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  1. Have a Rant!

    We now have two Rhodes but they are very small, more the size of a house plant. I spoke with one of the gardeners and she has had quite good success with her present one but lost a previous one. She has to wrap it in burlap for the winter because of the cold we get. May just leave it in the container for now as it really doesn't look like the rhododendrons I have seen back in the UK. It's by way of being an experiment to see if we can keep it alive. I have the Internet instructions for planting if we decide to move it. The lavender which I potted in vermiculite may or may not grow, the seeds were like ground pepper, very tiny, will be interesting to see if they germinate. I love the scent of lavender. The heather he brought home looks healthy, we don't have a problem with it. All we need now is to locate our watering cans which we think are in the shed.🙄
  2. Have a Rant!

    Not a rant, more of a depressing complaint. Seems like each day I wake up and think, please God, no problems today please. Since Dave was in hospital I find myself on edge that no further episodes arrive and now that Sheila is back at work I'm nervous that the medicine is now capable of preventing more seizure activity. Each time the neurologist has to adjust the doseage I pray that this time it's sufficient to do the job. The only time I can escape the thinking is if my book takes me away. Thank the Lord for books. Also find a bit of homesickness creeps in and today when I saw a nursery ad for rhododendrons, which are really difficult to grow in our region I thought I'd give it another try, they grow so well in the UK, and just to really get in the spirit I'll get some purple heather. Amazing how yearning for how things used to be pops up in troubling times. And the terrible fire in Notre Dame added a lot of sadness, hopefully as work to rebuild starts the mood in Paris will pick up greatly, such a marvellous structure which to this point has stood the test of time.
  3. Thanks iff for the link, interesting how it is all set up.
  4. Thanks Meg, does the award granter pick out who he wants to judge the entries?
  5. Any Human Heart

    Thanks Viccie, will probably give it a go, it's sitting on the window sill near my chair.😊
  6. Any Human Heart

    Thanks Meg, article was interesting, lots of research by William Boyd to bring his book to fruition.
  7. What makes a makes a book worthy of any of the various awards, is it content, readability, interesting to those who read only 'good' books, is it subject matter, characters, does it have an interesting layout, cover, and whatever else - who nominates the books to be considered???
  8. Any Human Heart

    Was looking for a review of this book and couldn't find it. I think maybe even the discussion of it was lost in the great crash. Just recently acquired the book and my question is - is it fiction by William Boyd written around the writing of Mountstuart? I just scanned the Preamble to the Journals of the book about where Mountstuart was born etc. and when I looked at the beginning of the journals I wasn't sure I wanted to read it, right off Catholic vs Protestant and English Public School jargon, however, looking forward to being set straight by anyone who has read the book.😊
  9. Loved this book, Rhys Bowen's writing just flows, it's at the time of WW1 and a posh family are grieving for the young son who was killed almost instantly over in France. The mother is very much a person who believes that everything should be done properly and is wanting to see her daughter, Emily, make her way into society properly although it doesn't happen because of the war. Emily meets a young airman from the nearby home which has been turned into a convalescent hospital and they become close. Mother finds he and his fellow Australians quite crude and not at all what she wants for her daughter, she manages to have him transferred to a hospital in Plymouth. Emily meanwhile is scheming to get away to do volunteer work and as soon as she is 21 off she goes, volunteers for the Land Army and wangles a posting near Plymouth. The romance continues from there with many twists and turns, never a dull moment. Had trouble putting the book down last night and finished it today. A well told tale. Have read other books by Ms. Bowen and enjoyed them all.
  10. what is everyone doing?

    Sorry for your loss Tag, don't know what I'd do without my Kindle, it just doesn't bear thinking about but you seem to have solved your problem.
  11. what is everyone doing?

    Really like the pattern and colours of your quilt Luna.
  12. what is everyone doing?

    Sounds like the norm for any time you wish to do anything different with the various providers. When someone calls us and offers great things if we change from our present provider I always say to Dave that I'd prefer to keep what we have rather than have to change from the company which provides our tv, telephone and internet. The brief advantage of less cost would be cancelled out by the frustration of all the change in tv channels, different telephone service and computer server. .
  13. Have a Rant!

    So sorry that everything seems in a mess over there, surely there is someone who can step up to the plate and fix the mess! Must be very worrying for all of you. No deal sounds as though it will have serious consequences for the British economy.🤔 On another note, love the colour combination in your quilt Luna.
  14. Have a Rant!

    I read in the daily paper about the Brexit mess, one of those situations where you don't know what's going to happen next. I hope there is some kind of resolution which won't leave the UK in a fix.
  15. Have a Rant!

    PSS - daughter just told me her employer wants her to take some getting better time. Thank goodness!