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  1. Thanks for popping in - it's a relief to know that you have not been freezing in a dark, cold and and water-less house. I hope that the thaw comes soon, but is not accompanied by burst pipes and flooding.
  2. Has anyone heard from Binker recently? I am concerned about the weather over there - there have been reports of rolling power outages as the grid can't cope with the extra demand and, in some parts of the state, of people burning their furniture to keep warm. I've also heard that there is one area where the pipes from the water treatment plant froze so there was no water supply.
  3. I'm holding my son in my arms sweating after nightmares small me fingers in his mouth his other fist clenched in my hair small me sweating after nightmares. Griffin Of The Night by Michael Ondaatje from "The Cinnamon Peeler, Selected Poems"
  4. The Dormouse turned over to shut out the sight Of the endless chrysanthemums (yellow and white). "How lovely," he thought, "to be back in a bed Of delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red)." The Doctor said, "Tut! It's another attack!" And ordered him Milk and Massage-of-the-back, And Freedom-from-worry and Drives-in-a-car, And murmured, "How sweet your chrysanthemums are!" The Dormouse lay there with his paws to his eyes, And imagined himself such a pleasant surprise: "I'll pretend the chrysanthemums turn to a bed Of delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red)!" The Doctor next morning was rubbing his hands, And saying, "There's nobody quite understands These cases as I do! The cure has begun! How fresh the chrysanthemums look in the sun!" The Dormouse lay happy, his eyes were so tight He could see no chrysanthemums, yellow or white. And all that he felt at the back of his head Were delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red). And that is the reason (Aunt Emily said) If a Dormouse gets in a chrysanthemum bed, You will find (so Aunt Emily says) that he lies Fast asleep on his front with his paws to his eyes. Verses from "The Dormouse and The Doctor" by A.A. Milne. Published in "When We Were Very Young". The whole poem, with illustrations by E.H. Shepard can be read here
  5. I'm not the first or the last to stand on a hillock, watching the man she married prove to the world he's a total, utter, absolute, Grade A pillock. Mrs Icarus - by Carol Ann Duffy, from her collection The World's Wife.
  6. There is a "Poetry, Plays and Short Stories" forum over there, and the "favourite poets" thread reaches 7 pages, although there has been nothing posted on it since 2019. I'm sure that could be revived, and I don't see why a Poetry Chain couldn't take off
  7. Change is always difficult, especially if you've been used to a particulart state of affairs. There were lots of things we found uncomfortable in the changes when we first moved to Invision, but which we found we preferred once we got used to them. The recent update here, only a few weeks ago, gave me a couple of problems but once I knew what the changes were I soon got used to them. I think Book Club Forums is the nearest forum to BGO that has been found so far, even though there are things about it we think are better done here (like cataloguing books by century)
  8. Probably still to do their change of host - work seems still to be ongoing. We had a few members of BookClub Forums join BGO back in 2018, when they were in trouble and considering closing, but it seems that one of the moderators stepped in and took over, so it never actually happened. Unfortunately for us, only Madeleine stayed on here.
  9. It seems that my membership to Book Cub Forum is still 'llve', even though it must be ten years since I last posted. The 'maintenance' for which they were recently down' was because they have a new host, and they were updating the site. Interestingly, their new host is "Invision" - which is the host for BGO, so the layout is quite similar to ours, so it won't be such a dramatic change, visually, for anyone moving over to them.
  10. I have been feeling sad about BGO for several years as members have drifted away, book-related posts became fewer, and threads shorter. It is not the community it once was. Not that i have helped much, as I have more or less given up reading over the last few years, for one reason or another. It came as a bit of a relief to find that there was a reluctant consensus to wind BGO down amongst the moderators
  11. i used to belong to The Book Club Forum, a good few years ago. Although quite different from here, it is probably as good an alternative to BGO as you will find. At that time I belonged to BGO, a local bookgroup and 3 postal book groups (one of which I ran), and was trying a couple of other online groups. Not surprisingly, I just didn't have the time to negotiate the different ways the other online groups worked. Having just had a quick look, that one seems to be more easily navigated now, with promising-looking book discussion areas. Partly, probably mostly, the reason I didn't continue with other online groups was to do with having been a BGO member from almost the start, when the membership was very small and most of the members were Bill's family and friends, so I felt I knew everyone - or at least their reading & musical tastes and the kind of humour they went for. I will try and remember the other online groups I tried, although I deleted most extraneous data when I last changed my computer.
