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  1. Good heavens Binker, that sounds like a biggie. I hope you are feeling so much better now, and not doing too much too soon. Have noted your posts on Facebook so you must have a strong constitution to make a good recovery. Stay well and hope the weather is mild enough to enjoy sitting under that marvellous tree with a good book. All the best. 👍
  2. It is a bit cold here, real Autumn weather and lots of torrential rain two days ago really damaged the flower beds. Was reading Louise Penny’s latest book A Better Man, featuring Inspector Gamache of the Quebecois Surete, should be accents in there but don’t know how to access them. The book started off well and then seemed to stall a bit or maybe sag so have left it for the moment. It has been on the best seller list so maybe it’s me not the book. i hope all BGO folk are well and haven’t been subjected to the gale force winds I was reading about?
  3. Just popped in to wish all BGOers a Happy Autumn, hope your weather is crisp and Autumn-like. We had a mini heat wave a couple of days ago, not my favourite kind of weather but it is cooler today. Hope you have been enjoying your reading Luna. Have been seeing different doctors, all on the same wavelength, had enough for a while so backed off a bit. Just want to feel better and not be trekking around here and there, popping pills, one made me feel so it has been discarded for now although the doctor disagrees. Oh well, that’s an argument for another day. Wishing you all good weather and happy reading.😊 ill so that one has been put aside
  4. Lovely cool weather right now, a touch of Autumn. Just brought in the last of the tomatoes, pretty small. Won’t be sorry to see the last of the hot weather but could still have some hot days yet. Luna you must be reading up a storm with all the new books you have acquired.😊
  5. Madeleine, I hope by now you will have lots of lovely ripened tomatoes to sample. They are so much nicer than store bought ones.
  6. Sorry your father is probably not feeling up to much gardening, I hope he enjoys working with the macrame. It used to be all the rage for hobbies when I was a young mother, however I wasn’t too good at it or it never caught my fancy. A friend used to make fancy plant hangers which looked good. I really enjoy the chit chat on BGO, it’s like having friends in for tea. I hope Madeleine has done some tomato tasting by now. Meg sounds busy with her produce. Glad you are feeling a bit better Luna, the tassels sound interesting you and your father are great hobbyists. I’m doing a bit more reading these days, it was bothering my eyes a bit for a while. Re-reading some of my Kindle books. I’ve gone off mysteries and murders for the moment, just trying for the gentler content. Today I’ve been trying to keep a cheeky squirrel away from the bird feeder without breaking the window when I rap on it. The seed log is in a cage but a skinny squirrel manages to get in. They are very inventive. Nice chatting with you Luna.😊
  7. Enjoyed reading about Madeleine and Meg’s gardening, we used to garden a lot more, now only tomatoes and we are enjoying the second run of them. Not very big but really good tasting, we have a plateful on the kitchen table and they taste good with just about anything plus supply our tomato loving neighbours, (who eat tomaaatoes) they’ve never dropped the short ‘a’ as the Canadians do.😊
  8. Hello Meg, sounds like you are enjoying good laundry weather. Our English neighbour has a laundry line and pole to hoist the clothes higher to catch the breeze. We have nowhere to put a line and the one that was here when we bought the house was about two feet from the fence and the clothes were always up against the fence, plus it was quite open to the street before our hedge grew and I didn’t fancy hanging out our more intimate items. Your garden is providing some nice veg and fruit, do the birds go after the raspberries?
  9. Hi Madeleine, sorry you have to go back to work - but there is still the weekends to enjoy some more lazy summer days, take heart😊.
  10. Clavain - tried to find out about the Ashes on the Internet, gave up trying to understand about Test Matches, but I guess from your post Britain didn’t do too well.
  11. Am really enjoying The Victory Garden and when the storyline comes to the Harvest Festival I found myself feeling kind of homesick for the UK and it’s a lot of years since we boarded the Empress of France to come to Canada. No place like home!
  12. Lucked out on Kindle Unlimited today, got a free book by Rhys Bowen, an excellent story teller. I think I’ve mentioned before that for $9.95 a month I can have 10 ‘free’ books at a time and if a new one comes along I have to give back one I already have which is ok because I have already read it. The Victory Garden is a WW1 story. So I am enjoying today’s luck.
  13. Had a lovely visit from Neil and Denise yesterday, they are here to pick up our car to take it back to Yellowknife, about a 5 day road trip. They are renting a U-haul trailer to transport the furniture Dave has made for them during their marriage, a china cabinet, a Deacon’s bench, and the Grandfather clock which Neil really wants. Dave made the case and bought the inner workings. I wish we lived closer but it’s great to see them twice in the one year. This road trip coincides with their 25 year anniversary.
  14. Well, that was a bit of a surprise, should have done a bit more research before starting this. It’s a horror story and I don’t like being creeped out, so I will skip this one and move on. 😲
  15. Not a review, just to say I read many of Ms. Siddons’ books years ago and thought I’d go back and see if I enjoyed them as much. Sort of stalled on the Mrs. Binchy’s book and was looking for authors I have enjoyed in the past. Will report on progress.
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