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  1. Where are you?

    Starting to worry that Trump could have made you disappear.

    Get posting.Miss you.

  2. Is there an H in here I’m not seeing, Clavain 😏?
  3. Free- All right now Frankly I was shocked to find Free on this list! Apparently they didn’t have the commercial success they deserved
  4. Baja Men- Who let the dogs out?
  5. For me it would be the song by Rush😉😀 Yosemite National Park-So I can gaze in awe and wonder at the route on El Capitan which they call the Dawn Wall,(or more poetically The Wall of Early Morning Light, per Royal Robbins who first ascended it using aid techniques in the early 60s)which is just to the right of the Nose, and ponder the incredible feat of Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson free climbing it in 2015; and the even more amazing feat of Alex Honnold free-soloing Freerider(just left of the Nose), in June 2017, which is quite possibly the greatest and most incredible athletic
  6. Btw- that is exactly the U destination I’d have chosen, and for the same reasons 😀
  7. Vedauwoo-A Wyoming wonderland of rocks known for its masochistic off-width rock climbs, and for being an outlaw hideout during the days of the Old West
  8. St Petersburg, Russian- to see the White Nights and explore its Dostoyevskian settings.
  9. Queets River, Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA- to see if the rumors are true that you can lose a pint of blood a day feeding the mosquitoes
  10. Very cool! I’ll be interested to hear what you think. I haven’t read any of these.
  11. Okefenokee Swamp; where I’d hopefully run into Pogo Possum, Porky Pine, Albert Alligator, Ol’ Owl and the rest of the denizens of that comic swamp
  12. Malta, so I could help Stencil and Benny Profane search for clues to the identity of V., and the disappearance of Stencil’s father
  13. Krakatoa; which, I hear, is east of Java
  14. Istanbul ; because it was Constantinople Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople Been a long time gone, Oh Constantinople Now it's Turkish delight on a moonlit night Every gal in Constantinople Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople So if you've a date in Constantinople She'll be waiting in Istanbul with thanks to The Four Lads and They Might Be Giants
  15. Fairbanks, Alaska on the Winter Solstice; so I can sleep for 24 hrs straight without, as my father and John Wayne used to say, ‘burning daylight’.
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