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  1. Hello Tag, good to see you back, you must be doing o.k. To work 9 hour days, stay safe and well. Have been reading a book by Rosie Harris, romance genre, but this one would qualify for humour, had me laughing out loud. ‘Mind of her Own’ - a recently widowed woman in her 70’s who wants to be independent and sets out to prove herself. Her neighbour, an elderly bachelor, is always offering to do the chores for her and she gets offended that he thinks she is not capable of doing them herself. Her first foray into independence is the back garden hedge which requires cutting so off to the shed to get the ladder and the electric trimmer. Of course it’s an old electric cord with some cracks and a rickety ladder and the inevitable happens. First trip to the hospital. Once up and about again she thinks she should brush up on her driving skills, the car, an old but once expensive car, driven only by her husband, is still in the garage. She has a Driver’s Licence but has rarely driven although she knows how to drive. Decides to take it for a spin, finds herself on the highway and feels fine and confident, moves over to the fast lane, hears a bump but car seems o.k. Has a near miss so thinks she would be safer in the slower lane. Flashing lights, it’s the police. Is questioned, does she know her muffler is lying in the road a mile or so back, can he see her licence (it’s in her purse at home), who are her insurers, no clue, her husband looked after all that. She goes from one catastrophe to another but never loses her confidence. The author must have had fun writing this book but she does bring in the responsible side of the woman, altogether an entertaining read. Sorry for the long post!
  2. Good to see your Barblue, hope all is well with you and yours. Hello to all, hope everyone is managing well during this unusual time. Stay safe. 💐
  3. We’ve suddenly heated up, yesterday was 31C and today promises to be similar. Had to rummage in my closet for pants lighter than the corduroy ones I put on in the morning. Turned on the air conditioning as it was up to 79 in the house, and we get all the afternoon sun in the big bay window. People flocked to the parks in Toronto on Saturday and Sunday disobeying the distance requirements, mostly young people who seem to think they are safe in the open air or figure the rules don’t apply to them. I hope it doesn’t cause a backlash. Hope you are all doing well. Hoping this horrible virus goes away soon. Stay safe everyone. Thank heavens for books!
  4. Glad to hear from you Luna, I hope that you and your father are managing to ride out the storm of this nasty virus. Can understand lack of concentration at a time like this. Something we haven’t had to deal with before. Hopefully it will get resolved in a positive fashion. Suddenly we have good weather, supposed to go to 25 C today which will be a nice change from the cool weather we have been having. The Spring bulbs are all withered now and the people to plant the annuals should be here next week. Stay well and enjoy your summer. I spotted an article on the Internet and thought of you - it was on the benefits of ‘forest bathing.😊
  5. Glad to hear that you and Mr. Meg are doing o.k. And also your family. Good news about new baby on the way although the job situation can be worrying. I had a laugh about your last sentence Meg. From being a man of few words hubby has found his voice and is exercising it frequently - he can complain as well as the next person and we’ve had some loud exchanges.😏 Weather has picked up and Dave has all the tomato plants planted. Looking forward to temps in the 20’s this weekend. Bought a honeysuckle to plant by the back fence replacing one that died off a couple of years ago. Stay well Meg, enjoy your garden. Hopefully you’ll be able to get out more in a couple of months when the virus goes away.
  6. Sorry to hear Meg that your family had some trouble with the wretched virus, hopefully it will go away in the near future. It is a depressing time but there are some areas opening up cautiously herem. I am hoping that the US/Canada border stays closed until the number of infections drop drastically in the States. Mr. Trump seems to have many disagreements with the medical experts but hope that sanity prevails. We here in Ontario have had quite cool weather and up until last week there was frost on the roofs in the morning. I’ve planted pansies in the barrel at the front door and they seem to be doing quite well, was a bit concerned about the cool temps but they seem quite hardy. Wishing all BGOers well, hope your family is doing o.k. Meg.
  7. Do you work in a winery Viccie? It’s good that you have an exclusive wood next door, so handy to escape into an area where you can enjoy the forest without it being busy with others. Sounds as though the district is well organized where you have to have your particulars noted on paper. Hope all goes well where you are and that we can all at some point defeat this horrible virus.
  8. Glad to hear that Meg and Luna are both managing to weather the virus storm, you both sound that you are coping and I certainly understand your problems with your father Luna. I get to the backdoor to let the dog out or a trip to the driveway with recycling or garbage chores but haven’t done any walking outside for a while. It has been a bit chilly but today the weatherman is predicting 19 C so a bit of warmer weather. I do chair exercises trying to get my knees feeling a bit less painful, they aren’t too bad just a bit achy at times. Thank goodness for books and Facebook. Dave goes to the store on his motorized scooter, the controls are on the handlebars and he has room for a box on the front. We have our big grocery shopping delivered. It’s a depressing time and hopefully we’ll all get through it safely. Wishing all BGO’ers all the best, stay safe.😊
  9. Looks like a polite way to greet people, consider me curtseying to all BGO ers, may you all get through this difficult time unscathed.😊
  10. Hello to all - just wondering how people are coping with this scary virus. Our son, daughter in law and grandson will be flying back home to Yellowknife tomorrow and they will be required to self isolate for 14 days as they were on vacation in the States for a week. It is Spring Break here for the schools and it has been extended to 3 weeks. All sorts of leagues and spectators events have been cancelled and people are being warned to stay out of crowds. A humorous situation has been happening at the grocery stores, people are stockpiling toilet paper for reasons known only to them as the illness involves the respiratory system not the digestive system.
  11. Got another strange message in my e-mail from a brendaOO wanting to start up a conversation, another hacker I think.
  12. Please accept my heartfelt condolences, Ragamuffin, I am absolutely shocked to read the news of Cherry Pie's way too soon passing. What an agonizing happening for you and your family. She was an enthusiastic person and I missed both of you so much when you were no longer on the forum. I realize that she had health problems but on Facebook she was always wonderfully enthusiastic about her church life and so excited being a grandmother. I liked the way she was so excited about tennis when her favourite Andy Murray was playing and I always think of her when I watch tennis. It must be heart rending for you and the family and my prayers are with you and also loving thoughts. It is so sad and I hope that you find the comfort and strength you need from friends and family. God bless you. Momac
  13. Hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas season and had a great New Year's Eve - back to 'aild clathes and porridge' now. I guess at the beginning of a new year, also a new decade, there might be the tendency to feel a bit nostalgic for times gone by. I’m reading a book set in 1940’s Liverpool, England just after WWII and the landlady of a pub near the docks is trying to get the customers to go home as she wants to listen to Valentine Dyall in the BBC program “The Man In Black on the wireless. Gosh, did that ever take me back, Mum and I used to listen to that each week, the program was popular and must have been on the radio for quite a while. Felt a bit of a tug at my heart, a bit of my childhood. The name of the program was Appointment with Fear. Most of you are probably a bit too young maybe to remember the program but Mum and I enjoyed our little dose of fear each week. 💀
  14. I got the message yesterday and was puzzled because it was sent under the banner headline of BGO but had a 'no reply' message at the top. It said there were two other people involved in the conversation. The way it was worded I thought maybe English was not the first language of the person posting.
  15. Is it possible that someone hacked into BGO as I got a message from a Miss Brenda wanting to have a conversation with me, sent in an ‘no return’ message under the BGO heading?
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