  12. Remembering David, and the invaluable presence he was here on BGO.
  13. I have edited Bill's thread for the original instructions to show the latest one.
  14. Hmm - I wonder if that is another outcome if the recent so-called 'upgrade'. I have no idea what we do now. Hoping someone more forum-literate might know.
  15. Thanks Luna - I had no idea. We had an upgrade recently, so probably that is the cause of the change. Goodness knows what else has been interfered with. Grr!I Have now dealt with Chuntzy's request
  16. Something weird going on. As a moderator, that has always been one of the quick fixes I often had to do - but it doesn't seem possible any more. No posts seem to have an edit button at the moment. Might need investigating by someone with higher powers than mine!
  17. Well, I'll put my marker here - just in case I manage to read something. Can't do worse than 2020, when, as far as I recall, I didn't manage to finish one book,.
  18. A Happy, Peaceful and Blessed Christmas to you all.
  19. Anyone making snowflakes this year?
  20. So many big names gone in the past few days, and we have missed out Des O'Connr and Barbara Windsor. Both brought great joy to people over their long professional lives, and by all accounts, were kind and caring in their private lives (although Babs had a few dodgy friends in her younger days)
  21. Gosh, it's a long time since I popped in here! I guess nothing much seems to happen that seems worth posting about - mostly more gardening. I did have a significant birthday during the summer, and the family bought me a two seater arbour for the garden, which meant a bit of a re-organise of the mostly neglected border at the far end. Neglected because I don't grow vegetables there, but it is the place where I had planted all my 'memory' plants from my old garden - not just memories of that place, but memories of loved places and people from years back. They all had to be dug up - in August!. They went into pots, with added mycorrhizal fungi granules to give them a helping hand, and seem to have survived. I have gradually been re-planting them around the arbour, so almost in the same place, with lots of spring bulbs and more nectar-rich flowers. With the seasons all messed about as they are, and it being particularly mild here at the moment, there have been signs if re-growth from many of them.. I am looking forward to the 'real' spring. The other news is the arrival of a new grandbaby in October. A massive 5kg boy! He was quite poorly after delivery, and had to be mechanically ventilated and was on some pretty powerful drugs, but was able to come home after two weeks and has been thriving since. Je had is six week check0up last week, and all was as it should be. His big (3yr old) brother dotes on him. Sadly we have not been able to see him yet, but that's another reason to look forward to the spring. One of our daughters-in-law Covid 19 quite badly in March, and is still suffering from Long Covid symptoms, but fortunately none of the rest of the family caught it, in spite of her being nursed through it at home. She is now at work, part time, but struggling. I have been living mostly under the rules of the first lockdown, with the addition of bit of garden visiting from family members during the summer months. Mr meg has been a bit more adventurous, so I'm just praying he doesn't bring any viruses home. We are really missing our church community, and especially the singing. Just having to make do with a "live-streamed" sermon. We will be 'home alone' for Christmas. We were invited to lunch with the family, but the thought if sitting at table, elbow to elbow and face to face, indoors, with five other people for as long as it takes to eat a whole Christmas dinner, followed by the gift unwrapping ceremonies, was daunting, so we declined. They re intending to bring our Christmas dinner down to us, which is a bit embarrassing. Our larder and freezer are well stocked and I tried to refuse, but really couldn't insist. Good to hear your news momac. I hope the physio helps Dave, and tere are no more falls. I get vertigo as a variation of my migraine, so i know how unpleasant that can be. I hope the medication keeps it under control for you. Best wishes to you, and all the BGO members, for a safe, healthy, and more sociable 2021
  22. Zygomatic bone (cheekbone) Next subject: Things that bring me joy Autumn Colours
  23. Welcome Tom. I have merged your thread with the original introductions thread, here in Central library. As luna said, feel free to start new threads at any time - sometimes it is difficult to find the existing ones if they haven't had new posts for a while. It is no trouble for a moderator to merge old and new threads on a subject, if that is necessary.
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