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  1. The authors below are some that write similar books to those of Lyn Andrews Dilly Court, Anne Jacobs, Jean Fullerton, Lynda Page, June Tate, Anne King, Annie Murray, Pamela Evans, Anne Baker, Soraya M. Lane, (good writer, maybe a bit different from the rest) , Anne Groves, Rita Bradshaw A mixture of 20's and 30's saga type stories, not mind benders but easy reading. Popular amongst women who enjoy reading as entertainment and facts about how it used to be in that period of time. Meg, would you please put this post where it should be.
  2. Have a Rant!

    Viccie, so sorry to hear of your troubles and glad that you have an out by taking the dogs for a walk. I don't have that option right now about walking, we have ice and snow covered streets, would work in good weather to go for a walk, and I have to use a wheeled walker. It just seems to be the latest hospital visit which has him all upset as he needs to stay on a salt reduced diet to keep him on an even keel and he tends to get the rants late at night about not being able to eat what he wants when he wants. He has a failing heart and has an installed pacemaker and defibrilator so his life expectancy is a bit iffy. So he certainly has lots to be mad about, however, I would like to have him around for a while yet and I'm no spring chicken either but he gets angry if I try to curtail his eating. So I escape into reading.
  3. Far from Home by Lyn Andrews This post is not specifically about this book or the writer but about a whole series of English female authors who may appeal to the average housewife, some are romances and others are not necessarily romance but fiction centred around the 1920's or early 1900's. The one I'm reading, noted above, is about an Irish family, not wealthy but comfortable. He's the district's farrier, has three young daughters, and is widowed. The oldest girl is sixteen and keeps the family and household running smoothly until her father decides to remarry, hoping for a son. The daughters are shocked and the custom is for the new wife to move in and the daughters placed with relatives. The twists and turns carry on from there and there's never a dull moment. I'll put together a list of the writers for anyone who might be interested. It also gets into ones about families who are barely surviving with little income but manage with community help to survive. Quite a bit different from more recent books which don't deal with the abject poverty experienced when times were tough during the depression and WWII. There are many women authors write about the same period and appear to be very popular. The books I have read have almost without exception been well written and give an interesting look into recent history without being tedious.
  4. Have a Rant!

    Yes, having to repeat information can be annoying but I think forgetfulness may be a part of the getting older situation. If hubby is going out somewhere and is going to pick up an item I always put it in clear note form now so there is no chance of forgetting verbal instructions. I find myself that I will go upstairs for an item but in the meantime see something that needs attention then will come back downstairs without the item I went up for. Doesn't stop me from saying "I just told you that this morning" though.
  5. Have a Rant!

    I do worry a lot about our daughter as she is a nice natured woman but is quite naive and much like her Dad in that she hesitates to challenge anyone when they say something she may disagree with (not so with me, she has no trouble disagreeing with me quite volubly) but she is more inclined to be polite rather than assertive. I think she's probably getting better at stating her case as she is getting really fed up with the doctors not getting the medical problem sorted. Today her doctor phoned her and is adding another drug to that which she is already taking as maybe the one isn't adequate to completely block the siezure. It's awful to think that she was seizure free for over 30 years and then the upset over losing her Westie after 18 years together seemed to trigger something. He was her constant companion and slept on her bed at night. She had to make the decision to euthanize him as he was blind and deaf and his legs wouldn't hold him, he was a sad looking little dog and we all miss him. Hopefully the new drug will do the trick as she can't go back to work until she is cleared by the doctor. I do really need to have a Power of Attorney for health care for Sheila as she lives with us and if she's not able to give the medical staff direction I need the authorization. Dave has one for me and I have one for him. The nurses in the local hospital are not allowed to give out any information about a patient even if they have the information on the chart, only the doctor is allowed to do that so asking for information from a nurse is a non-starter at our hospital. I guess at some point the wrong information has been given out and the hospital has been sued. That was why I was trying to relay information to the doctor but that was not allowed either. As to hubby being difficult, am working on trying to be less irritated with him, which is a big challenge for me, but I'm trying! He doesn't like reading instructions, just wants someone else to tell him what it says, and quite often doesn't remember what he's told, so the memory is part of the problem. There is a booklet provided by the after care of patients which he was supposed to read and he finally got around to telling me that there were things in the book he didn't know about. I think maybe he is starting to take notice and was looking up sodium free frozen meals on the Internet so things will get better I think. Getting older is quite a challenge for those of us who are experiencing what are supposed to be our golden years.
  6. what is everyone doing?

    So sorry Meg that you are having a rough time, I hope that you get to feel a lot better soon, pardon the bold type, doesn't seem to want to go back to unbold so will have to go with what's there. It is difficult to feel positive when you feel rotten and I understand the feeling of irritation when you just don't feel right. I can sympathize with that although the shoe is on the other foot here, with hubby getting frustrated because he wants to be back to feeling the way he used to feel and becomes difficult to deal with. I have a chronic back problem which limits me and I get cranky when I have trouble reaching up into cupboards for an item which is just out of my reach and a lot of times I have to sit down to do meal preparation, it would be lovely to have a servant! Lets hope that as the nicer Spring weather arrives health matters begin to get a bit easier to deal with. Lots of rest Meg and lots of reading and good wishes that your health picks up soon.
  7. Have a Rant!

