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  1. It’s me Momac under a new password, hope everyone is fine, glad to be here although we are in lockdown until June 2. We have sold our house and are moving in to a retirement home in June and our house is in upheaval right now. Talk later, trying to fill out dratted Census. Hi Kevin, thanks for getting in touch.
  2. Just stopping by to wish everyone all the very best of the Christmas season and hope that 2021 brings all of us respite from the unhappiness and worry of 2020. It has been a bit of a bumpy year for us with regard to health but we are managing. Dave spent a few weeks in hospital after a number of falls. He gets physio exercises at home and exercises to try to get his left foot working properly. He has some nerve infringement which causes his foot to drag and upsets his balance. I have had some vertigo problems but take meds for it. We have a new family member, Marcus, the cat. He is a rescue cat, about a year old, and is fitting in well, He is not allowed out but has the run of the house. He has adopted Sheila and stays with her most of the time when she’s not at work. She is a manager at a restaurant which is only selling take - out meals at the moment, the seating area is closed during lockdown. wishing us all a happier and virus free 2021 - stay safe! 🌲⛄️.
  3. Good to see yiu posting Binker and Luna. Binker, I find myself worrying about the US election as I keep hearing mention of civil unrest. I hope that the States will get through this time without a surge of violence. I have to confess I had a bit of a grin when you mentioned the noise of chambering a round in the shotgun. I think the noise would might alarm the shooter as much as the criminal. Anyway i wish you a safe and incident free election. The remarks and responses being posted on Facebook get a bit raw so I chide myself when I get caught up in some of the exchanges, put it down to curiosity and amazement. Luna, glad you are getting to keep busy and glad your father is well. Stay healthy , stay safe everyone.
  4. Good to know that tomato growers are having success, we haven’t ever tried the cherry tomato variety but at the moment our green tomatoes aren’t much bigger than cherry tomatoes. It will be another couple of weeks of hot weather to bring them along. We usually have enough of a crop to keep a neighbour. We had a good crop of rhubarb this year and still more on the plant. I hope the virus is slowing down there so that life can get back to the new normal. I think we are at Stage 3 for opening up more locations. Our daughter’s restaurant is still only providing window take out. She said they are run off their feet with customers so maybe haven’t suffered to much financially.
  5. Good to see you on the forum BB. Sorry that your dancing has fallen victim to the nasty virus but it can’t last forever we hope. It has been a really unusual number of months to deal with, and many people are feeling weary of it. However, just have to carry on and hope for better days. Stay safe
  6. Good to hear from you Luna, I hope you and your father will weather these unusual times well. Good that you have lots of books to keep you going. Stay well and stay safe.
  7. Sorry you have had a bit of a rough time Madeleine, although you have a plus side which helps a bit. Will be nice when the health community leads all of us out of this troubling and frightening time. It just seems that there is nowhere to go to escape it at the moment, just have to adapt as best we can. It’s nice to see all the youngsters on our crescent out playing on their bikes and scooters, not a care in the world and the adults walking and chatting - all seems quite normal on the surface. We in Canada are glad that our border is closed to travellers from the States, it’s a bit of a mess down there at the moment. We have had a lot of hot and humid weather but today is a lot cooler. I was out moving the hose and sprinkler as the lawn service comes to cut the lawn on a Tuesday. I have been watering as the flowers need it every other day. They are looking really nice. Dave’s veggie garden is doing well and the tomatoes are ripening nicely. Should have some green beans soon. Stay safe and well. 😊
  8. How are all BGO’ers doing in these unusual times. Was thinking that all the people in our immediate area who have been out walking will be in good physical shape when the world hopefully gets back to ‘normal’. Books have been a great comfort to me , that and watching the birds at the feeder and the sightings of the fox family which has taken up residence in our area. Our house cleaning friend is back in business after a lengthy lay-off and the vacuum cannister told the tale of much dust and debris. Charlie, our dog, was responsible for a lot of the required cleaning, he has now gone to doggy heaven as he was nearly blind, not well at all and couldn’t manage the stairs up to the living room, and was too heavy for Dave and I to manage him. When we let him out into the back yard he couldn't remember where the door was and we had to get him and lead him in, and it was an upsetting battle for us trying to lift him up the five stairs, he would go frantic and struggle. A sad carry-on. We miss him greatly. He was 15 years old. Hoping that all are well and finding interesting things to do if not being able to carry on as usual. Take care.
