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  1. With his naked aggression and razor sharp observations on life Bukowski ranks as one of the best poets and writers to be .
  2. This book was riveting to the last page : violent funny and of course brilliant . Suprised not to find Guinzburg listed on the site slapstick comedy at its best : a lyrical style genius read read read and read again !
  3. This is a story of the legendary coke smuggler Zachary Swan and offers a news reel style insight into the underworld of drug dealing , one ofa series of books by Rebel Inc the kind of book you want to tell the world about. The intro is by Howard Marks the dialogue is spot on and Hunter S. Thompson calls him a "Whip - song writer" am hooked on this book
  4. Was given Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror by my beautiful finacee and every poem has depth , beauty and complexity I love Ashbery
  5. This book offers a bold, imaginative and explosive view of modern society .It is wonderfully innovative and experiments with language in a highly unique lyrical way. Playing with words by creating and developing new styles of speech and rhyming patterns, but offering , at the same time a scathing insight into the racial and social divisions that marr British society . A trend that is briefly considered through the novel on the other side of the Atlantic . Brilliant, offensive , but ultimately funny and gloriously witty send ups of the party crowd and their access to a luxury lifestyle are rut
  6. Hi ! I think Soph was not aware she should not use the PM tool to message people about books , the long standing member she messaged did not appreciate being messaged by her and I think she got spooked and pretty upset when she was held out to be some kind of friend of the author for saying that she liked the book. As if her opinion didn't count on its own and was being discarded as it may have just been a "friend" of the author . You know like Soph ' somehow had no real enjoyment of the novel and her own opinion was not worth much that's what upset her. Yeah , the um "boring" comment was pr
  7. Hi there - well that's reassuring to know ! I love to read and enjoy lively debates too so in the spirit of friendship I 'll hang around thanks for the welcome J
  8. Cheers thanks . Am off to do my rounds soon .
  9. This is a brilliant representation of America's lost generation and a must read for anyone who enjoys topical post modern fiction. The central themes of the novel cover the power of consumerism over traditional values that have been eroded for selfish gratuity . The kind of world we live in now is one that this novel explores a society that seems to reward greed and selfishness instead of hard work and honest graft . There are disturbing moments of violence and the techniques adopted may not suit all readers as each opening chapter is from a different perspective and who is the more reliable i
  10. hi there , yes people have commented on it but I wanted it to stand alone do I just post it in the thread it's already in then . Thanks .
  11. Yes I know that but to make a song and dance about everything I write is not fair to other users - I like lively debate but this is something quite unique . I 've tried that the posting as I've posted elsewhere and it keeps getting deleted . Feel like I'm in some twilight zone . It says submit and I click and it just doesn't appear anywhere .
  12. Er what exactly is "confrontational" about suggesting that someone was boring me with their "opinion" that's just life . My my my this is like being policed seems like everything I say is being scrutinised . Wierd and I wasn't told how to post a review yet not giving up on that just yet!
  13. And I thought you had them nailed in one ! I think Americans are generally more open with their language and dirt and grit I have to agree with you about Pelecanos and Hiaasen one of the funniest novels I ever read by him was Lucky You ! if you like Hiaasen and James Lee Burke you ought to love SLIDE by Saira Viola also savagely satirical with a crime theme one of the characters has "BNP" connections and halitosis and of course the amazingly cool James Ellroy can't get enough of his staccato prose jumping at ya I thought The Big Nowhere White Jazz and so many others superb . Knife crime is ram
  14. Desmond Bagley is a brilliant crime writer he really knows his stuff and is spot on with plot twists, crazy scenes and the hero coming up trumps . He's smooth but not cheesy and all of his novels are really exciting with foreign locations and brilliant characters . See if you like him and let me know good luck .
  15. I like all of these plays each has their own qualities but a list would have to include for me The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and who can resist The Birthday Party by Pinter
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