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  1. East is East by T Coraghessan Boyle is the story of a half white Japanese sailor, a wannabe samurai, who jumps ship off the coast of Georgia and becomes embroiled in the lives of people at an artist's retreat on Tupelo Island. It features Boyle's usual interesting prose style, and is frequently amusing. But it seems to have been written as tragicomedy and this time Boyle didn't seem to handle the tonal shifts very well. And the characters never felt very real. In fact I ended up not really caring what happened to them. This is the first book by TC Boyle that I wouldn't rave about. I've been a big fan for 30 years. Possibly my tastes have changed, and maybe I just wasn't in the mood for his brand of ridiculousness. Whatever it was I struggled to keep picking it back up, although the reading of it itself was usually pleasurable. All in all a bit of a disappointment from an author from whom I've come to expect greatness. 3 stars
  2. Streets of NIGHT-John Dos Passos
  3. Act nice and GENTLE-Black Keys
  4. A SON of the circus-John Irving
  5. DON'T touch me there-The Tubes
  6. The PHANTOM father-Barry Gifford
  7. This does sound intriguing, and if the writing is well done, it might be fantastic. Probably belongs in 21st C fiction, rather than in Central Library though.
  8. The only Atwood I didn't care for was Bodily Harm. I found it depressing. I particularly liked Wilderness Tips & The Robber Bride. And, of course, the MaddAddam trilogy was superb.
  9. ISLAND of the blue dolphins-Scott O'Dell
  10. I can't believe I'd never heard of Harrison before! Sounds like exactly my cup'o'tea! The best individual books I've read this year were Lincoln in the Bardo by George Sanders, and Motherless Brooklyn by John Lethem. The best trilogies have been Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam books, and the Trask novels by Don Berry. All of these 8 books combined gorgeous language with very interesting and entertaining stories.
  11. Looking forward to hearing your comments!
  12. I was a punk before you WERE a punk-The Tubes
  13. The Darkwater HALL mystery-Kingsley Amis
  14. On the streets of THIS town-Steve Forbert
  15. The DANCE of the dissident daughter; A woman's journey from Christian tradition to the sacred feminine-Sue Monk Kidd
  16. A GHOST in the music-John Nichols
  17. They used flashbacks to good advantage and revealed the true character of Ove in layers. It was quite effective, although I'm sure the book would be better.
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