most of my reading is done first thing in the morning before I get out of bed or last thing at night before turning in. Ruby is a great calmer downer of course. She is still as beautiful as ever and of cour
  5. I have read a number of books by this author and loved them. I have not read any for a number of years and I was considering revisiting her work as I am sure that there are books written by her that I have not read. Having read your comments Meg I think that I will give this one a miss!
  6. I did start keeping a list of the books that I have read and managed to keep it going for best part of a year or so but I have to admit that I did flounder somewhat and have never got back into the habit. I have decided that as I read for pleasure if I do read a book for the second time it does not really matter. Although I read purely for pleasure I find that I do learn a lot from the books that I read which I count as a real bonus. RG and I have had a really busy week. He had six rest days off on the trot but before we even got to them five of the six were already booked. We see
  7. This is the seventh novel by Louise Penny featuring Chief Inspector Gamache and his team. Once again this story is set in the idyllic village of Three Pines in Quebec. Many of the characters who appear in previous books make appearances in this story too and the reader watches as their lives develop as much as they read about the crime which forms the central part of the book. A women is found in a flower bed in the garden of two of the residents of Three Pines. Her eyes are wide open and her neck has been broken. Her death is a complete mystery as is the women herself and her r
  8. Hope you feel better soon Meg. There seems to be some horrible bugs around this winter. So far I have been pretty lucky and avoided them all! I take Adcal D3 which is supposed to help with my calcium levels as it contains both calcium and vitamin D. Even so the results of a recent blood test showed that my calcium levels are still a little low! An excuse for more lattes!! Our daughter has been over today with the little one. Lovely to see them and have lots of cuddles and we were lucky enough to be able to go out for a bracing walk. Pushing the pram with my granddaughter in is st
  9. Thanks for your kind thoughts Meg and Momac. They are much appreciated. Like your Grandbaby Meg our little one came out in a rash too and like our daughter has eczema. We are hoping that unlike our daughter as she has it so young she will grow out of it. Unfortunately both her parents have eczema as do I and my Dad so the chances of her having it were always quite high. As to the milk allergy it is hoped that when she is weaned milk can be added slowly to her diet. Just like your grandbaby Meg it seems to be the cows milk protein that is the problem and not the lactose. We are just glad that
  10. Hoping spring is on the way here too Momac. Our churchyard is one mass of snowdrops and I noticed that there are actually dafadils out at the end of church road. I for one cannot wait! Sorry I have been absent from the site for a while but our little granddaughter has been a bit unwell. After many changes of milk, six to be exact, it seems she has a milk allergy. She has not been growing at the rate that she should but has been on her present milk for nearly a week now and seems to be improving. RG and I have spent a lot of time at our daughter's helping out with chores and with
  11. Three Pines sounds beautiful, especially in the snow. I am not sure that I would want to visit for too long though as I hate the cold and damp!! I think that I would also find it a little disappointing without all of the characters from the books being there. Louise Penny has a wonderful talent for creating very real and human characters. So much so that I the reader can almost feel as if I know them. That is one of the joys of following a series of books in this way for me. I think that it says a lot about the author of a book if they can make the reader really care about the outcome for
  12. I put the telly on early and watch a bit of the tennis each morning Momac but I must admit it is not quite the same for RG and I now that Andy is not playing. I am trying to watch some of the younger players and gain an interest in one or two of them. At least so far Kyle Edmunds is doing well. I feel that although he may have the game he will never have the mentality to go really far in one of the big tournaments.
  13. Well I thought that the last in the Chief Inspector Gamache series, The Brutal Telling, was good but I think that this book may be even better! I was gripped until the very end. It actually tells three stories regarding three different crimes. One is the continuation of the story told in the previous book and is investigated by Gamache's second in command Inspector Beauvoir who narrates this part of the book. The second concerns a crime that has happened in the recent past and the main part of the story is told by Gamache replaying a conversation over in his mind. The third i
  14. This is the fifth book in The Inspector Gamache series and in my opinion by far and away the best. Unlike previous novels in this series the crime itself was very believable and far darker than I have come to expect. This novel takes the reader back to Three Pines following a different setting in the previous book and the usual group of villagers reappear. Both the members of Gamache's team and many of the villagers are becoming like old friends and story lines loosely run from book to book which I really like. When a dead body is discovered in the village bistro the villagers a
  15. This is the fourth in the Inspector Gamache series and is the first of the series in which the greatest part of the action takes place away from Three Pines. The wealthy Finney family get together each year at The Manoir Bellchasse, an exclusive hotel set in The Canadian Wilderness, to pay tribute to their late father. During their stay each year old secrets and bitter rivalries have a habit of resurfacing and this year's get together is to prove no different from previous year's! When a massive thunder storm hits the hotel following a heat wave this year proves to be a little different. Af
  16. Sorry that your concert was not as enjoyable as last year Meg. It does sound as if you still had a lovely time though. I don't blame you for not wanting to try your hand at the skating I must admit. RG will tell you that I have no rhythm or balance whatsoever so would never manage to stay on my feet! Our soup lunch on Wednesday went off very well. Although there were probably less people there this month than last many people are coming back each month. If nothing else it gives some of the more isolated members of our community a chance to get together and have a good natter.
