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  1. Currently Reading

    Having many, many, many times said on BGO that I didn't like short stories I am currently reading Poirot Investigates a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie. I had been an avid reader for many years, and would sit reading for long periods of time, or with quite short periods between reading sessions; short stories just did not fit my reading 'timetable'. For several years now, for various reasons, mostly inexplicable, I have just not managed to 'settle into' whatever book I tried, butpicked this book up on the way to a hospital appointment, thinking that it would do to pass the time in the waiting room. As it turned out, my waiting time was remarkably short, and I didn't look at the book. However, because of periods of back pain I find myself sitting for the odd half-hour during the day, and finding nothing remotely watchable on the TV in the afternoon I have been picking the book up and reading these short stories. Depending on the length of the story, i can read one, or two at a sitting, and because they are individual stories I can put the book down for a few days and not have to remind myself of what came before. Of course, this is Poirot, so a puzzle to engage my mind, and other short stories may not work as well for me - but it is a start!
  2. Why it's a good idea to have a large TBR

    You posted a link to that article in the "What is everybody Doing" thread just over a year ago, luna, but it is certainly worth its own thread - especially as the original link is no longer available. I will just copy my reply from there into this post:
  3. The ABC Murders

    It was a three-part serialisation - I know that because we had visitors on the third evening and I didn't see the final instalment . By the time I had the opportunity I had lost interest, as i didn't like the way the writer presented Poirot and didn't really want to know his secret past. Anyway, having read the book years ago - probably several times, and seen the David Suchet version, I knew what was coming. Cust makes such an obvious killer right from the start that we are sure it can't be him. As you say, it has a nice twist at the end. Enlisting a group of interested parties to help Poirot with the sleuthing is a novel tactic that I don't remember reading in any other of Christie's mysteries.
  4. Have a Rant!

    A good long walk used to help. but I can't manage that just at the moment. For things that I have absolutely no control or influence over, like Trump, or Brexit, or most of the downhill spiral the world seems to be taking, I sigh, pray and leave to God to sort out in His own good time. I believe he has a plan extending far beyond my horizons of time or understanding. I try to take a similar approach to problems nearer my own life or family although, having been a bit of a control freak all my life, it is more difficult to let them go. If I am wasting energy worrying about such stuff I tell myself "these things shall pass" - and life experience reinforces that observation. Hanging on to worries that you can't do anything about is very debilitating, so I hope you find a means to shelve the problems to a later date - and repeat as necessary!
  5. New Year Greetings 2019

    Best wishes to you all for peace and contentment throughout 2019
  6. Book Lists 2019

    This is a bit of an embarrassment, but I will try to better than last year. @ = Links to BGO threads A = Unabridged Audiobook R = Re-read SS = Short Stories Really Bad= no stars, and only something Exceptional = *****
  7. Review of 2018

    My embarrassing and disastrous attempts at reading anything - three books finished and three (I think) started and abandoned - gave me just one 4* book, a Rose Tremain. That, in past years, would be no surprise, except that Evangelista's Fan is a collection of short stories, which has been a form that I have not ever enjoyed before. I think I will now explore the short story as a possible route back into reading more regularly - you never know, I might work my way back up to tackling Stroyar's The Children's War trilogy at some point! Favourite audiobook was The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom Favourite TV drama - difficult to remember what I watched over the whole year, but A Very British Scandal stands out, as do two recent ones, Bodyguard and Mrs Wilson. I'm not a movie-goer, and tend generally only to listen to music when they are playing listeners favourites on ClassicFM, so have no current favourite album
  8. Rest in Peace

    We can't really complain at losing her after such a long and varied career, but it really has been a joy to see/hear her work. I remember her in "Take It From Here" on the radio, between my 7th and 14th birthdays , as "Eth"; girlfriend, fiancée & then wife to Ron Glum. Then in partnership with Terry Scott in a couple of long-running TV sitcoms from the late sixties to the mid eighties. I was not an AbFab fan, so only saw her in trailers for that, but she endeared herself to a new generation if viewers for her work in that. What a career!
  9. Rest in Peace

