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  1. I just finished this last week and can honestly say it was my favourite King book of the recent era. His strength has always been great character building (thats in my opinion) and as usual he didnt disapoint. Horror must surely be one on the most difficult genres to move with the times, maybe im wrong (its not un-usual!) but how many classic horror novels would work if written during this time of mobile phones, GPS and the interweb? "Cut the phone lines faceless minion" "err sorry boss they got cable!" Anyway, King dances around these issues with ease, and not for a small group of stranded idiots but for an entire town! Great writing IMO. Special mention for 'Chef' and 'Junior', 2 characters that only Stephen King could make you feel empathy for. I do have to ask though - did anyone else expect Homor Simpson to save the day riding up the dome on a motorbike? No, just me? Cracking book.
  2. Only fiction book I can remember giving up on is The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. It was quite a long time ago but I remember finding the writing style almost impossible to read. Shame really as I love the film. I have given up on a fair few autobiograhies though because I struggle to get past the informative years, regardless of how interesting I know the later years will be. *I totally agree that you dont need to read Disc World novels in order, if I was reading them again I would jump straight to the Witches books.*
  3. Thanks for the tip Markc, it was infact a post by yourself (on a thread regarding Magician) that got me interested in these books in the first place. I started Magician last night but i am only 50 odd pages in so far. I will post my thoughts on it on the original thread when i have got a bit further in.
  4. 1) Read Raymond E Fiest's Riftwar series. 2) Put on a jumper instead of the heating. 3) Watch every episode of Professional Masterchef. 4) Read Stephen Kings IT again. 5) Think of 5 things to do in winter.
  5. brad33

    Have a Rant!

    Yeah sorry I just read my post back and it certainly sounds like that was my point. Truth is I just didn't know all there names but could single out the ones I disliked due to them being the only white girls, hope no offence was caused Chers first audition was pretty good but I cant shake the fact that they have admitted using voice enhancement at that stage (a rant in itself), and I bet she was one that needed it if her following performances are anything to go by. She could do with a big slice of my Mums sheperds pie as well. As I was watching I felt that even if Cher had turned up and sang '1000 green bottles' in the key of Chilean miner she still would have got the nod and the other girls where put through all that without EVER having a chance.
  6. brad33

    Have a Rant!

    A rant thread? Really? I could feel right at home here! Ok this has been bugging me for a while now so time to get it off my chest. Weekly TV guides being written as if only females watch the telly really gets my back up, more so now than ever since The Sun newspaper decided to follow suit and change the format of its telly mag. When deciding if i should watch X or perhaps Y I want to know if its funny, if the acting is up to standard etc, what i dont want to know is if A's bum is perky or if B has good pec's (I find it hard to believe anyone does, male or female) but thats the focus and it seriously annoys me. Thats all on that subject, but even now as i write this another rant rears its ugly head. In the shape of Chezza Cole making a mockery of the X Factors claim of being a talent show. I'm completely flabbergasted that she has the damn cheek to reduce by far the strongest group (girls up to 28) to a farce. She had 8 girls to choose from, 6 black girls all fantastic singers and 2 white girls with out much talent and terrible auditions on yesterdays show. So how the hell is it justified that both these girls go through? Pathetic. I wont be watching anymore. There is sure to be a better way of making this point but i cant find the correct words right now.
  7. Hi folks. Has anybody got anything to say about this author? I recently read Handling The Undead, I only picked it up due to my libraries woeful horror selection offering nothing much I haven't already read. I have to say I didn't rate it very highly - to slow, boring characters and a 'so what?' ending - which was a shame because the premise (sp?) was a good one. There was a scene, about half way through the book, that genuinely scared me - which is rare these days - and it was well timed because i was seriously considering giving it up until that happened. I'm not suggesting he isn't a good writer, the fact i finished the book at all is testament that he has some skills. Perhaps i just picked the wrong book to read? I'm thinking about reading Let The Right One In, has anyone read it? is it any good? is he actually a genius and i just didn't get it? Thanks for reading
  8. Wow! The last episode aired last night and I didnt want it to end. Shane Meadows really goes for the throat with the main story arc but the humour, than runs throughout the whole affair, is balanced just right to give you some respite from the grimness of it all. Good stuff.
  9. The Harry Potter books escaped my attention until about 3 years ago. Since when i have read them all at least 3 times, it actually got a bit silly and my friends still give me a hard time about it, especially since i started wearing glasses! That aside, my favourite book has to be Stephen King's IT, the story telling in this book blows my mind. The Hobbit deserves a mention as well, it was the first book I bought and i still have it now.
  10. Wont lie, I have never even heard the term paraprosdokian before but there is some fun to be had here. You can always count on americans to do the right thing - after they have tried everything else. Winston Churchill Strangely, when I try to create my own, it always ends up being rude, they are funny though! Hope that doesnt say to much about me. Nice post anyway, made me smile
  11. brad33


    Ive been watching the snooker world open all this week and wondered if there are any other fans on this forum? I bring it up due to the new format of this competion. I wonder if other people are enjoying it or not? Ive been a casual fan for a long time and I feel that best of 5 frames is just not enough to build tension, making it a bit dull. I do see the idea behind it, short, quick matches allow more players to take part and, as snooker is a fairly closed shop at the top, this can only be a good thing. On the down side of that, so far most of these lower ranked players are getting trounced and its likely the last 8 will be much the same players as always. Also, in my opinion, the best games of snooker always involve a come back from several frames behind and thats gone completely. Im not really complaining about all this as it is 'extra' snooker but are others enjoying the format?, could it become the norm? As for Ronny O'Sullivan, it takes some ball's (snooker ones of course) to ask about the prize for a maximum break after only potting 1 red, but to then go and pull it off.....genius!! *I know this isnt a sports forum but tbh i find posting your 'opinion' on a sports page is an open invitation for angry people to question your parentage and I prefer a calmer debate. Plus I do also post about books!*
  12. Ive just made a minor edit to the original post because, as Hazel made me realise, some people are still waiting to watch it and my original post had something of a spoiler in it Sorry Hazel (and anyone else this may have affected) i hope my faux pas(sp?) didnt spoil it for you, with a bit of luck you wont know what im talking about, but thats wishfull thinking
  13. Just want to say how utterly fantastic this drama has been. When i saw it advertised i was in two minds about even watching it as i imagined it ruining what had been a great film (the original This is England) but im so glad i gave it a chance. Some fine acting, not all but most of the cast really managed to draw me back to the period and by the final 10 minutes i was completely engrossed. What then occured in those final 10 minutes left me needing a bubble bath to relax the tension it induced in my muscles, no joke, when the credits rolled i realised i had been sitting like a coiled spring throughout the whole end sequence. Intense stuff and drama as it should be - dramatic! So That was England 86...and the BBC should take note..This is Drama 2010 Looking forward to the final installment even more than the next Harry Potter movie, and thats saying something Oh and finally a quick nod to the new series of The Inbetweeners, showing that British comedy is still the best.
  14. Stuart Macbride's Cold Granite, high hopes for this if the later books are anything to go by.
  15. There is a absolute deluge of Murder fiction out there, i reckon if you was to pick a random real life murder out of your local paper you could find a similar murder in fiction. If anything the fact that 99% of fictional serial killers end up dead or serving life, along with the gory details, would put most people off. Obviously this guy isnt like most people and that was what ended his class mates life. Not a book. Of course if you disagree i will be forced to do you in and i know exactly how, thanks Kathy!
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