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  1. what is everyone doing?

    British robins are very hardy little creatures - they are about in all sorts of weather, including snow. That's why we have so many of them on our Christmas cards - usually in snowy scenes, even though Christmas snow is a rarity, especially down here in the south-east. So pleased for you, and for Conlan, that he was able to give you a hug - all the more special since such demonstrations are rare. My autistic grandson has become a regular visitor since the New Year. He is now at an FE college, but has no classes on a Wednesday, so he has to have a different routine for that day. His mother was taking him swimming during the autumn, but he didn't want to do that when the January term started so, in order to get him out of the house and away from the games console it was suggested that he walk down and visit his old Granny. So, he turns up at some time every wednesday morning (unless it is raining). If I have a little job for him, he does that, then I get us a a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits. We sit and chat until his tea is finished, then he returns home. It takes 30-45 minutes usually. Until these visits I didn't have much chance to spend undisturbed time, or hold any kind of a conversation, with him, so it has been very interesting to see how his social skills have developed as he has grown.
  2. what is everyone doing?

    Spoke too soon about the aches and pains - usually they are at their worst the following morning, but this time they gradually got worse throughout the following day. OK now. I am still having problems with the mobile phone. Yesterday it only worked between 8am and 4pm. It is working now, but wasn't at 09:30.
  3. Any Human Heart

    Not sure if that was Bill's original intention, but I've always considered it one of the more important functions of BGO. Wiliam Boyd is one of my favourite authors.
  4. what is everyone doing?

    My back may not have suffered after my brief gardening session yesterday, but my hamstrings and glutes are now protesting. I was OK this morning, but have been getting stiffer all day. Hope a night's rest helps, as there is plenty more to do tomorrow.
  5. what is everyone doing?

    In spite of which I managed to spend £30 Bought 4 trays of violas, mainly for the tubs at the front, a few pots of herbs and a lovely hellebore (a named variety, so a bit pricey). The hellebore was the reason for my gardening activity yesterday, as I had to rearrange the positions of 3 other hellebores to put this one where I wanted it to go. Moblle phone all sorted - I have both made and received a call since I got home. The new router for the broadband change has arrived, so just hoping that it all works first time!! Nothing needed doing at the dentists this time
  6. what is everyone doing?

    I had my first visit of the year to a garden centre yesterday. Today I managed an hour or so's weeding and planting without my back suffering too much. Very satisfying. Tomorrow's excitement is a dental check up, followed by a third visit to the EE store to find out why they keep messing up my mobile phone change from Orange to EE EE take over my Broadband and my Landline on Saturday - If I disappear from the internet you will be able to have a good guess at the reason
  7. what is everyone doing?

    Well done, Luna. I must get back on the wagon - there may not have been many leftovers from the family get-together on Sunday, but they were mostly not the sort of things I should be eating! I don't know what my actual blood sugar measurement is, but it is high enough to be given a warning about it.
  8. what is everyone doing?

    My word, that trumps even The Children's War (2.103 lb)! Of course, you know what remedy I would suggest for the sore shoulder, don't you? (unless it's a library book)
  9. what is everyone doing?

    We had a lovely day with our visitors yesterday. After days of wind and rain the sun shone - showing our sea view at its best, and in the morning it was warm enough to sit in the garden with a cuppa. For once I didn't over-cater. There was enough for all and enough left over to feed us today, and there is some chocolate Guinness cake still in the cake tin. Scrabble was played by those not indulging in reminiscences, and we all looked through an album of photos from a holiday we had in Spain with our parents and all 7 of their grandchildren, when niece was about 4 - she said that parts of that holiday were her earliest memories. Memories she enjoyed sharing with her fiancé. Elder Son, who lives fairly locally, managed to pop in for an hour - he hasn't seen his uncle for nearly six years (and who knows when/if he will get another chance) so I was particularly pleased to see them together. They arrived a bit early, and as they left a bit later than intended for their long drive home*, they must have been having an enjoyable time, too. I just hope they will be able to come again on future occasions * My brother had to drive a further 2 or 3 hours to get home after they reached their daughter's house
  10. Have a Rant!

