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  1. Hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas season and had a great New Year's Eve - back to 'aild clathes and porridge' now. I guess at the beginning of a new year, also a new decade, there might be the tendency to feel a bit nostalgic for times gone by. I’m reading a book set in 1940’s Liverpool, England just after WWII and the landlady of a pub near the docks is trying to get the customers to go home as she wants to listen to Valentine Dyall in the BBC program “The Man In Black on the wireless. Gosh, did that ever take me back, Mum and I used to listen to that each week, the program was popular and must have been on the radio for quite a while. Felt a bit of a tug at my heart, a bit of my childhood. The name of the program was Appointment with Fear. Most of you are probably a bit too young maybe to remember the program but Mum and I enjoyed our little dose of fear each week. 💀
  2. I got the message yesterday and was puzzled because it was sent under the banner headline of BGO but had a 'no reply' message at the top. It said there were two other people involved in the conversation. The way it was worded I thought maybe English was not the first language of the person posting.
  3. Is it possible that someone hacked into BGO as I got a message from a Miss Brenda wanting to have a conversation with me, sent in an ‘no return’ message under the BGO heading?
  4. Hi Tag - good to see you and glad that you are doing o.k. I was on a Jack Reacher kick a few years ago but moved on to other writers. I really enjoyed all the earlier books and looked forward to the most recent book in the Autumn. Now I seem to be lodged in WWll historical/romantic and often quite awful tragedies to do with the blitz. Wishing you all the best for the festive season.
  5. Hello Madeleine and Brightphoebus, good to hear from you, hope your weather improves to give you nice winter weather Madeleine. Dave has some trouble now with forgetfulness and sometimes gets in a snit about things which never bothered him before. He used to be so quiet and now is quite different. It gets upsetting and probably me not being a very patient person it leads to arguments. If I could just remember that no good comes of arguing - especially when it is a nonsensical subject.😏 Wishing Mr. Meg a return to good health and also Binker who had some health concerns recently, good wishes to all of us BGOers.
  6. Good to hear from you Luna. The group read sounds interesting. I haven’t been reading much current literature, tried to read Louise Penny’’s latest book but got bogged down and haven’t managed to pick up the thread of it again. Have lost my taste for police procedurals for the moment and into the romantic historical boks although some of those can be quite graphic. Dave is very forgetful now and it’s kind of disturbing, however, not much can be done about it.This year has not been great for us and am sorry to hear that Meg and Mr. Meg have had a rough time as well, wishing you a better year coming up Meg. Stay well Luna.
  7. It has been a while since I dropped in but have been thinking about BGO, just seems as hough we have had lots of arranging for household stuff, arranging for a replacement mattress, much negotiating, getting the flower gardens planted with Spring bulbs (garden folk did that) arranging for changes to the bedroom, buying a snowblower online when we had a surprise fall of snow, and sundry other household matters, but I have been doing some reading. I’ve been enjoying Rita Bradshaw who writes romantic historical novels, many of them, and each one I’ve found interesting, lots of drama, lots of insight into the class divisions, some of it pretty horrible. So glad that husbands are not afforded by law the leeway to treat their wives with brutality now although it still goes on today. I hope everyone is well and enjoying late Autumn and early winter.
  8. Good for you Luna, will have another go but maybe fail in the questions as my knowledge is somewhat lacking as to specific locations in Glasgow as I left there when I was 9😏. However will do my best.
  9. Glad you were safe Binker. discovered a forum by accident but was unable to join so far as the password requirement was really specific about content. Also my geography was spotty re answers to the protection from.spam bots. The forum I’m sure has lots of information about Glasgow and surrounds and I would like to access. The forum is The Hidden Glasgow Forums. I wondered if there was anyone from BGO who was on this forum.
  10. Good heavens Binker, that sounds like a biggie. I hope you are feeling so much better now, and not doing too much too soon. Have noted your posts on Facebook so you must have a strong constitution to make a good recovery. Stay well and hope the weather is mild enough to enjoy sitting under that marvellous tree with a good book. All the best. 👍
  11. It is a bit cold here, real Autumn weather and lots of torrential rain two days ago really damaged the flower beds. Was reading Louise Penny’s latest book A Better Man, featuring Inspector Gamache of the Quebecois Surete, should be accents in there but don’t know how to access them. The book started off well and then seemed to stall a bit or maybe sag so have left it for the moment. It has been on the best seller list so maybe it’s me not the book. i hope all BGO folk are well and haven’t been subjected to the gale force winds I was reading about?
  12. Just popped in to wish all BGOers a Happy Autumn, hope your weather is crisp and Autumn-like. We had a mini heat wave a couple of days ago, not my favourite kind of weather but it is cooler today. Hope you have been enjoying your reading Luna. Have been seeing different doctors, all on the same wavelength, had enough for a while so backed off a bit. Just want to feel better and not be trekking around here and there, popping pills, one made me feel so it has been discarded for now although the doctor disagrees. Oh well, that’s an argument for another day. Wishing you all good weather and happy reading.😊 ill so that one has been put aside
  13. Lovely cool weather right now, a touch of Autumn. Just brought in the last of the tomatoes, pretty small. Won’t be sorry to see the last of the hot weather but could still have some hot days yet. Luna you must be reading up a storm with all the new books you have acquired.😊
  14. Madeleine, I hope by now you will have lots of lovely ripened tomatoes to sample. They are so much nicer than store bought ones.
  15. Sorry your father is probably not feeling up to much gardening, I hope he enjoys working with the macrame. It used to be all the rage for hobbies when I was a young mother, however I wasn’t too good at it or it never caught my fancy. A friend used to make fancy plant hangers which looked good. I really enjoy the chit chat on BGO, it’s like having friends in for tea. I hope Madeleine has done some tomato tasting by now. Meg sounds busy with her produce. Glad you are feeling a bit better Luna, the tassels sound interesting you and your father are great hobbyists. I’m doing a bit more reading these days, it was bothering my eyes a bit for a while. Re-reading some of my Kindle books. I’ve gone off mysteries and murders for the moment, just trying for the gentler content. Today I’ve been trying to keep a cheeky squirrel away from the bird feeder without breaking the window when I rap on it. The seed log is in a cage but a skinny squirrel manages to get in. They are very inventive. Nice chatting with you Luna.😊
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