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  1. what is everyone doing?

    Thanks for your kind words Meg and Luna, and Binker it's sad when a friend dies even if you only see them occasionally. I was shocked and saddened about Barbara and equally shocked when I had phoned Bill back when he had left a message on the answering machine in response to my previous attemp to get in touch. He left a long message and never mentioned Barbara. Then I called again to ask how Barbara was doing, I know she was reluctant to talk on the phone because of a bit of memory loss, and was stunned to hear that she had died in February. Others in the group had already passed away so there was no way for me to get the news other than from Bill and I guess he thought I would somehow know. Our former church youth group is low in numbers now. Meg's quote in her message is really apt. I had watched Barbara Bush's funeral yesterday afternoon and thought it was beautifully orchestrated with the music, the readings and the tributes and some of the light hearted moments. She had a good long and busy life.
  2. what is everyone doing?

    You lucky people Meg and Tag - already way ahead of us in the garden although our neighbour who looks after our lawn and any outside chores was over today and dug up a bed in the back yard so that Dave will have a place to plant his tomato plants. Dave also has chrysanthemums started, he started a whole package and if those get planted there won't be a lot of room for much else. Had a sad telephone conversation today with a friend in Vancouver, about eight of us all got married in the same year and I keep in touch every couple of months with Barb and Bill and in speaking to him today I asked about Barbara as she was having trouble with her memory and didn't want to talk much on the phone. He shocked me by saying she died in February and I had no idea. He is confined to a wheelchair so is not too well himself. She had the greatest laugh - can still picture her and can't believe she's gone....
  3. what is everyone doing?

    Nice that you are getting out in the garden Meg. Don't overdo it or you will have to rest up to recover. We have bright sunshine today but still a wee bit chilly. At least all the snow has melted off the flower beds and the bulb shoots have come through unscathed. Will be interesting to see them in bloom as we had them planted for us and I let the gardener plant them at will, just told him what flowers I liked. I fear the squirrels may have had a go at the tulip bulbs they could reach through the netting but time will tell.
  4. Rest in Peace

    Spunky lady Barbara Bush - lived a long life. Understand what you mean about the news Binker, just heard that Guiliani is joining the Trump legal team, all the shysters in the one group. I still watch the headlines and I have read A Higher Loyalty, interesting, but not anything that hasn't been kicking around for a while.
  5. what is everyone doing?

    It's funny to hear about the heat when I'm looking out the window at patches of snow. I get the feeling that Spring will never get here. Dave has all sorts of seeds started on a shelf downstairs, he's anxious to get out into the garden but I'm afraid he isn't physically fit to do much gardening, maybe our neighbour will help.
  6. Have a Rant!

    That's awful iff, there are some very nasty people around, thankfully he will recover physically but I'm sure his nerves will be on edge for a long time!
  7. what is everyone doing?

    Thanks Meg, only remembered the first few words about stopping the clocks. Didn't know what the poem was called.
  8. what is everyone doing?

    Thanks for the information Heather. I did access the site that jfp suggested and bookmarked it for further use. Will have a look at Houseman, don't know that I've read any by him. I did like the poem recited at the funeral in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, the poet's name escapes me at the moment but is easily found. 😊
  9. Currently Reading

    Spent a pleasant evening reading a pleasant (nice) book. Goodnight From London by Jennifer Robson. Nothing startling but easy reading - in 1940 a young woman working for an American magazine is asked if she would like to go to London and write from her perspective what she encounters there. It's a joint venture between two editors who will split the cost of her employment. It's an exciting prospect for the young talented writer who paints a picture of London and of parts of England for those who have never lived there. It takes in the blitz and all its attendant agony and the rationing and the overnight stays in the shelters but all the time the friendliness and love which surrounds this young woman, while maybe a little unrealistic, produces a 'nice' story even taking into account that not all goes well all the time. It's quite a escape from the usual thriller type books I read and although I haven't finished reading it I'm sure the good feeling will continue.
  10. Poetic Wanderings

    Reading all this poetry I wonder how many books you must have to get such a variety of poets and verse - maybe you could give me some pointers. I have one which I bought within the last year called 100 of The Greatest Poems of the 20th Century, haven't made my way through it yet, seem to be more interested in fiction but feel I'm probably missing out on a lot of good poetry.
  11. what is everyone doing?

    A bit of a sad weekend, the Humboldt Broncos hockey team tragic accident on the way to a hockey game really hit hard, young men from the ages between 17 and 21, 10 of them killed when their bus was struck by a large tractor trailer, also their head coach killed and other members of the staff - a vigil was held for them on Sunday night and televised on CBC, their whole community in Saskatchewan is in mourning. I don't know how the parents, family and friends are coping, just hope that the outpouring of support from all across Canada will provide some comfort. The rest of the team is recovering in hospital - one young man was released yesterday. Life is strange.
  12. Poetic Wanderings

    Another favourite jfp - my book of Robert Frost poems sits by my computer - near at hand, well thumbed. Snowy Evening is a favourite, somehow makes me think of little comfy cottages, warm fireplaces, a more uncomplicated life. Yearning for a way of life which is all in my head and not too realistic.
  13. what is everyone doing?

    Yes, Hazel I don't click on the links as I'm afraid that they will gift me with a virus so I just delete them. A couple of really odd ones came in with no address or anything on and they were Sex ads to come and join them, I suppose they just throw those out and hope someone is interested, I chased those away and haven't heard anything since. There are a lot of strange people playing around on the web these days so it's up to each of us to be wary.
  14. what is everyone doing?

    Found another one but will not send the link as it may be dangerous to a computer: Fw. to Maureen McKee Luna Moonchild (l_venterosa@massbay.edu) Add contact And this is the extent of my searching, hopefully it all just goes away and although I haven't changed my e-mail recently I have changed my password on FB.
  15. what is everyone doing?

    Found the latest one and it is set out at the beginning thus: Re: to Maureen McKee (luna.moonchild177@sieterimpianti.it) add contact It does not let me reply by clicking on it on my e-mail but it asked me to add it as a contact which of course I didn't. The one from Kevin was set out differently and it had a Fwd. designation to Maureen McKee