    Oh dear! Maybe he (and you) has found everyday life a bit frustrating after your happy time with family visiting. I hope you find yourselves in a calmer state soon.
  11. what is everyone doing?

    Lovely 'placemat', Luna. I've never managed to get on with crochet - mainly because, having knitted all my life i find it easier and quicker (even though I know it isn't really). So pleased you had a good visit from family, Momac, I think you needed cheering up. How is Mr mac at the moment? Behaving himself now, with his eating and his meds? We have visitors coming for lunch tomorrow. My niece and her fiancé, who live about an hour away, are also bringing my brother and sister-in-law who are staying with them for a few days. This is the first time my brother and SiL have visited here, so it has been a week of tidying and cleaning. It all needed doing, anyway, as I haven't done much houseworl in recent months due to being a bit under par. It's a good job I've been feeling bit better for the last couple of weeks. . SiL is Irish, and their kids are proud of their Irish roots, and it dawned on me a few days ago that tomorrow will be St Patrick's Day, so I am adding a few Irish elements to the lunch in honour of St Pat. It's a buffet, as I can't accommodate six for a sit-down knife-and-fork dinner, and I have bought some soda bread (I would have made some, but decided that would cause me too much anxiety).However, I have made a boiled fruit cake, and a chocolate Guinness cake with a cream cheese frosting to simulate the foam on the top of a glass of stout. Absolutely nothing will be dyed green.
  12. How to be good. Nick Hornby

    Moved to C21 Fiction. There does not seem to be any other thread on this book. It has been mentioned in other threads but, unfortunately, not with great enthusiasm.
  13. Currently Reading

    Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler I don't think I have read this before, although it has been on my TBR pile since 2010. I did post on its thread back then that I had read just the first page, which had a "Missing Person" announcement that had shocked me and other readers. I then set it aside for a later date, 'rationing' my intake of Anne Tyler, but I didn't intend it to be set aside for 9 years
  14. Are there any books that you regret reading?

    There is one book I have always regretted wasting my time reading. It dates back to the time when I felt an obligation to read a book to the end, however much I disliked it - especially if it was for a Book Group, as this one was. I read it back in 1992, and it was the first, in fact the only, title that sprang to mind when I saw this thread. I have posted about it before, in the following threads: Worst Books (2005) Women and Sexuality (2007) Most Disturbing Books (2009 Happily the actual thread for the book is long gone, but in my" Reading Diary” i have described it as You may have seen, and even enjoyed, the film of the book. That unpleasant waste of my time was Damage, by Josephine Hart.
  15. Breathing Lessons

    From Wikipedia: I read this before BGO existed, and the following are the comments I wrote in my "Reading Diary" at the time - they are quite specific to that time, just short of my fiftieth birthday, and to my own situation back then! I had read The Accidental Tourist some considerable number of years previously, and just did not 'get' it at that time. I think Breathing Lessons was the first of AnneTyler's books I had read since then, and her portrayal of family life suddenly seemed really relevant. I have been a fan ever since.
  16. This is one of Rose Tremain's earlier novels, from the mid-eighties, and in spite of its confusing cast of characters is, as almost always, an accomplished and enjoyable read. The main character, I suppose, is Larry Kendal, and his struggle to give his new life in France some purpose. He is toying with ideas to re-start his swimming pool business with a grand pool constructed on the small plot of land on which he and Muriel now live - in what had once beentheir holiday home. A short way into the novel, artist Muriel has to return to Oxford to be with her dying mother. From this point we follow the various developments in the lives of Larry and Muriel separately, as they each follow their own paths. In Pomerac the novel follows the events in the life of Larry, his close neighbours, Gervaise, her husband and her German lover, and the other members of this small community as he gets to feel more and more at home, and as his magnificent swimming pool design gradually becomes a reality. Over in the UK, Miriam's mother, Leni, is very frail, but still wields great authority over a small collection of admirers by the strength of her personality and by the memories of a lively past. Miriam is quickly absorbed back into this group, and their relationships. Eventually the death of Leni, opposition to Larry's pool and the various sub-plots come to a head all at about the same time and the outcome for most of the characters is somewhat less than joyful. For me, the more peripheral characters were maybe given too much prominence in the plot - or possibly there were just too many of them. I found it difficult to care about all of them. But, still a well above average read.
  17. Are there any books that you regret reading?

