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  1. i am a 16 old girl the target market for this book. However unlike most girls my ages i actually read a lot and have a good idea of what a decent book is. Twilight is awful. To start with it is the same old story the characters are so annoying. I mean bella spends the whole of new moon moping about edward. Then the last book dont get me started on the last book. I am of the opinion that she was under a lot of pressure to finish breaking dawn and it led to an awful poorly thought out plot. hence why i am of the opinion the twilight saga is only fit for burning
  2. I would agree with you on this - having read a few myself, I find i enjoy reading formulaic novels after reading long series with lots characters and twists and turns.
  3. I have been a die hard fantasy fan for a number of years now, I began when I first read Harry Potter aged 7 and havent stopped since. I have noticed that I do come across the same similar stuff. With Eddings I think the point is that it is Cliche, I find it almost like a parody of the fantast genre. I would agree that a lot of it is from tolkin, although i have tried to read LOTR, I have seen the films way to many times. I would say 3/4 of the books I have read have links to tolkin, but to be honest with you, authors pick of ideas from everywhere and tolkien has become part of our culture now. However there are obviously books that are not cliched - Brandon Sanderholt ? Mistborn, Trudi Canavan, Ursula le Guin, Stravagnaza, Terry Goodkind, William Nicholson. Anyway that's my take on it, besides sometimes cliched books are good too.
  4. I think this can be classed as horror, but anyway.... Recently there has been an influx of incredibly trashy paranormal romance particulary aimed at teenagers. I suspect, well in fact it's obvious, it's due to the sucuss of the twilight books. I am not a die hard horror fan i like the occasional book and I will admit i do read paranormal romance on occaision, but it strikes me that the horror genre is well not really horror any more. For example, vampires in Twilight - well there not really that bad to be honest with you. They can be redeemed by 'love' I mean the whole point of vampires is that they are supposed to be evil creatures of the dammed and that they are deadly not cute and loveable ? There are hundreds of examples, the majority of them aimed at teenagers, it frustrates me. The only two series I can think of for YA that are reasonable are mortal instraments and Darren Shan books. Any way let me know what you think
  5. Hey At about 6 or 7 i began to really get into independent reading, my parents took the approach that if i could read it and I wanted to read it they had no problem with it. I have always enjoyed fiction more that non-fiction especially fantasy. However i always enjoyed the horrible histories, they are great way to get into non fiction. However you could also try a historical fiction novel, as they are also factualy, My Story books would be suitable for that age I think. However it is not the same writing style as non-fiction. As for the news, I wasn't allowed to watch newsround till i was in year 6 for some reason, anyway I would suggest that the news is a very good way to get children into current affairs.
  6. I'm new here so forgive me if someone has posted about this book already. I recently read Trudi Canavan's new book, Ambassdor's Mission, I am a huge fan of trudi canavan and have been literally waiting for this book for years! I was not disappointed. It was strange to have familiar characters return older for example Sonea as a mother. However the story line and new characters are amazing. I just wondered you guys thought of it!
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