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  1. Any funny books?

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll have a look at them. I have read funny fiction in the past(Adams. Sharpe etc) but have not been able to find any thing more modern. Keep looking I suppose.
  2. Any funny books?

    I've read Hitchhikers and some Tom Sharpe and Terry Pratchett though many years ago now and they were very funny at times. I am looking for a modern comedy something to make me laugh out loud. Too much to ask? Thanks for your suggestions I'll look them up.
  3. Any funny books?

    Sorry to reopen this old thread but I have to say after 2 years of searching I have not found a funny book! There has not been a single comedy written in the English language.
  4. Any funny books?

    Anyone read any of Nigel Williams books? They seem a promising beginning to finding genuinely funny books.
  5. Any funny books?

    I have many books on my shelves and on my Kindle but not one comedy. I've been looking for months now and cannot find a single, funny. laugh-out-loud, bawdy, modern comedy. Can any one recommend one? and I mean funny, with humorous situations and actual jokes. I don't want satire or fun. I've read Tom Sharpe and Terry Pratchett(both many decades ago). Also, while I don't object to bad language, dialogue full of four letter words and no jokes is not funny! Many thanks in advance, Garry