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  1. Friday 13th June: Night 9 In Proust: Chapter 2 (continued): More walking in and around Combray. Our hero learns Mlle. Swann's name: Very perceptive image of the moon: And another wonderful weather image: In Big Brother: The first eviction! Oh, first out...suffice only to say, I had to look up the poor girl's name. I haven't exactly been concentrating on the programme this year, so I asked my better half just for balance, and she didn't know either, so the evictee clearly hadn't been that notable. It was Tamara. Kindle says: 5% complete
  2. Thursday 12th June: Night 8 In Proust: Chapter 2 (continued): Much more on M. Legrandin. M. Legrandin waxes lyrical on Balbec: We learn the source of this volume's name: Another lovely image: And finally - be still my beating heart - Mlle. Swann makes her entrance: In Big Brother: The Power of Positivity - the housemates have to "stay happy" no matter what is thrown at them; which must be pretty difficult within the confines of the BB house... Kindle says: 5% complete
  3. Wednesday 11th June: Night 7 In Proust: Chapter 2 (continued): More tales of Combray First highlight is the next paragraph after the last highlight from Tuesday night. I love this - this sentence for me sums up the style of writing so far: Just something about the rhythm and obviously the length and structure of the sentence. (I'm acutely aware that I'm reading in translation and so somewhat at the mercy of the translator!) M. Legrandin makes a reappearance, with some characteristically - ahem, I have to say it - flowery prose: M. Legrandin has very expressive eye
  4. Random baseball trivia fact: more men have orbited the moon [24] than have thrown a perfect game in major league baseball [23]...
  5. Trout Fishing in AMERICA - Richard Brautigan (Heh, didn't expect to be able to use this title in this thread!)
  6. Haven't watched the new series yet, but can cheerfully say that Carl Sagan's Cosmos is one of my favourite TV things ever. I can still picture in my mind the story of the Japanese Samurai crabs and how unnatural selection mimicked the process of natural selection. "Evolution is a fact, not a theory." And like you say, some great music and an altogether inspiring show.
  7. The ADVENTURES of Tintin - Georges Remi
  8. Hello! You'll all have noticed how I'm a *smidge* behind - I watch (listen) and read every night while the programme is one, no cheating - but don't always get chance to write it up straightaway. Must do better, see me etc. </teacher voice>
  9. Yay and hello again! Yep, BB "commentary" will be pretty samey until the end. Even at this early stage I predict Mark to win
  10. Tuesday 10th June: Night 6 In Proust: Chapter 2 (continued): I looked back over what I read tonight and realised I'd made no notes, left no bookmarks at all. I don't know why, but less and less seems exceptional. That's not a criticism, I think I'm just finding less things noteworthy, because I'm more used to the meter and language. This line from Paul Desjardins, however, and quoted by M. Legrandin right at the end of this section, is resonating: M. Legrandin goes on (speaking to Marcel): And finally: Just, wow. When the woods are all black - what a scary th
  11. Hooray! I know, I mean Big Brother is a format that can't be killed - every year we're the same, "oh there's nothing to like about any of these people, there's no earthly reason to watch, I'm definitely not watching this year", and a few days later...HOOKED! Well this year is slightly different, I'm mostly listening every time something loud happens, so if anybody in the house is delivering soliloquies of devastating wit and wisdom, I'm missing them. It's a chance I'm willing to take
  12. Heh, this at least cheered me up on an otherwise grim day!
  13. I don't know how UKIP's performance in the European elections was reported elsewhere in Europe, but I think most people accept that UKIP "winning" that national election still leaves them a long way away from having enough power to effect real change. After all, their main platform is to abandon the only arena in which they have "won" any power :-$
  14. NOT the End of the World - Kate Atkinson
  15. Monday 9th June: Night 5 In Proust: Chapter 2 (continued): In which we meet our narrator's friend Bloch. On seeing soldiers marching down the street, Fran├žoise and the gardener talk: This idea of the state 'tricking' its citizens into war hardly seems worthy of comment now, I'm sure it wasn't mainstream thinking at the time Proust was writing though. Lovely image: And finally, we hear a lot in this section about the novelist Bergotte (quick Google suggests people think this author is based on Anatole France) whose books beguile Proust. At one point he says of Berg
  16. Sunday 8th June: Night 4 In Proust: Chapter 2 (continued): Well, this is getting much harder. These childhood memories of Combray, which started out fairly matter of fact, almost scene-setting-y (as you'd expect in the Prologue), are becoming deeper and much more laden with symbols. It's difficult to sum up the last few pages, so instead, just a fewhighlights. Comparing the pregnant serving girl with the Giotto paintings 'Virtues and Vices of Padua': This description contrasts so very much with the TV-age "sympathy face" that we see on our screens so often; the faux concern an
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