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  1. Had a lovely visit from Neil and Denise yesterday, they are here to pick up our car to take it back to Yellowknife, about a 5 day road trip. They are renting a U-haul trailer to transport the furniture Dave has made for them during their marriage, a china cabinet, a Deacon’s bench, and the Grandfather clock which Neil really wants. Dave made the case and bought the inner workings. I wish we lived closer but it’s great to see them twice in the one year. This road trip coincides with their 25 year anniversary.
  2. Well, that was a bit of a surprise, should have done a bit more research before starting this. It’s a horror story and I don’t like being creeped out, so I will skip this one and move on. 😲
  3. Not a review, just to say I read many of Ms. Siddons’ books years ago and thought I’d go back and see if I enjoyed them as much. Sort of stalled on the Mrs. Binchy’s book and was looking for authors I have enjoyed in the past. Will report on progress.
  4. Was just thinking about about pluviophile, did I get that right. Luna, one of my favourite things during autumn and winter is the sound of rain on the awning over the living room window. So I guess I’m a rain lover too in certain settings.
  5. Good to hear from you Luna, Madeleine and Meg. Hope your gardening is successful in spite of the varying climates, Madeleine and Meg. We have been enjoying our first batch of tomatoes because of the hot weather, home grown tastes so good. As to reading, I have had trouble settling down to read, depression and anxiety aren’t Too far away unfortunately luckily not all the time. Have been going for short walks in the morning around 7 am when it’s cool and then I sit at the front door and enjoy the scent of the petunias in the front garden. I wanted something chatty and uninvolved so I’m reading a Maeve Binchy book and enjoying it. I spend a lot of time alone as Dave sleeps so much and has had a bit of a personality change, complains a lot. He says he should be able to do what he wants at his age, unfortunately his physical condition is not great. So we carry on and do the best we can, some days good others not as well. Sorry about this being a downer, will try to be more cheery next time. 🙁
  6. Hello to all and hoping you are enjoying the summer weather. I have been out doing short walks in the morning using my walker to try and get back in better shape. Having physio on a strained shoulder muscle through bending over using IPad, try to limit my Facebook visits - also have new IPad where a nice man comes on to find what I'm looking for and Dave asks who I’m talking to.😊
  7. Thanks Madeleine, Dave has decided not to drive anymore, is worried that maybe his fall in the department store was caused by him fainting. Our son will fly from Yellowknife to here, which will be nice as it was a short visit a week ago, then drive back and the car can be used by our grandaughter who is busily practising for her driver’s licence. Many changes in a short time period,
  8. Change of plans for us, no house move, couple of things to consider, Dave had a nasty fall in a department store last Monday and spent time in the hospital getting abrasions bandaged, he had no memory of the fall, now feeling weak and not able to handle a move plus I still get the odd dizzy spell, brought on by tension, so better we stay put. Good news was the visit from our Yellowknife family, lovely to see them, wish they lived nearer.
  9. Looked like a lot of fun from the picture on a Facebook!
  10. What kind of poetry are you reading Luna? Meg, I'm glad you enjoyed your outing and sitting down is good, nice to be with family.
  11. Hello Meg, you are a bundle of energy to do all you did on your outing, good for you, keeps you young, although maybe a wee bit tired. Thanks to all for the encouraging response about moving, still very much in the thinking stage and waiting to see what the retirement places offer, lots to think about. Thanks Binker about the assistance in moving contents, seems as though several people have made use of the service and we probably will too. Hello Luna, hope all is well at your house. So much to ponder, will leave it all to another day!
  12. Just popping in briefly to say hello and that I'm hopefully on the mend from attacks of vertigo, on medicine for it. Not pleasant. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We have decided to sell the house and hopefully find a retirement residence which Dave is comfortable with, he really doesn't want to move but better we move while we still can rather than wait until one of us is not available through illness or whatever! The idea of getting rid of years of accumulated china, furniture, and loads of other stuff we never seem to get around to disposing of is mind boggling. Maybe there are people you can hire who will assist.
  13. A big thank you to all with kind words of encouragement, it really helps. The chair lift which Dave is using works really well, up and down stairs in a fragment of the time it used to take. Haven't used it myself, not too keen on the moment of moving machinery. Meg, have been thinking of you today and hoping that your medications and treatment will have you back fighting fit soon. I spent some time on the internet finding out what the heck I'm taking, will go next week to the family doctor to see if he agrees with the hospital docs. hot and humid here, all windows open, summer has come at last I think. Happy reading to all, enjoy the better weather.
  14. Sorry for your problems Meg, hope better soon.. Also just home from hospital, today,another vertigo attack, horrible, all sorts of tests on head, fortunately no nasties uncovered, several docs seem to have their say, diagnosis by committee! Anyway worst thing was the cramps in my legs which had me yelling for someone to massage my legs, if that is what the tennis players get I feel sorry for them. Weak on walking right now but onward and upward. Good that you are excused from housework Meg, will be really helpful for you. We'll console each other, hospital food is yucky, they should be sentenced to partake of it themselves for a year, I was fortunate in that I was feeling too sick to eat much of anything. Better days ahead Meg! Chin up. 😊
  15. Hello Luna and mm, feeling quite well all except for painful knees which I hurt when I fell, so I'm kind of creepitng around a bit,, however, the knees should get better gradually. Thank you for your concern. Weather improving which makes the world seem brighter.
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