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  1. what is everyone doing?

    Thanks for your kind thoughts brightphoebus, Sheila is now back at work even with her black eye and swollen jaw. The extra Dilantin has stablized her but we're making sure that she takes as much rest as possible while at home. Another couple of weeks and I think she should be back to full energy. She has a doctor's appt. today so he will advise as needed. It is a worry when there is something amiss in the family but I'm sure we all just have to cope with trouble as best we can. Wishing you and Meg comforting thoughts to deal with family worries.
  2. It's always enjoyable to watch the birds at the feeder. I like Mr. And Mrs. Cardinal - they are never far away from each other. I'm told they mate for life. We have doves and two or three pigeons who clean up the scattered seed under the feeder helped along by the rabbit family.
  3. what is everyone doing?

    Meg, It must be a worry to all of you but hopefully the prognosis will be more positive than you might fear, I hope so. We had a wonderful visit from Neil and wife, they were attending a family wedding and kept it a secret to surprise us. It really cheered us all up happening just after Sheila's mishap. She's feeling better but is a bit dizzy, she hopes to be well enough to go back to work tomorrow. She has quite a shiner in her left eye but the bruising should fade quickly we hope. There's nothing like family to warm the heart.
  4. This blackbird here I think they call it a grackle is similar to the blackbird but a bit coarser, more of a squawk than a nice trill. The red winged blackbird may be different but they are not as common a sight as the grackles that nest in our tall cedar hedge in the Spring.
  5. what is everyone doing?

    Thanks Meg and Luna, Sheila is up but looking what my Granny would call peelywally. She has a black eye and the stitching at her hairline is quite prominent. She slept all day yesterday but has trouble feeling settled today, hopefully tomorrow will be better. That sleep epilepsy is the way Sheila's started when she was 16. I woke up hearing this strange groaning sound and when I went in to her bedroom I couldn't rouse her. She came to in the ambulance. It didn't develop into a large seizure until the one she had as an adult when they tried to switch her medication, that was 20 years ago and did not have another one until 2 days ago. Hoping for better days ahead.
  6. How nice to get a response to your whistle Clavain, getting in touch with nature is a great way to feel good. We have a couple of robins who have a charmed sound, and with mating season even the raucous blackbird does his best to sound welcoming to the ladies.
  7. what is everyone doing?

    Unhappy times at our house - Sheila, our daughter, had a seizure at work yesterday, fell and gashed her head and chin. We were at the hospital until about 10.30 last night when it was alright to bring her home. She hasn't had a seizure in 20 years and we think the shock of having to euthanize her 18 year old Westie may have brought it on. He was a really sick little dog, blind and deaf and trouble walking although he still managed to eat a bit of breakfast until the last day he wasn't interested and Sheila knew it was time for him to go. They ran tests on Sheila and everything was normal except her Dilantin level is low so the examining doctor phoned this morning for her to increase the number of pills she takes at night. She has slept for about seven hours today, she was just wiped out. Her driving licence is revoked and probably will take effect for maybe up to a year which will be an annoyance for her but we'll manage to get her where she needs to be and there are always taxis. Always something to deal with - she'll get the stitches out in about a week. Sorry for the not so cheery post but she will get better each day.
  8. what is everyone doing?

    Sorry your father is not too well Luna, perhaps with a bit cooler weather he'll feek better if there is a cooler spell in the forecast. Sounds like you got a lot done anyway but not as much fun as going out. Saw an item on Facebook referring to Forest Bathing. Didn't read the article but thought about you when I saw it. That's a good idea to use the big rhubard leaves for mulch Meg, they should do the job very well. You are fortunate to have managed this long without having your water metered. Our water useage is on our monthly hydro bill although I haven't really checked how much it costs as Dave usually does the bills. He doesn't seem to worry about it so maybe it isn't too onerous.
  9. what is everyone doing?

    Gardening on our minds - we asked our neighbour, who does our lawn, for a price on taking out three evergreen shrubs which had outgrown the narrow border garden which runs along the north side of the house and no sooner had we said o.k. to his price than they were quickly removed. Dave went and bought five more Hostas to go with the two already there and now there is a nice Hosta garden instead of the evergreen jungle. I remember when the grandkids were small and there was lots of snow on the ground they were playing a game which resulted in one of them being pushed into the middle of one of the young shrubs and almost flattening it - I had to get a rope to pull the branches back in together again and it has survived all these years. Lots of memories and now two of those grandkids have just graduated from university.☺️
  10. Photos

    Thanks Tag, will think on it, I'm not too swift on anything new, but will try.
  11. Photos

    How do I put a photo on BGO from my IPad album?
  12. what is everyone doing?

    I too have been following the French Open - I have two or three players I like to watch, Goffin, Del Potro and Cilic, our young Canadian Shapovalov only made it to round 3 I believe. I get a bit tired of the best 3 out of 5. I hope your father gets feeling better soon, once into the 80's some days can be a bit more iffy. Just have to take it easy on the iffy days. I've been reading 'summer' books by Mary Alice Monroe, she writes books about summer cottages and beach activities, all fiction but with pleasant plots and satisfying endings.
  13. what is everyone doing?

    Luna, I was thinking about you and your father. I sometimes when I feel rough or down I find myself heading back to the Reiki discipline, I keep the pages with the different hand positions on my little table beside my chair, whether they work or just distract me I find I feel a wee bit better after. I wondered if your father ever gave them a try when he was feeling ill. Have you given up on Facebook? I often think I'd like to but I would miss the comments from people I feel close to and the larger reason is knowing how my Yellowknife family are, they don't phone or e-Mail very often so I find Messenger helpful and often Neil posts snippets about what's happening at the school.
  14. what is everyone doing?

    Sorry that your father hasn't been feeling well but you were able to get out for a while today and Tuesday Luna. Hope he keeps feeling better. I hope you got some rain for your garden Meg.
  15. what is everyone doing?

    Really pleased with the planted gardens, they did a good job. I guess most people are out gardening if retired or busy working. It has been very hot here and if hot in May goodness knows what July and August will bring. Our really nice honeysuckle which has been blooming beautifully each summer didn't survive the winter and we need one of the gardeners to dig it out if possible and plant a replacement Dave has bought. He is unable to do much manual work, legs not working well and heart is weaker now. He tries but we stop him in his tracks before he does himself harm. If the gardeners can't do it we'll ask our neighbour who does the lawn and add to his weekly cheque, that is if he has the time. He works with an arborist and gets really busy. lovely time of the year, I hope you are all enjoying it.