    Welcome back, Hazel!
  18. what is everyone doing?

    I've just read a very distressing email from our younger son. I hadn't heard from him since the beginning of February, so had an inkling that Something Was Up. i was hoping that when he did get in touch it would be the longed for news of a second baby on the way - youngest grandson now being past his 2nd birthday. Well, it would have been, but now it is not. At the 12 week scan it was discovered that the hoped-for-baby had severe oedema, and a second scan 24 hrs later showed a substantial increase in the amount of fluid in its little body. Apparently the result of heart failure, the condition would have been fatal, and so they sadly opted for a medically managed termination. This is the fourth possible grandchild that has not made it to term (two for each DiL), and two growing up with genetic disabilities. I am very sad.
  19. what is everyone doing?

    I feel for you Momac. I hadn't realised at the time that Mr meg's mother approved of me as a putative DiL because she was looking for someone to take over maternal duties! I had been a professional carer for several years then, and when the boys were born I just mothered all three of them out f habit. There are reasons why Mr meg needs a bit more looking after than most, but I think I have made him lazy about having to look after himself - and we have had so many rows because he won't admit it. Most recently, having found his evening tablets not taken three times in one week I told him that, for my own mental health, I was not going to be responsible for his tablets any more, that he must fill his pill pots himself, and I would not be checking whether or not he has taken them. I am not feeling guilty. At least, not yet - if he has another seizure I expect I will. Part of his trouble with these tablets is that he hasn't had a seizure for about 4 years, so no longer thinks about it and doesn't think about the medication either.
  20. what is everyone doing?

    very clever!
  21. Storage space for my books!!!

    Self storage units could very well be the best way to go, and there are many companies offering self storage facilities, but your post looks like an attempt at advertising a particular one. We don't carry advertising, neither paid for nor snuk into a forum post, so I have deleted the link you included. Feel free to continue the discussion, if anyone wants to share their self-storage experiences, but do not recommend, or criticise, specific companies.
  22. Restoration

    The discussion of Restoration linked to in the above post is not the lively version we had at the time the link was posted, but a later, rather sketchy, one. Sadly we seem to have lost that in one of the 'crashes' that occurred in the first iteration of BookGroup Online. At least, I have yet to find it.
  23. Currently Reading

    About to start The Swimming Pool Season by Rose Tremain, which has been on my TBR pile for years, and for some reason I have always rejected it when choosing my next read. At least, I have no record of ever reading it. There has only ever been one of Tremain's books that I haven't enjoyed so I trust that , in spite of my previous reluctance to start it, this is another good one.
  24. Small Steps

    Well, late to this discussion, but I really enjoyed Small Steps. It's about 18 years since I read Holes, but I must have a lingering soft spot for the characters, as I was quite anxious for Armpit when he and X-Ray were buying the tickets, I was sure that he would lose all his money. And of course, again later when he was being questioned by the police, and when El Genius was framing him for the planned murder of Kaira. Of course, my fears were nonsense - Armpit was the hero, he would be OK in the end. And he was OK in the end - back on solid ground and taking more small steps to achieve his goals.. I was so glad that, this time, the ends were not all neatly tied together, and that there were possibilities still to be explored. A lovely book - made me feel good!
  25. Currently Reading

    Time for a change from old murder mysteries, so I have started Small Steps by Louis Sachar for light relief. After just a few pages I am pretty sure that Armpit is going to lose his savings, and am getting quite anxious about him. It's YA book, for goodness sake - it shouldn't be sending my blood pressure up!