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  1. His first book was excellent, now got this for Christmas. I really enjoy listening to him on the radio rather than on the box,comes over a genuine person
  2. Here are a few of my favourite reads so far this year; The Help by Kathryn Stockitt Pickwick Papers by Dickens The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruis Zafon Millenium Trilogy by Steig Larsson
  3. Halfway through. This as got a bit of everything, murder, suspense, love, horror. Was recommended to me as I am a Dickens fan.
  4. Just picked this one up in a charity shop, will post my views on this when read.
  5. I joined the book club a little while ago, but never introduced myself. I used to love reading when I was at school etc, but have not allowed myself enough time in recent years, apart from on holiday etc. However last November I had a heart attack (age 52) and a lot of time on my hands and rediscovered my love of reading again. I mainly used to read biographies on holiday, but I have also moved onto general fiction, I have got full set of Dickens and keep reading one now and then, enjoyed Great Expectations, Nicholas Nickleby, Bleak House, Pickwick Papers I have also read many other books this year, favourites include The Shadow of the Wind, The Book Thief, Stieg Larsson Trilogy. I like books with a bit of everything, good storyline, characters, good atmosphere, some humour as well. Cant get enough of books now, rejoined local library (brand new one in our town) buy/change lots of books at Charity Shops, buy off Amazon and Smiths, also looking at getting Kindle for my birthday, but will NEVER stop reading actual books.
  6. THis is a wonderful book, coming to the end of it now.
  7. Thanks for all your thoughts, I have found some + points from these remarks, although I am still sticking with my books. I can see they are useful to people with poor eyesight and arthritis. One thing I have learnt is that you obtain books free for the e books , such as the classics, which probably would be good to try and then go out and buy the real book of ones you like. Yes I suppose it may make our lazy children read instead of staring like morons at the TV. So I may have been swayed a very little. But we must support our bookshops and libraries !!!
  8. Call me old fashioned, dinosaur or whatever. I would love to see all e books exterminated. Yes I am like the rest of the sheep of the world, I have an i pod (sold all my vinyl years ago, then my CD's on ebay) its lovely to have portable music. I enjoy the internet and much of todays technology. But PLEASE can we keep all our books as traditional books on that stuff we call paper. Where is the love and care that goes into downloading thousands of books onto some flat metallic gizmo. Do we want to rip the heart and soul out of literature. I love my collection of Dickens, thread sewn, with leatherette covers and although the pages start to yellow, there is something special about sitting down and reading these olde worlde books. I love looking round book shops, a good thing to do on a wet holiday in this country. There is enormous pleasure to me in searching out these places, also charity shops are great, being able to pick up bargain books for 50p or £1. Lets keep our local libraries going. What kind of world will we have. We have already lost most of our record/CD shops. Yes I am guilty of buying books on the internet also, but they are REAL books. Lets keep reading something special, not just another thing to stare at on some screen. Anybody else got any thoughts Dave
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