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  1. I'm not one for gadgety things - up until fairly recently I used a Nokia 8210 (for those who don't know what that is, it is a pre camera phone circa 2000/2001). However my OH (an Apple devotee) got an iPhone when they came out and I used his so much I had to get one myself. I've had it for almost a year now and I've never regretted it. It depends what you would need it for though - if you just use your phone for calling/texting, it's probably not worth it - I get the most use out of the maps and mobile internet.
  2. Remember doing 'Carrie's War' at school - think was about evacuee children during WW2.
  3. I am extremely jealous - I really want one of these cars. Although I'm dreaming about one in slate grey with maybe orange interior or a baby blue with cream interior....but any colour would do!
  4. The only thing with an email alert about the book group would be that prospective members who just stumble across the site from a search engine wouldn't see it - I don't know how flexible the software is for the forum but I really think a static blurb on the main page would be good - plus it would remind regular lurkers of it every time they visited the page, whereas emails are likely to languish unread or forgotten in inboxes. In terms of format I think all suggestions have been good - although Tagesmann's suggestion is good, I think it sort of defeats the purpose of an almost 'real time' book group which I think is what we are sort of looking at here.
  5. Really? I thought it appeared much slicker.
  6. I absolutely loved series 1 and thought series 2 opened very strongly with a much darker, grown up feel. The production value was also much higher with some more interesting camerawork. My favourite character is George, I think he has so much depth and his fights with Nina in episode one was a great piece of acting/writing. I hope his darker side doesn't take away from his humour though, as it was one of the best parts of his character.
  7. I think promotion probably has something to do with it as well, i.e. some browsers might not be aware that a group read is going on - I am a regular lurker but sometimes the book group read would pass me by as when I come to the site I usually just scroll right down to the bottom and go to the most recent posts option and read those. Or perhaps I've just not been paying proper attention and there was a period where I didn't log in very often. If I'm wrong ignore me! If we did one again we could have something on the front page directing people straight there/inviting them to vote etc? I like the idea of a book group, although I agree with everyone who says they wouldn't want to commit to having to partake each time - I wouldn't either - but I do think it might be a worthwhile addition to the forum so that there's something for everyone - both open ended threads AND immediacy. It can be frustrating when you read a book, post on it then no one replies for a year...
  8. Wow Squirls, that's really commendable! It's nice to hear of such dedication. Makes me feel a bit guilty for wimping out and working at home, but then although I also work for NHS/healthcare my work is online so I'm not that important in the grand scheme of things!
  9. I've been off work ill so have been indulging in "rubbish but good" film watching...made the mistake of watching PS I Love You. Having enjoyed the book as a somewhat guilty pleasure I was expecting similar of the movie - oh no! Gerard Butler's Irish accent is WOEFUL, shockingly bad, I cannot even believe they made the film that way, why didn't they just cast an Irish actor or remove the Irish aspect? The film was even more schmaltzy than the book and that is saying something. The worst travesty was the repeated references to 'Miss HavERsham' - it's 'HavISHam'!!! Grrr I hated this film and didn't make it through til the end.
  10. It sounds a BIT like The End of Mr Y...but not quite (or else I am remembering it incorrectly) - prob not it but thought would throw it out there just in case!
  11. I really like this Twitter mash up: http://uksnow.benmarsh.co.uk/ It searches Twitter for real time snow reports and displays on the map.
  12. A gravy ring is a ring doughnut I think. No idea why we call them that!
  13. Ours is £5-£10 which if you know the person well makes it easier as you can get something decent - but just makes it harder when it's someone you don't know that well!
  14. Trying desperately to think of something to buy for my secret santa person at work. All I can come up with so far is a gift box of different ales...very uninspired. Also as I can't seem to find the one I want in Boots on Oxford Street, this might require me to head to the supermarket one evening this week...argh. I have been ranting all morning about secret santas, I'm not a scrooge by any means and I love Christmas, but how much money is wasted each year buying cr*p for colleagues we barely know?! Ban the workplace secret santa!
  15. The Oxford Street one was the same a few months ago, just a great big mess with books in no order, empty shelves etc. It was horrible, I went in but the piles of rubbish books being kicked all over the floor was just too much to take!
  16. Ouch David, as a back pain sufferer myself you have my sympathies! But best to top up on painkillers and keep moving.
  17. It's a toughie - I would echo what The Maid said (that sounds extremely toffy!) about where you see yourselves in a few years. You don't say where you are commuting to - if it is further south then it might be a big change as you might be moving further away from glorious London (although I know not everyone sees it as glorious!), but if it's to North London then it's not quite so much of a change and I would definitely consider moving for the better quality of life. I'd at least start looking, go and see a few areas/flats (are you renting or buying? Obviously buying again makes it a more stressful decision than renting and can't be taken as lightly...) and see if anything takes your fancy. If you are too tired in the evenings to enjoy your area and home then it's not worth it in my opinion. Hope you reach a decision you're happy with!
  18. Minxminnie - how strange, me too! I had to google Yaffle to see what it was and have heard several refs to him over last week. I can't remember where the refs were, but wasn't Dermot.
  19. Thankfully it seems to, after a day or two drying out....fingers crossed anyhow! Leyla, thankfully it was my own one, which I'd just cleaned the day before and which had nothing in it...! Not sure I'd have gone diving for it in a public one...or ever felt the same about it again. It would probably have been the end of a beautiful friendship. Currently watching the horrible day outside and wishing my sister had got better weather for her trip here to London! Fingers crossed it's less wild in central London than it is in Crouch End.
  20. I've had a hideous week too - glad am not the only one! Worst bit of it was dropping my iphone in the (thankfully clean) toilet.
  21. Wow Hazel, I've just developed a 'thing' for Eric in True Blood too - originally liked Bill but he started looking a bit too 'dead', plus Eric makes him look really short and boyish! Gotta say JD gets the pulse a-pumping too, as does Aidan Turner (Desperate Romantics/Being Human) although I'm not too sure he has much beneath the surface...!
  22. I've read a lot of his older stuff (Cycle of Violence, Divorcing Jack, Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men, Empire State etc) all of which I enjoyed a lot. I re-read Cycle of Violence recently and was disappointed but couldn't put my finger on why - the jokes just seemed too familiar and 'dad-like'..but perhaps it was just because I'd read it so many times. I have not heard of Mystery Man however, is it new?
  23. That made me giggle! I took a rickshaw ride in London once when I was drunk, and spent the whole journey quizzing the poor boy about how he'd got the job as my partner was (then) unemployed and I thought it seemed like a nice job where he'd get lots of exercise and not have to sit in front of a computer all day. Needless to say the next day I was mortified....! As an ex-Glasgow-west-ender am curious to know whereabouts the waitrose is? Is it where the somerfield was up beside the Hilton?
  24. Seconding David's mention of 'True Blood' - I absolutely LOVE the credits to this and came on this thread specifically to mention them! Just from seeing the credits I knew I wanted to watch the show - guess it's sort of the same as a pretty book cover enticing you in..
  25. Oh I really wanted to go to that, Meg but unfortunately can't make it even though I only live on the other side of the park. Enjoy!
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