  9. Hello Tag, good to see you back, you must be doing o.k. To work 9 hour days, stay safe and well. Have been reading a book by Rosie Harris, romance genre, but this one would qualify for humour, had me laughing out loud. ‘Mind of her Own’ - a recently widowed woman in her 70’s who wants to be independent and sets out to prove herself. Her neighbour, an elderly bachelor, is always offering to do the chores for her and she gets offended that he thinks she is not capable of doing them herself. Her first foray into independence is the back garden hedge which requires cutting so off to the shed to get the ladder and the electric trimmer. Of course it’s an old electric cord with some cracks and a rickety ladder and the inevitable happens. First trip to the hospital. Once up and about again she thinks she should brush up on her driving skills, the car, an old but once expensive car, driven only by her husband, is still in the garage. She has a Driver’s Licence but has rarely driven although she knows how to drive. Decides to take it for a spin, finds herself on the highway and feels fine and confident, moves over to the fast lane, hears a bump but car seems o.k. Has a near miss so thinks she would be safer in the slower lane. Flashing lights, it’s the police. Is questioned, does she know her muffler is lying in the road a mile or so back, can he see her licence (it’s in her purse at home), who are her insurers, no clue, her husband looked after all that. She goes from one catastrophe to another but never loses her confidence. The author must have had fun writing this book but she does bring in the responsible side of the woman, altogether an entertaining read. Sorry for the long post!
  10. Good to see your Barblue, hope all is well with you and yours. Hello to all, hope everyone is managing well during this unusual time. Stay safe. 💐
  11. We’ve suddenly heated up, yesterday was 31C and today promises to be similar. Had to rummage in my closet for pants lighter than the corduroy ones I put on in the morning. Turned on the air conditioning as it was up to 79 in the house, and we get all the afternoon sun in the big bay window. People flocked to the parks in Toronto on Saturday and Sunday disobeying the distance requirements, mostly young people who seem to think they are safe in the open air or figure the rules don’t apply to them. I hope it doesn’t cause a backlash. Hope you are all doing well. Hoping this horrible virus goes away soon. Stay safe everyone. Thank heavens for books!
  12. Glad to hear from you Luna, I hope that you and your father are managing to ride out the storm of this nasty virus. Can understand lack of concentration at a time like this. Something we haven’t had to deal with before. Hopefully it will get resolved in a positive fashion. Suddenly we have good weather, supposed to go to 25 C today which will be a nice change from the cool weather we have been having. The Spring bulbs are all withered now and the people to plant the annuals should be here next week. Stay well and enjoy your summer. I spotted an article on the Internet and thought of you - it was on the benefits of ‘forest bathing.😊
  13. Glad to hear that you and Mr. Meg are doing o.k. And also your family. Good news about new baby on the way although the job situation can be worrying. I had a laugh about your last sentence Meg. From being a man of few words hubby has found his voice and is exercising it frequently - he can complain as well as the next person and we’ve had some loud exchanges.😏 Weather has picked up and Dave has all the tomato plants planted. Looking forward to temps in the 20’s this weekend. Bought a honeysuckle to plant by the back fence replacing one that died off a couple of years ago. Stay well Meg, enjoy your garden. Hopefully you’ll be able to get out more in a couple of months when the virus goes away.
  14. Sorry to hear Meg that your family had some trouble with the wretched virus, hopefully it will go away in the near future. It is a depressing time but there are some areas opening up cautiously herem. I am hoping that the US/Canada border stays closed until the number of infections drop drastically in the States. Mr. Trump seems to have many disagreements with the medical experts but hope that sanity prevails. We here in Ontario have had quite cool weather and up until last week there was frost on the roofs in the morning. I’ve planted pansies in the barrel at the front door and they seem to be doing quite well, was a bit concerned about the cool temps but they seem quite hardy. Wishing all BGOers well, hope your family is doing o.k. Meg.
  15. Do you work in a winery Viccie? It’s good that you have an exclusive wood next door, so handy to escape into an area where you can enjoy the forest without it being busy with others. Sounds as though the district is well organized where you have to have your particulars noted on paper. Hope all goes well where you are and that we can all at some point defeat this horrible virus.
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