  17. RG and I have been making soup today for the soup lunch at our church tomorrow. I had made the stock in advance by boiling the carcasses of two chickens so that at least was in the freezer. I had also frozen veg left over from previous meals, still finding cooking for only two a bit difficult!! All I needed to do was add more veg and boil in two very large pans for a couple of hours. Sounds easy but by the time it had all been put through the blender, cream added, put into containers, taken round to the church kitchen and the clearing up done a large chunk of the day had gone. I had inten
  18. This is the third in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series and once again it is mainly set in the small Quebec village of Three Pines. Many of the usual characters appear and are becoming more and more familiar. The reader is made aware of the thoughts and feelings of many of the characters. Once again the foibles of human nature play as much a part in the content of the book as the details of the crime. In this book however issues beyond the crime itself play a part and details of the Inspector's earlier career emerge. The crime itself happens at a seance in an old house on
  19. This is the second book in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series and once again is set in the Quebec village of Three Pines. Many of the characters who appeared in the first book also appear in this one, both amongst the villagers and the Inspector's team. Once again the book is as much about the characters involved and human nature in general as it is about any crime. Gamache himself is really beginning to grow on me as are many of the other characters and they are beginning to feel a little like old friends. A series like this is just great for me as I love character driven books and t
  20. Have had a lovely weekend so far. Yesterday RG and I attended an Advent study day at our church entitled Backwards from Christmas. There were about a dozen of us. We started with morning prayer then got stuck into the study session. We covered a fair amount of ground in three hours then came home and studied some more! We are lucky to have each other to discuss our study with. As well as being informative these sessions are always good fun too! Today was our Christingle service and our daughter, son-in-law and our new granddaughter joined us at church. Ellie's first time at ch
  21. Hi everyone, sorry for my long absence but we have had rather a lot going on recently. The last five weeks of our daughter's pregnancy proved to be a little bit of a worrying time and so we were needed to help with hospital appointments. However little Elinor Anne arrived safely on 10th of November following a pretty straightforward labour. She was three days early and weighed a healthy 7 pound 5! She is beautiful and as you can imagine both RG and I are totally besotted. We have spent a fair amount of time at our daughter's over the last two weeks helping out with washing, ironing, meals
  22. RG does all his mum's banking, bill paying and shopping for her online. She has never even used a debit card unfortunately. We just thank heavens for the internet as she lives 25 miles away from us.
  23. That is exactly the problem we have with RG's mum. She has been on her own for a couple of years now and is completely reliant on RG and I. When she was first on her own she could not even turn the telly on! We had so many phone calls about the telly and as it is her only outlet it was a big worry. In the end RG ordered her a new telly with a built in freeview box. At least now she can watch Drama and ITV 3 to her hearts content. We have given up trying to get her out now. She has not been out since our daughter's wedding last year. She refused to come to the baby shower. When we sugg
  24. It is such a shame that gentlemen hold back from coming to these things. They miss out. RG and I took invitations out to certain people such as those who have been bereaved this year. Two gentlemen came one of which is not a church goer. RG already visits him every so often so he knew someone to start with and we all made sure that he was never on his own. He seemed to really enjoy it and said that he intended coming next month. Hopefully as word gets around the lunch will grow.
  25. I have read a few other novels by this author in the last few months and had great hopes for this book. The novel is about an elderly academic named Axel Vander who is living in retirement on the west coast of America when he receives a letter from a young women named Cas Cleave. The letter suggests that the young women who is unknown to Axel has knowledge of secrets that Axel has been hiding for fifty years or more. The two arrange to meet in Turin. Cas is a very troubled young women who is finding her life a burden and is looking for a reason to remain. The meeting throws Axel into emot
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