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  1. I read War and Peace, on Kindle, a couple of years ago - including appendices. I read it in conjunction with the BBC serialization at the time, this helped get through the book. Currently reading The Crimson Petal and the White, finding it a bit of a bore, but will persevere.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll have a look at them. I have read funny fiction in the past(Adams. Sharpe etc) but have not been able to find any thing more modern. Keep looking I suppose.
  3. I've read Hitchhikers and some Tom Sharpe and Terry Pratchett though many years ago now and they were very funny at times. I am looking for a modern comedy something to make me laugh out loud. Too much to ask? Thanks for your suggestions I'll look them up.
  4. Sorry to reopen this old thread but I have to say after 2 years of searching I have not found a funny book! There has not been a single comedy written in the English language.
  5. Anyone read any of Nigel Williams books? They seem a promising beginning to finding genuinely funny books.
  6. I have many books on my shelves and on my Kindle but not one comedy. I've been looking for months now and cannot find a single, funny. laugh-out-loud, bawdy, modern comedy. Can any one recommend one? and I mean funny, with humorous situations and actual jokes. I don't want satire or fun. I've read Tom Sharpe and Terry Pratchett(both many decades ago). Also, while I don't object to bad language, dialogue full of four letter words and no jokes is not funny! Many thanks in advance, Garry
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