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  1. what is everyone doing?

    Glad that you are getting around a wee bit Meg, it really is inconvenient to have any sort of drawbacks when you are trying to get ready for the festive season, but just do what you can and leave the rest, probably you will be the only one who notices any small thing you haven't done. I have found this Christmas that I haven't put out nearly as many decorations or ornaments as I have done in the past and it looks o.k. and there will be less to put away after. Just take care of yourself, feeling better is more important. Sorry Luna that you have diabetes and vitamin D deficiency but now that the problem has been identified you can get the medication you need to make you feel better and I hope it works quickly to get you back up to speed. Best wishes for feeling better soon.
  2. what is everyone doing?

    Meg so sorry that you have had a nasty fall, quite a shock to the system besides the aches and pains arising from it. You are better to keep moving and I find that a heating pad for the worst aches is quite soothing, don't know if it takes the pain away, but it is a comfort anyway. Glad you didn't need to go to the hospital. Take care, and I hope your aches will be mostly gone by Christmas so that you can enjoy the season.
  3. what is everyone doing?

    Meg, I'm having a slow time getting into the meat of the story in Coming Home, seem to be a bit bogged down in interior decorating and layers of description and I'm only at the first visit of the young girl to a friend's posh house. Will have to see if my patience is equal to the garnishment.
  4. what is everyone doing?

    Hi Luna, just read Ode on Melancholy - telling what not to do when depressed, but some pointers to get out of the doldrums, do you think he suffered from depression? Haven't read up on his life. Went to Spark Notes to see what he was quoting otherwise, do you enjoy poetry?
  5. what is everyone doing?

    No time machine Meg, was going by the time period the story is happening in.
  6. what is everyone doing?

    Meg, in the book Coming Home, the father works in Ceylon and will be transferring to Singapore just as the wife and youngest child head back over to join him, also the elder daughter will be attending boarding school in England as she has just moved to a 14+ form, so the mother, father and small child will be heading into danger as Singapore will be a target from the Japanese in WWII with probably more serious consequences maybe met than by the daughter remaining in Cornwall. I'm just assuming as I'm not that far ahead in the book yet.
  7. what is everyone doing?

    Taking a break from reading before bed. Just re-dicovered Rosamunde Pilcher, had read a couple of her books some years ago and seemed to forget how much I enjoyed her writing. Coming Home Is shaping up to be a good read and will enjoy getting away from the WWII books which have held me in thrall for several weeks. Dental problem clearing up, thank heavens, a really unpleasant interlude.l Meg, your wrapping of the Christmas presents sounds really pretty, are you able to hint that you would like to have the wrappings back? just realized that I won't be getting away from WWII as part of the family will be heading to Singapore just around 1939.
  8. what is everyone doing?

    Those implants are really the way to go now for those who can afford them. Terribly expensive here but they look good. no pain pills today although my face looks as though I have been punched. Apparently what probably happened was the dentist hit a blood vessel when he put the anaesthetic needle in and that was what was causing the pain, not the filled tooth. Wonderful to be pain free. Sounds like you are going to be enjoying the Christmas spirit anyway Clavain, nice.
  9. what is everyone doing?

    I guess you're getting an implant or a crown iff? The whole idea of things dental right now makes me shudder. Even where he put the freezing in is a bit painful and I just hope the filled tooth settles down. Less pain killer today so I'm hopeful. That's awful and a real disappointment to look foward to a production and find out it's cancelled after getting the train there. I hope the Whelan concert turns out well and your money won't have been wasted. Good luck and nice to get a new tooth for Christmas. A bit like the old song "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth".
  10. what is everyone doing?

    How very true!
  11. what is everyone doing?

    Am up bright and early as the pain in my mouth seems to be worse when lying down, not even 7:00 a.m. yet, however, I was in bed early and did sleep except for getting up during the night for Tylenol. Now sitting up at the computer the pain has slackened off for which I'm thankful. Don't even know what the weather is doing as it is still dark but no snow on the roofs so far although it was predicted yesterday. Sorry about your allergy, they are strange afflctions to pinpoint so hope you've found the culprit. Am reading an interesting book by Simon Kernick, a thriller, he writes well. This was his latest and it will be interesting to find out who the bad guy was. Well, should head for the shower then go downstairs to read the morning papers to see who Trump has managed to upset at the G20 Summit in Argentina.
  12. what is everyone doing?

    On Wednesday I had a toothache, went to the dentist, he supposedly fixed it, by the time the freezing was wearing off my tooth ached like mad. Phoned the dentist, said nothing to be done about it as it was a really deep filling, just pain killer till it settled down and if it didn't it would have to be taken out. So in spite of the warning on Tylenol about how many you should take in a 24 hour period I think I'm way beyond that. Thought I might try Advil but had a look at the possible side effects and decided not to try it. Hopefully it will settle down soon. Sure put a crimp in my day after last week's bout with the 'flu shot. Better days ahead I hope! This was after I had not a very good week because of my 'flu shot, I usually get some redness and swelling after the shot but this time I ran a high fever during the night and for the rest of the week I felt out of sorts. Today wasn't too bad although I still had to take pain killer. Hard to get into the feeling of the festive season when you feel kind of dragged out. Moan, moan, moan. Maybe I should have posted this in the rant section. Hope all the other BGO folk are well and enjoying life, stay well people, and happy baking for those of you who do lots of seasonal baking.
  13. what is everyone doing?

    Yes, the black Friday thing has really spread far and wide, starts the week before Thanksgiving and keeps right on afterwards. I just ignore it. We had a big red tailed hawk land on a branch on our bare maple tree, he was lovely to look at but I noticed there wasn't another bird in sight once he landed. A cheeky little squirrel on his way to his nest with a peanut wasn't at all bothered that the hawk was there so I guess the squirrels aren't afraid of hawks. He just had a look at the hawk then carried on up the tree. I took it to mean that squirrels aren't afraid of hawks but some people have put me right about that, I guess this little fellow just figured he was an extra large bird so no problem. The hawk didn't notice him anyway and shortly thereafter flew away. Hope you get some Christmas spirit back again nearer the time Clavain, I always think there is something almost magical about the Christmas season, I love the feeling of something special happening, not necessarily in a religious sense, but an overall feeling of good. The Christmas music I find inspiring, not necessarily the pop songs but I always play the CD of the Kings College choir singing the best loved Christmas hymns.
  14. what is everyone doing?

    How exciting to have a visit with your son and family and see the change in your grandchild. They do seem to grow quickly. And just as nice to know you'll see them all again between Christmas and New Years. Just make sure all breakables are in taller locations than the wee one.
  15. Song Chain

    My Wild Irish Rose - Daniel O'Donnell