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  1. I'm going to Hay - main reason for going is to see Elvis Costello but I'm looking forward to browsing the book shops and taking in some talks although haven't decided what yet - anyone got any recommendations for the 1st or 2nd ??
  2. As a Maidenhead United fan can i say how annoyed I am that Bill presumes anyone from there should support anyone other than their home town team...... :-) I must admit to enjoying Fever Pitch but suspect that anyone reading it now may not find it so appealing. It was of it's time - and football has changed massively since it was written. The context is now wrong and Sky, the Premier League and marketing men have destroyed the game as it was when Hornby wrote the book.
  3. Chipping in as another Royals fan who DID see Friday play.... ....my thoughts have always been that there is a great book to be written about the man, but this isn't it. As Bill points out it's a bit of a cut and paste job and written by two people for whom it was really a bit of side interest rather than someone who could put some real passion into the story. That said it is great that Friday has something to record his brief career. I would certainly recommend the book to any football fan, indeed any sports fan. It's a pretty quick read (ideal for taking to a game as I reckon you could g
  4. So what are his 31 songs ? Being of a similar age to Hornby and perhaps being the sort of person that his books are aimed at ( !) I'd be intregued to see what he chooses.... I may even be tempted to go buy the book if his selection is interesting ! Getting hold of the tracks shouldn't be too hard - I don't think you actually need an Ipod to download itunes and then play the tracks on your pc.... You may even find people on here have many of the tracks already and would burn you cds....(or is that illegal ??)
  5. Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the book, although whether non Dylan fans would I'm not so sure.... It is not at all a standard biography - but if you love the music and the man and know something of his life and his attitudes it adds extra detail to the picture and you certainly come to the end feeling you know just a little bit more (or at least as much as Dylan wants to let you know....). So stick Highway 61 or Blonde on Blonde on the CD player and immerse yourself - I'd agree that Vol2+ will be eagerly awaited, assuming they do actually ever appear !
  6. I actually joined the forum in December but, despite good intentions, this is my first post ! I enjoy reading just about anything - will sit and read the cereal packet at breakfast if there are no other options ! Of late I've been enjoying lots of music related stuff (Chronicles by Bob Dylan, Complicated Shadows about Elvis Costello, Isis and Telegraph anthologies about Dylan with Christy Moore's book lined up on the shelf and awaiting the new book about Van Morrison with interest). I tend towards more non fiction - a favourite is to drop into a bookshop and browse a section for something I
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