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  1. New Kindle advice needed!

    I have a Paperwhite MM and I really like it, I got mine from Amazaon.ca
  2. Where The World Ends

    Looks like a good one MM - I read about the guga hunt in one of Peter May's books, different time period though but a good read nevertheless.
  3. what is everyone doing?

    You know how your body reacts and if getting up and even just pottering around helps offset a migraine then that's definitely the sensible thing to do Meg. We all have ways of coping with annoying episodes and know what works best. Hope you are feeling much better now and hope that the vertigo has vanished. I really hate dizziness almost more than pain, it just gives you the horrible feeling that you are not in control, so stay well.
  4. what is everyone doing?

    Meg & Luna, sorry that illness has put a cramp in your day, hope that your father feels better tomorrow Luna. Meg, you may have been going at it too hard in the garden and although you want to make sure everything gets attended to as it becomes ready, you should maybe take a day off to yourself, and maybe coddle yourself a little, feeling rotten and getting up to do the laundry etc. is above and beyond. Congrats to itsmeagain for the energy and fortitude to do the 5 K treadmill run. The only time I've been on a treadmill was years ago when being tested at the cardiologist's office, fortunately it wasn't a long test! - and I passed. When I look back to the time when I could spend all afternoon on the tennis court I'm filled with wonderment. Where did all that energy go? Now I need to use my walker if I'm going any distance. Thank goodness for television tennis tournaments!
  5. what is everyone doing?

    Was thinking of you Meg today when I looked up a simple recipe for zucchini (courgette) and I found one I can't mess up. Slice up zucchini, spread Parmesan cheese on slices, then roast on a baking sheet in the oven. Sounds like a nice snack. Spoke too soon, left off the tossing of slices in olive oil prior to sprinkling Parmesan.
  6. Have a Rant!

    Good for you iff, you're a young man and need your teeth in good shape for many years to come, they work a lot better than the commercial ones!
  7. Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to itsmeagain and muggle, look forward to reading your posts.
  8. Introduce Yourself

    Hello Onion Budgie, love the name, hope you enjoy BGO. I'm working my way through late 1930's WWII books, stories of how the folk survived in the poorer parts of Liverpool and also London, also like crime and mystery but was a bit overloaded with it for a while so am taking some time off. Also it's tennis watching season and that take up a lot of telly time.
  9. what is everyone doing?

    Your garden does you proud Meg, even though you have to battle the winds and having to exercise your engineering skills to make sure all stays in place. Must take a lot of time and energy but worth it I'm sure. Have had a couple of really nice visits from son Neil, with wife Denise and their son Conlan. They holidayed in Florida then spent 5 days here in Ontario, they leave tomorrow to go back home to Yelllowknife. They all look well and are hoping that Conlan, who has autism, will be able to maybe get part time work in a maintenance job once he leaves the school surroundings. He's a big strong lad and is very precise when given instructions on how to look after anything,. I just hope the part time job works out for him. Neil takes him swimming each evening and they also go bowling, I think he's probably doing better than Neil with the bowling. They both keep Conlan occupied and during the short summer in Yellowknife he waters the community gardens and has a friend taking over for him while he is on holiday. Both the girls will be coming East in the Autumn to study at York University, Alannis for her Masters and Alysson for a drama related course which is a bit shorter than the one Alannis will be doing. Kyle is working on a project with his professor and the findings are to be published once the experiment is concluded. He described it to me on Facebook but it was well beyond my understanding of physics. We have had quite a bit of unsettled weather, heavy rain then bright sunshine and the flowers enjoy the rain, the young man who does the upkeep for my little flower gardens is doing a lovely job, they never looked anything like this when I was able to work with them myself.
  10. what is everyone doing?

    Glad that you are having success with your garden in spite of the wind, Meg. You are well on your way with winter veggy preparation. We are enjoying our tomatoes, they are great in sandwiches and even just to eat like an apple although some animal has been biting chunks out of some of them. May be the rabbits, they are already enjoying some petals off some flowers. They nibbled all the new growth off a vine and killed it. We used to think them cute but they are getting to be a nuisance. My weed man has been keeping the two small front gardens looking nice, he does a good job, he comes about once a month and while it was so dry and hot the flowers didn't grow too much but we're getting lots of rain lately so all looks perky and fresh.
  11. Have a Rant!

    Meg, It's good to know other people have similar problems and how they deal with them. I'm quite happy without my partials in and often forget I have them. I'll have to have them re-aligned if I want to use them in a social setting, something to think about. I must admit they are not comfortable to eat with and on occasion I'v furtively removed them hoping no one notices. I have a feeling that I won't be in a hurry to get them fixed.
  12. Have a Rant!

    Teeth can pose unexpected problems, hope yours are soon solved Iff. I have tooth problems in that I really dislike wearing my partial upper set as I abhor the sticky you have to use to keep the darn thing in place, getting rid of the sticky once the partial is removed is a real nuisance so subsequently unless going out in company I don't use it. The upshot of this is that used infrequently the teeth around the space move so that yesterday when needed it didn't fit! So off to the optometrist minus some teeth. Now have to go back to the denture fixer and confess and get the partial re-aligned. Thankfully all was well at the optometrist, no need for stronger glasses and it's four years since I had them checked so that was a plus. Must be following my Granny's example. She had a full set of false teeth kept in her top drawer and they never saw the light of day.
  13. what is everyone doing?

    Binker, very sorry to hear about Kenn's cancer, I hope the treatments are going well, lots of well wishes for him and all the family.
  14. what is everyone doing?

    Binker, I just checked and you are not on my list for some reason so I hope you accept my request as we certainly are friends.
  15. what is everyone doing?

    No, you haven't been hacked, that was me, your name came up on one of these 'request a friend' inserts and I thought we were friends already but didn't go in and check so did the request rather than delete as I wasn't positive. Let me check to make sure and I'll get back to you.