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  1. National Express - The Divine Comedy
  2. A Rage in Harlem - Chester Himes
  3. Peter Sallis, aged 96. The voice of Wallace to me, although I am sure for others it will be all about Last of the Summer Wine.
  4. I watched Mad Men when it was on BBC4 but was forced to stop when Sky snapped it up. We are trialling Netflix in our new house and Mad Men is among the grown up viewing. Unfortunately, Edgar has just been introduced to Power Rangers via Netflix, so the two of us are even less likely to get regular access to the TV than we were before...
  5. The News Where You Are - Catherine O'Flynn
  6. Patio Song - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
  7. I've recently read this, and can only conclude that Slade House exists because, even given the eclectic structure of most of David Mitchell's novels, he couldn't find a way to shoehorn the conceit behind the novel into The Bone Clocks. Either that, or he enjoyed writing about it so much he decided to have a standalone section. The disappointment for me with this book was in the repetition; Mitchell has shown with previous works how he can stitch together wildly differing voices and styles into a coherent whole. Here, the first four sections of the novel are essentially retreads of
  8. Seem to be many ups and downs in people's lives of late. It'll be a month tomorrow since we moved down to the south coast. The house, which we bought off one of those people who buy wrecks, do them up and sell them on, needs no work to speak of (although none of the doors seem to fit their frames well, if at all), which is just as well given my virtually nonexistent DIY skills. Lady L is the man of the house in that respect. So it has mostly been about furniture so far - a bed for Edgar, one of the two sofas and an easy chair, side tables, mirrors, pictures, TV stand, t
  9. I've asked to join the reading group at the Central Library here and am due to attend my first meeting this coming Thursday. We will be discussing Sarah Waters' excellent The Paying Guests, which I read a couple of years ago, so rather than rereading that I have started on May's choice, which couldn't be more different, Dan Simmons' Hyperion. A sci-fi novel which makes allusions to Keats and Chaucer. I wasn't initially impressed but am now about 100 pages into it and am slowly warming to it. Also finished A Feast for Crows, the fourth A Song of Ice and Fire novel, so straight onto
  10. Since I still don't feel up to anything too mentally taxing thanks to ongoing illness, I've decided it is time to tackle some YA literature. As I've been reading the original James Bond novels, I thought it would be interesting to see what Charlie Higson has done to create the world of the teenaged Bond, so I've started the first book of the five he wrote, called Silverfin. Officially sanctioned by Fleming's estate apparently.
  11. I must have responded with my thoughts on this little gem of a book when I read it however many years ago, but if I did they are long since lost... I've loved everything I've read by him (although that does not include some of his less critically well received books, in fairness, such as the short story collection The Apple) and this ranks alongside his masterwork The Crimson Petal and the White. The impressive thing about the 4 books I've read is how different they all were from one another and yet still all such a high quality. As it must be 10 years since I read this
  12. We've moved out of London to Brighton, but I'm still working in the centre of the capital. The commute is the one big downside of our decision, as it looks like it will be about 2 hours each way every day. I'm hopefully going to get a lot more reading done . Although I get to lose out on this the financial benefits (our mortgage has shrunk significantly) and the quality of life improvement for the rest of the family - 10 minutes walk from great shops and the beach, lots of local home education activity - for me make the sacrifice worthwhile. I have colleagues travelling similar dis
  13. On the verge of knocking off work for a week. Sadly, no rest for the wicked (and there are times when I think I must have been especially evil at some point...) as I'm not off for a rest but to move house! The removal men are due to arrive on Friday and we are running short of boxes. Edgar is helping out by unpacking a lot of his toys. Nearly all the furniture we don't want has gone to good homes, although we have a glass fronted book case with a big crack in the top we'd rather not keep but I'm not sure what to do with... Anyway, unlikely to be around much for the next few days. See y
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