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  1. Whilst packing for our holiday I’m selecting books to take with me. I remember my Italian Grandmother saying to me in my early 20s as I packed for London to take a book with me on a date – I thought she had lost the plot at first, but she explained that should I be stood up, I can still enjoy my evening with a good book as a companion over dinner. Working overseas for many years, I would often dine alone with a book, feeling awkward and uncomfortable at first. It took a while before I no longer felt like the only Gooseberry on the Fruit Salad. A book was a good “ice-breaker” and encouraged several social evenings which lead onto dates. Have you dined alone with a book? Does it take courage?
  2. No worries about the time frame. Plantain Chips; I haven’t had them in years. I love Apple Bananas with their apple-like flavour. A colleague once made a soup from left-over salad complete with dressing. She watched a Chef on TV make the recipe many years ago. An interesting taste, perhaps… Oaxaca cuisine has seven other Moles along side Mole Poblano each with their own unique colour and taste. Various restaurants in Mexico City showcase the regional influences by adding either Chocolate in a stylised (modern version) of Mole Poblano or adding one of the others. When the Spanish introduced Chocolate to Europe in the sixteenth century many Mediterranean Chefs used it in savoury dishes, especially with Game.
  3. Having one of those moments( or three) emerging to form a glorious lack of sophistication...
  4. So glad I'm not alone in this... I wrote in another thread that I'm an early riser and love to read in the early morning when this part of the world and the house is quiet. I open the windows downstairs (even in winter) and sit in the diningroom eating my breakfast with my book. Birdsong is always welcome. It's only in recent years that doing this has become a regular activity. Reading any other time depends on the day, my mood and general household goings-on.
  5. I'm almost finished reading it, however, I'm going to reread it whilst I'm away. I've been treating myself to an early morning read (I'm a naturally early riser) with my breakfast. The house and neighbourhood is quiet with all asleep, except for birdsong from the open window. I'm wondering if that is why I'm making more progress...?!
  6. Meg, I'm with you on this. The thought of it sends a shiver down my Spine. I'm not a lover of cakes and biscuits (however, I am a dark chocolaholic, not the Galaxey stuff), almost seemingly having an adversion to them. I made many people gasp when given slabs of icing from cakes as a child, recoiling in horror. Despite not having a sweet-tooth, I enjoy baking for others.
  7. Is that baked beans on toast with bananas or beans on toast with bananas on toast as an after? Not long after meeting one of my friends, she offered to make me a banana and honey sandwich - she added tomato ketchup! I've never let her make me sandwich again....! that's a definate no-no like peanut butter. I'll stick to cheese and vegemite sangers, thanks.
  8. I confess to liking Nigella's straight forward approach with recipes having adapted some family favourites using her methods for quickness and ease. They are not cheats per se, more tried and tested short-cuts. I was bought Nigellisma by a friend for Christmas and enjoyed reading about her time living in Italy. It's different living in a country where Grandparents are from having learned from them, but reading about others who have had similar experiences gave me other avenues to explore more independantly. ETA: Her Chilli is reminiscent of the real Mexican dish complete with chocolate in it (now that is a civilised cuisine! )
  9. On Thursday evening one of the conversations my stitching group had was about Peter Capaldi as the new Dr. Who; many agree he is the best choice for the role, whilst Matt Smith was considered far too young. The question on everyone's lips was: "What type of Doctor will he be?" "Eccentric, bohemian, conservative or other?" One of the ladies said she didn't know Dr. Who was shown in NZ. My inner geek (yes, apparently I have one; I keep her quiet with chocolate usually) blurted out that some forgotten episodes of Patrick troughton were found in Australia a few years ago.
  10. Binker - glad your Mum is feeling better and hopefully enjoyed an evening out. I’ve been a whirlwind of activity the past 3 days; my Christmas sewing for charity is well under way (2 months behind this year...)with 24 Incubator Quilts stitched and edged. I’ve made a glut of Pesto from my friend’s Dads’ allotment which is now in the freezer ready for the autumn and winter (I had to reluctantly share the last drips in the bowl ) and now I’m sitting with Kia Ora who is at my feet sleeping. She is delicate, fragile, adorably cute and bossy. Anyone who meets her for the first time assumes that she is a 6 month old kitten; she is a fully grown 4 year old with leg deformities and more bounce and energy than Tigger! The other kitties have deserted me for a nap in the sunshine.
  11. Hello to returning and new members. I'm a new member and look forward to chatting with you all.
  12. Glad your Mum is recovering well, Binker. Best wishes to you both.
  13. Were you a dirty stop-up? School nights I had strict bedtimes with weekends and holidays being a little more relaxed.
  14. Deep fried Mars bars that'll make you go insane! Scottish relative eats it with meals like plain bread.
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