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  1. The end of the WORLD news; an entertainment-Anthony Burgess
  2. Dirty old EGG sucking dog-Johnny Cash
  3. The mind is a terrible THING to taste-Ministry
  4. Silent C actually have to admit that I like some rap. But it cracked me up when I heard some old farmer say 'the C in rap is silent'😂😜😏😉
  5. My cosmic AUTUMN rebellion-The Flaming Lips
  6. The right eye of the COMMANDER-Bret Harte
  7. Zoologically and botanically diverse environments how about bugs, including insects, arachnids, mollusks and any other invertebrates you may think of; Aeshna walkeri, Walker's Darner dragonfly
  8. The clock we LIVE on-Isaac Asimov
  9. Thanks for this review, CP! I haven't read much Banville, but I've liked what I read. And I really appreciate all of the in-depth reviews you do of the books you read. They always give me a very clear picture not only of what they are like and what you thought, but whether they would interest me. Thanks for the effort!!!
  10. Wild at Heart; The Story of Sailor and Lula, by Barry Gifford, is a good book, but not a great one, and a rare instance of the movie being better than the book. Sailor has just gotten out of prison for killing a man while defending Lula's honor. The two embark on a cross-country trip through the seamy underbelly of the American south, searching for a new beginning and trying to stay a step ahead of Lula's mother's detective. The best parts of this novel are the dialogues between Lula and Sailor, mostly because Lula has the heart of a poet, though it is expressed through the mind of a child. And theirs is a great love, albeit one pruned by circumstances. This book could as easily have been placed in general fiction, or in romance. But the criminal element pervaded the book, and it never really reached the level of literature. The great movie David Lynch made from this novel did a much better job of capturing the grotesqueries Gifford hinted at in this rather underdone book. And Lynch fleshed out the story in a much more satisfying way. This was a quick read, with much to like, liberal splashes of dark humor, and compelling characters. But, having seen what could be done with this material, it was ultimately disappointing. 3 stars.
  11. That was THEN, this is now-SE Hinton
  12. UNDONE (the sweater song) -Weezer
  13. Xeric landscapes abloom with Xanthium strumarian (cockleburs)
  14. WORLD enough, and time-Robert Penn Warren
  15. She stands on the mountain, STILL- Lanz&Speer
  16. The varieties of RELIGIOUS experience-William James
  17. Variegated Meadowhawk dragonflies swarming on the beach, with the surf as backdrop, as they migrate south in the fall.
  18. Hard to add much to the excellent reviews upthread. This was, simply, a fantastic book! But, while I had no quarrel with the lack of punctuation, it was disruptive to the flow that the speaker of the dialog wasn't always clear. And somewhat more annoying was that the conversations in Spanish, and there are dozens, we're not translated. I could always eventually figure out who said what in a dialog, and usually puzzle out the basic meaning of the Spanish, but it always brought me up short and made some sections feel herky jerky. It is a testament to just how amazing the writing was that I could forgive these two pet peeves (unclear speaker and untranslated foreign language) and love this book despite them.
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