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  1. has anybody read one day by david nicholls? It is so true to real life and the characters Emma and Dexter could quite possibly be your best friends. I could read it over and over though the ending always gets to me
  2. i really like full dark, no stars. It was diffferent for King. I think his latest book joyland was a bit of a letdown. Its a crime story about a young man who takes a summer job at a carnival to forget about a girl who broke his heart. Its quite slow to get into and the ending isn't that thrilling as you kind of guessed the killer half way thru. I'm looking forward to his next book Doctor Sleep which is the sequal to the shining which is my favourite king book.
  3. has anyone else read the katherine hepburn biography by william j mann? it very in depth and most of it is truthful. She was my favourite actress and won 4 oscars!
  4. ive heard of it had to be you but not the others. i highly recommend one day by david nicholls which im sure most of you may have read. its one of my favs! also has any read rebecca by daphne du maurier? wuthering heights? as you can probly tell i ilke my classics!
  5. hi everyone. I've just signed up to this site and am looking 4wd to discussing my fave topic w peeps-books! i luv em!
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