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  1. It sounds so good Misterhobgoblin. I have read only one novel by Jhumpa Lahiri i.e. The Namesake and I quite liked Lahiri's eye for details. Be it a simple train journey or recounting the good old memories her narrative was spot on. But, unfortunately I did not really like the plot of the novel and never ventured to read any more by Jhumpa. But your review has got me interested.
  2. Secret of Nagas by Amish Tripathi. It is the second book of Shiva Trilogy. Very interesting mix of Indian mythology and fiction.
  3. That's great Misterhobgoblin each book should be read with just one bias i.e. love for reading.
  4. Guilty by Gabriel Boutros. The beginning was just so so but in the mids story has become interesting.
  5. I have finished reading Sign of Four and this time really liked the story. It was complicated unlike Study though here as well I think the characters shine even more. But now I have become a fan of Holmes' pithy comments and witty one liners, enjoyed the novel immensely.
  6. Athena, the book can be enjoyed as a stand alone. The ending is definite. like you I also shy away from reading series books as I am too impulsive to concentrate on one genre for too long. Though, this time I am making an exception and planning to buy the second in series The Winter of the World, where the story continues through Second World War. The only thing that slightly irritated me was a bit too detailed intimate scenes, just hope Follett would constrain himself somewhat in the second book.
  7. I have just finished reading Fall of Giants and found it absolutely riveting. Never thought I would be able to enjoy a novel set against War so much. Though I did read War and Peace and had also liked it, but Tolstoy's philosophical monologues were quite hard to read. Whereas in here I found Ken Follett expounding upon War theories in an easily comprehensible conversational style. Easily, my best read on World War I. Has anyone else read it? What's your take on the book?
  8. I love to accept books as gifts. But while gifting it to someone I am often assailed with doubts. So many books and so many genres are there that you can never be sure if the receiver of your gift is actually interested in reading it or not.
  9. Waiting for a book to arrive us possibly the most anxious time for me. I agree with Binker keep a book handy till your new love enters your life (bookshelf). In the meantime one can definitely check out some free ebooks either classics or the totally strange ones. Reading reviews is again a great way to relieve the anxiety. I kept doing it for two days after ordering my new mobile online. And if you have a local library checking out books in a totally relaxed way would be great too
  10. Wow never thought that the apparently senseless nursery rhymes could be so deeply entrenched in history. I was similarly surprised when I read that Alice in Wonderland had many mathematical computations well illustrated in Writing Style and themes on wikipedia http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice's_Adventures_in_Wonderland Though I wish somethings would remain conspicuous and unexplained fantasy.
  11. I watched Bourne Legacy last night and I absolutely loved it. Now I am more than ever excited to read the entire Bourne Series.
  12. Hux you have got the order right as per Penguin classics as Grammath said above. I recently read A study in Scarlet and though I did not find the story very impressive still it introduced Holmes and other characters in a very systematic manner. So my suggestion would be to for this as the first one just do not have any preconceived notions and enjoy your read as you would for an known author
  13. So many books in just seven and a half months Ethena! Impressive
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