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    I would recommend it to anyone with children under 7


    Sorry to pipe up so late here...


    This is one of my favourite books (along with Walter the farting dog)

    Any one of any age is ideal for it. I brought this for the library and the teachers love it so much that they read it out loud in the library at the end of their visit. :D


    Okay if you're after a 'moral of the story' then you're outta luck as it really is that if someone poops on you, hunt them down and do the same to them.


    But as something to make the kids laugh, get them enjoying reading and encourage them to read, you can't go past this book.


    BTW - the reading recovery teacher at school swears by it to get the kids interested in trying to read (and we're talking 11-13 year olds here).


    Plus, it's educational, I can now identify several varieties of poo. :P

  2. Yay for your daughter.


    I'm a school librarian (intermedate aged which is 11-13 here in NZ) boys seem to like non-fiction so we have Horrible Histories coming out our ears.


    They also like drawing and making comics.


    Maybe she's not a girly girl so you could try the H.H's.


    Otherwise, buy her some of those nasty fan books like Justin Beirber and the BOys of Twilight. The girls love them, the teachers hate them but it's all true! The teacher can't complain.


    I have certain teachers banging on about 'classics' but mostly that doesn't fire our kids with desire, reading should not be a chore, any reading is good reading in my book.


    I recently brought graphic novels, there are non fiction ones and the kids LOVE them. If she likes comics, she might love NF graphic novels.

  3. Thanks for some ideas, I've been reading up hard during the school holidays and have covered

    Archie's Adventures - Leonie Thorpe

    Lion Boy - Zizou Corder (little slow and not resolved by the end!)

    Cry of The Taniwha- Des Hunt (NZ book and I loved it)

    The Phantom Tollbooth - Norton Juster

    The End of the Alphabet - FLeur Beale (another NZ author (girly but a possibility)

    The 10pm question - KAte De Gold - too advanced

    Stig of the Dump - Clive King (loved it but too old fashioned maybe)

    A couple of Robert Muchamore (LOVED LOVED LOVED but concerned a little old as the series progresses even though main character is 12)

    Uncle Montague's tales of terror - chris priestley (possibility)

    Skellig - David Almond (ok but not sure it will hold them)

    The Billionaire's Curse - Richard Newsome (great, but maybe a little long)


    Currently reading.... Sorry I'm going on here and titles are by the bed so forgive me


    Zen and the art of faking it

    Help there's a boy in the girl’s bathroom (possible choice)

    No more dead dogs (yet to start)


    These are just some I've pulled off the shelves.


    It's really hard as it's a school that has lots of different nationalities and religious beliefs with varying interests in reading and varied reading levels. Some of these kids would not have a book in their home and I'm hoping, that during the 2 years they're at this school, they will learn to love reading and the library.


    Some of the kids are mentally like adults and others are very young for their age. Trying to find something that fits them all is near impossible. I will investigate EVERY book you've mentioned so please don't feel you can't send me a big old list to check out.


    I brought the Skulduggery 1 & 2 and have yet to have them returned long enough for me to read and I think one of the kids just walked with the 2nd book, I guess that's a vote of approval albeit and expensive one.


    Thanks for your help; you have no idea how hard it is to get this kind of unbiased information.

  4. Need a little help updating our school resource room. Whilst I know all the Harry Potters etc are winners with the kids, which books would you recommend as something that would hold the kids attention if read aloud in class, also which would do for class sets that both boys and girls would read.


    I have just discovered the Robert Muchamore and like some of his series but find they may be a little old in places. What do you know of that is fast paced and will hold them captivated.


    Cheers. :)

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