    How to post this without sounding like a harridan? Husband is at home but not able to be very active although he can still drive the car. Thr problem is that he was in hospital for congestive heart failure and had to have lots of fluid drawn off so that the heart was able to pump efficiently. He has been told that he must cut down drastically on salt and has a hard time understanding that every prepared food or canned food, with the exception of fruit, has a sodium content. Can't understand that he can't eat what he wants when he wants and gets upset with me when I try to keep him on track. I really do not want to be the food police so it leads to unpleasant exchanges. Daughter has been hospitalized three times in the last six months for what looks like mini seizures although now there is some doubt about it having to do with epilepsy as her scans appear normal. She gets a sharp pain in her arm then her hand goes numb and she falls down, is groggy for a couple of minutes then seems fine. I was trying to get some answers from the Emergency nurses with no luck, kept telling me she's an adult and can look after herself. They instructed her to phone me to tell me to stop calling - I had called twice - trying to get info from the doctor. This led to my banishment from further calling. The doctor discharged her at 2:00 am and she came home by taxi - she is to check the numbness and collapsing with her family doctor. Are there no doctors in the ER who could investigate what was causing her condition, isn't that why people check into a hospital? The nurse who spoke to me was less than reassuring, just the dumb public and how dare they question her. Now she is at home and will try to get a qick appointment as she cannot work if she's in danger of further attacks. Need to find out what is causing these attacks and get them attended to. So I'm not too popular at home being the worrywart making sure that all is being taken care of. If I hear an exasperated Oh Mum one more time I may just say 'to heck with this, just do what you want and leave me in peace'.
  8. what is everyone doing?

    What an exciting trip you have planned, will brighten your winter weather although you maybe don't have depressing days in Dallas. We are still icy and slushy and cold. Seems to me I used to enjoy winter but now not so much. Hope you have a great time in Istanbul.
  9. what is everyone doing?

    Hi iff, he's moving very slowly but managing with a walking stick indoors. Physio man said he has to get moving around more to strengthen the leg muscles. I'm having to pay lots of attention to his food, salt is to be cut drastically, fruit and veggies good, canned food or store prepared food not good. His diagnonis was suspected heart failure that's why he had to have lots of fluid drained in hospital. It's unfortunate that I'm not an enthusiastic cook, however, just have to get used to it. Thanks for good wishes.
  10. what is everyone doing?

    Dave is home from the hospital today now cozily sleeping in his afternoon nap bed, he was a bit shaky on his legs but after 9 days in the hospital and not allowed to walk unless a nurse was around to help him he's a bit wobbly but he'll soon get around a bit more. We are currently having a bit of a wild snowstorm and it's really cold but then it's winter, will make us appreciate Spring more. Our neighbour, Mike, whose wife is in the same hospital and still there, has been a tower of strength for me, taking me down there when he goes and bringing me home when he leaves. He brought Dave home today and used our car as it has higher seats and easier for us oldsters to get in and out of. I can't say enough about how kind he has been to us. I hope his wife gets home soon too although she has been really quite ill but is getting good attention, her doctors seem very competent. Thanks to all for kind words and wishes.
  11. what is everyone doing?

    Thanks for your response Madeleine, Dave may be home tomorrow then we can see how he manages the stairs. Just ordered A Moment in Time by H.E. Bates after seeing Luna's post on The Jacaranda Tree.
  12. The Jacaranda Tree

    Have read this and loved it - should have a look at more of Bates' work.
  13. what is everyone doing?

    Dave looking a bit brighter today, he was happy he was allowed to have a shower, amazing how much better a shower makes you feel. It was heart failure they were treating hm for, the fluid building up in his body, particularly his lungs, causing him to wheeze; the doctor at the walk-in clinic told him right away he had to head to the hospital and would have to go by ambulance and not to drive there. The fluid was too much for the heart to pump easily so they were injecting him with medicine to drain away the fluid. Now they are assessing him for his mobility and other things. We are in line for home help when he is discharged because of his lack of mobility and there is quite a long list of people we can call on for 60 days for help on various things, covered by our medical plan, and after that if we still need help there is another association which is for a greater area encompassing Burlington and surrounds which steps in. I'm thinking that we could change the small back bedroom into a sitting room for him with tv and easy chair etc. so that he could move around fairly freely all on the one level. We have a four level home and the bedroom would be accessible to the bathroom, shower, the main bedroom, the computer room and the 'hold all' room where we have some plants started on a table by the window. That would save him from climbing the stairs all the time - anyway we will have to see what he wants to do. Even if he only needed to come down two or three times for meals it would save him a lot of stair climbing. Maybe get him home in the next day or two. It certainly is a life changing event in our house for which we will have to make major adjustments. Sorry for the long medical explanation, kind of helps me to put it in writing and to get it straightened out in my thinking.
  14. what is everyone doing?

    Thank you brightphoebus for your message, just found out hubby has been transferred to a ward which means he's not getting home today, at least he will have a hospital phone I can keep in contact with him, cell phone wouldn't work. Will now have to find out how to get to where he is, massive renovations just completed recently at the hospital - also need to be able to speak to the doctor at some point. Life gets complicated! Gave Charlie a hug from you, he doesn't know what's going on with Sheila and I coming and going and his Dad missing.
  15. what is everyone doing?

    Thank you Madeleine, hubby is off the oxygen today so his breathing has been o.k. Don't know if and when he will be o.k. to come home. Just have to wait and see what the doctor says. Hate being alone in the house when daughter is on afternoon shift, however, Charlie, our older dog keeps me company.