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  1. I'm currently waiting for a book from amazon to arive from the post, and I'm still waiting after 4 days. I have tried to think what to do whilst you are waiting for a book to arrive. 1. Finish of a series? - Maybe not a seires, but just a normal book from your bookshelf? 2. Watch reviews of the book on YouTube or you could read a review about the book. - I always tend to do this, I have to know whether the book I might be reading is good enough for me to actually enjoy. 3. If you're that tired of waiting, bind yourself into the deepness of the BookTube communitiy, and watch some book hauls. - Hey, this might seem weird, but this is what got me reading. 4. Maybe a short classic, like Ian Fleming's Casino Royale - Classics can always cut time, especially when they're short. Post some of your ideas
  2. I just read on my local library page - http://www.solihull.gov.uk/libraryevents/default.htm - well, they seem to do activities, would this appeal to children to go to the library to join in local activities? Or would it just be elders there, my suspision tells me elders.
  3. Damn, I really do wish that most libraries were like yours! My library most certaintly doesn't have of your features, only a little children's section. They're renovating an old library in my local city in Birmingham, it's supposed to be amazing, a huge learning section and all other sections of amazingness.
  4. Yes! My latest book what I got - It's All About Treo, the pages had been stuck together, by I have no idea what. And we had to get a knife to cut them apart (the book's okay!), but it just goes to mind, we're paying full retail price for a book that has faultiness to it?
  5. As being a lover of books, I've wondered if there is anybody who uses Wattpad. It's a website for everyone to post your own stories, being whatever genre you want, Sc-Fi, Horror ect... (most of it is fiction) And as everybody who's posting on here, seems to love books (no suprise ), it crossed my mind for me to think that if anyone would of liked to write their own novels and share them with other people. www.wattpad.com
  6. I've pretty much only just joined, and we have a great community with a lot of topics for my interest, great to also see that there is a lot being posted
  7. I had just finished reading this book earlier, and I just had to write a review about this absolute stunner of a book. The story of this book was so gripping, so intense, it just grew on me to read on and know that Treo and Dave make it out the war to be okay. The story follows Dave Heyhoe, and his search dog Treo, who be sent out to Afghanistan to locate roadside bombs (IEDs), and during the time in Afghanistan, they would build miraculous bond with all of forces Dave and Treo been allocated with. During reading this book, it has come to me how a friendship can strongly form into a loving relationship between man and dog. But as this relationship is going on, it would be amazing how strongly how tear-jerkingly sad it can be at one moment (some parts even brang a tear to my eye), and then how funny, and rebellious Treo can be at the next moment. As me being an animal lover, I just certaintly had to buy this amazing book, I strongly reccommend this book to other animal lovers just like me.
  8. I used to read every night in bed, I sometimes do when the book has so much chaos and amazingness in it, but now it just seems that I can't, I'm just getting to tired. So now when I read, I usually read in the daytime (whenever I can't be distracted) and I can read so much in so little time. It's amazing
  9. God, I certaintly do hope that I do learn to concentrate even more. Not concentrating on a book is like not knowing where you are for me, and I just absolutlely , I've already tried several times to focus upstairs whilst all of the racket is going on downstairs. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  10. It definetely takes somebody to know us before they can judge on whatever we're like. Some of my friends are also bookworms, and they are certiantly not dull, we always joke together and usually play games, so I would say that we're never dull.
  11. I know you guys might have different opinions, but this is just a normal conversation on whether what you think is the best reading environment. I like my reading environments to be a nice quiet area, with me being relaxed and in a nice comfterable chair, or my bed. I love nobody to disturb me, and usually to have a glass of water by my side. I don't like to be in loud environments, as it makes my find focus on many different things. Loud people are not suited for my type of reading style, and especially screaming children. Post about what you like your reading environments to be
  12. Need to hurry up and finish - It's All About Treo!

  13. Even on my android phone, it seems to work perfectly.
  14. Hazel, I really do struggle to image what other creepy adverts were also broadcasted in the 80's, and how they could even manage to get shown on TV... It seems like it was the Japan of adverts in the UK in the 80's!
  15. I'm struggling to keep focus right now. What the hell is that?!
  16. I can certainly see your point where they can break easily, my mom unfortunately broke mine, and it seemed like it could break easily even with a case on. And the library where I live also seems to be the same as yours too. Welcome to BGO
  17. Unfortunately no, I pretty much have to do my studying at home.
  18. I've always tried to write my own stories, sometimes I figure I'm onto a great storyline, but then other things get in the way of my time, like my screaming baby cousins and my brother playing music, which I just can't cope with whilst reading and writing, but I suppose I could always try again!
  19. Ha! I'd love to see what that'd be like, I'm guessing we don't much brilliance on the TV like Jackanory anymore! Well, saying that I suddenly got reminded of Cbeebies, I loved that show so much when I was younger, do they still the bedtime stories at about 6-7o'clock anymore?
  20. Though just crossed my mind... Is there many teenagers on BGO? I haven't really seen any of my specific age criteria, and just wondering if there's any form of teenagers on here. Please (teenagers) reply to this is you've seen this, and you're a teen. :-)
  21. The Hunger Games, it made me believe that nobody will be able to control you, whoever it is.
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