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  1. Hello Luna and mm, feeling quite well all except for painful knees which I hurt when I fell, so I'm kind of creepitng around a bit,, however, the knees should get better gradually. Thank you for your concern. Weather improving which makes the world seem brighter.
  2. Had a bit of an episode last weekend where I became dizzy and was leaning on a big chair while the dizziness passed, then thought maybe I should slide down and sit on the floor, tried that but actually fell down pulling the chair with me. Lying there still dizzy taking stock of how I feel, breathing ok, hands and feet o.k. but knees pulled back at tight angle when I fall so pain there. Hubby and daughter arrived home with me stretched out on the floor, asked daughter to phone for an ambulance, spent three nights in hospital hooked up to a heart monitor, possible some heart involvement, lots of blood work taken, pills given, didn't feel too bad, really wanted to go home but cardiologist wanted me to stay for three nights. Was discharged on Monday and a follow up for this coming Thursday with the Hospital Heart Clinic, meanwhile I feel fine and am taking all the pills they prescribed. A bit of trouble walking now as legs are painful but nothing too bad. Had the chair lift company in yesterday assessing the one flight of stairs for a chair lift, it will be installed next week. It will be good for both of us, Dave is very slow on the stairs and I hurt both my knees when I fell so it will be a help. Our son feels we should be in a house with the one main level but the idea of having to move house is too horrendous to contemplate, 60 odd years of 'stuff' and furnishings to move would be more than we could handle but the chair lift will certainly help. Will see how that works out. That's my sad tale for this week.
  3. Congratulations iff, hope you really enjoy your new home, wishing you many years of happiness in it.
  4. Have had this book on my Kindle for some time now and hadn't read it. It is 1940 and a young female journalist , not long on the job at a New York newspaper, is given the chance to move to a small London weekly by arrangement of her editor who is a friend of an editor in London who has had his staff reduced to three writers because of the war. She had not long been with the newspaper but her enthusiasm for the small assignments she had been given attracted the notice of her boss who felt that she might work out well for his London friend and her salary would be shared by both newspapers. It's not ofen I am brought to tears when reading a book but reading about her going to Coventry and seeing the damage to the beautiful cathedral and attending the mass burial of the people killed in the devastating raid was terribly saddening. The story continues with the nightly raids and hardships she has to endure, together of course with the rest of the Londoners and I found it a bit gruelling as I'm sure it was in reality for the people of those times. I had been thinking a lot of tomorrow's D Day 's commemmorations and the gallantry and sacrifice of those involved in that huge military operation. And still there is fighting and blood shed in different parts of the world. Will we ever know total peace? This is not really a review of the book but more like thoughts provoked by its contents. It certainly aroused a lot of emotion in me.
  5. momac

    Have a Rant!

    I am so pleased with my newly planted flower gardens, Dan has made a lovely job of the planting and it's a lovely mix of colours. Makes me smile just to look at them.
  6. momac

    Have a Rant!

    Just spotted the gardener putting in some petunias and rushed out to get the name of the flower, it's called butterfly gaura, apparently comes in different colours.
  7. momac

    Have a Rant!

    Meg, it wasn't that name as I have seen those flowers before and know the name, will do some investigating and let you know, it's quite a delicate and almost feathery looking flower.
  8. momac

    Have a Rant!

    Finally hubby met with our usual contractor who will fix half the decking which needs fixing and some other items around the deck all for the sum of $1'000.00 - and that all came about by Dave attempting to do it himself, he seems pleased so I am glad that's settled and I didn't have to get involved. It's only money.😏 So all should be quieter for a while. My flower planter was here today and put in two shades of geraniums, blue salvia and a nice taller white flower whose name is unknown to me, there will be some added bunch petunias and alyssum along the edges. Must try to get him to spell the name of the flower, have been told twice and didn't catch it either time. It's quite a delicate looking flower so I'll look through the gardening book to see if I can identify it.
  9. Hello Rashel and welcome to BGO, hope you enjoy the forum.
  10. Another thing I have discovered that after reading mostly mysteries, thrillers and police stories, I now find I don't have the wherewithal to read about mad killers and kidnapped young girls. I still read certain authors when they write a new book as I know there isn't going to be anything really horrifying in them but my appetite for the more gory ones seems to have departed. I still don't care much for romances unless they are managed without a lot of the salacious content. This is kind of strange because I read Reeman's books and you can't fight a war without casualties and at sea there are a lot of those but it doesn't have the same horror for me as someone who is plotting to kill and dismember another human being through evil intent. And he does have a beautiful woman in most of his stories.
  11. Thought this was probably the correct location for this post. I am enjoying re-reading the Douglas Reeman books stored in my Kindle archives. It's amazing how much of the stories seems unfamiliar, which is fine because it makes it like reading a new book. Maybe a gift of the Golden years.🤔
  12. I took a Creative Writing course many years ago but it wasn't online. A professor from the university was giving it in the evening. I really enjoyed it and had fun writing stories on a subject. It never went any further than that. I enjoy reading but am afraid I have never really had the desire to write anything myself and admire those that have the talent.
  13. momac

    Have a Rant!

    Upshot of project, hubby will ask for quote from contractor to remove decking and replace with concrete slabs. Does not want to deal with decking and is not fit enough to replace same, sounds to me like an expensive undertaking but if that's the route he wants to go then he can talk it over with the contractor. Not getting involved. 😊
  14. momac

    Have a Rant!

    Thanks Luna, project stalled right now and not sure what he is going to do, his Skilsaw, which was fairly old, gave up the ghost and getting a new one for the the amount of work required is not being considered, may get some assistance to finish the project, so we'll see what happens.
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