    Sister Wendy Beckett, Unlikely TV personality, art historian and nun. Died on Boxing Day aged 88.
  10. Poetic Wanderings

    Now the festive season's ended Comes the sequel parents dread; Pale and visibly distended Bilious Tommy lies in bed, Face to face with retribution And an outraged constitution. What a change since, pink and perky Tommy swiftly put away Three enormous goes of turkey At the feast on Christmas Day, Getting by judicious bluffing Double quantities of stuffing. As to pudding, who could reckon Tommy's load in terms of size? Who attempt to keep a check on Tommy's numberless mince pies? Hopeless task! His present pallor Proves his prodigies of valour. Then I found him, notwithstanding Such colossal feats as these, After dinner on the landing Secretly devouring cheese, Flanked by ginger-beer-and-coffee, Sweetened with a slab of toffee. I, his uncle, gave him warning, Showed him the error of his ways, Hinted at tomorrow morning, Talked about my boyhood days; All in vain I waved the bogey He despised me as a fogey. Well, perhaps the pains he suffers May be gifts of fairy gold, Since he now says, 'Only duffers Eat as much as they can hold.' Thus, through physic and privations, Tommy learns his limitations. The Reckoning - Published in 'Punch', 2 Jan 1907, author unknown
  11. Christmas Greetings

    Best Wishes to you all for a Christmas that brings you Peace and Joy
  12. Christmas Greetings

    My eldest grandson, aged just 17, learning disabled and autistic (amongst other problems) gave me a lovely book on vegetable gardening, which he chose, bought and wrapped himself! I was both pleased with the book, and proud of him. I just wish his grandfather took as much trouble!
  13. Rest in Peace

    Paddy Ashdown, on Saturday Dec 22nd
  14. what is everyone doing?

    So sorry about your Dad, tag. I rather think momac may be right. It does happen that some people can fight the moment of death until they can be at home, and then cease the struggle in familiar surroundings . I hope this possibility may bring you some comfort. Sending my condolences, best wishes for the next few difficult days and hopes that the sadness of this time will eventually be replaced by many happy memories of your father
  15. A to Z Game

    For R.O., and any other bored folk. This game can go on indefinitely, and doesn't need anyone to oversee it, or to be 'in charge'. The idea is to make a list from A to Z, one item at a time, in a nominated category. The person who does 'Z' chooses the next category, and starts a new list. No double posting (or googling) unless there has been nothing posted for at least 24hrs. Be as inventive as you like! First category Things You'd Find In The Kitchen Apron
  16. I have looked at Amazon's trending titles and cannot see this book there.
  17. what is everyone doing?

    Sorry about your diagnosis, luna, but pleased that the worst of your symptoms have been alleviated. I hope you quickly get a diabetes-friendly diet established, and that you regain enough energy to start taking a bit of exercise.
  18. what is everyone doing?

    Thanks to you and Madeleine for your good wishes. I am using a hot wheat bag when sitting, and a couple of hot water bottles in bed. I seize up when seated or lying down, and getting moving again is painful. The heat definitely helps to ease both the stiffness and the pain. Of course last weekend was supposed to be devoted to a thorough house-clean in preparation for putting up the Christmas decorations. That is now progressing very, very slowly, and I am getting Mr meg to do all the low bending, high reaching and carrying. I am confining myself to removing the pictures and ornaments, gently dusting and polishing the surfaces between hip and shoulder height, and arranging the Christmassy things to my liking. This way of doing things may continue longer than is strictly necessary
  19. what is everyone doing?

    Moving very slowly and carefully at the moment. I tripped over the doorsill on Friday and ended up flat on my back, completely winded, on the narrow (and rain-soaked) path between us and the neighbour's garden wall. How I didn't end up in hospital is a wonder. It frightened me a bit, and frightened Mr meg a lot, as he thought I'd broken my back. I have bruises and pain in muscles and joints all over, goodness knows what I hit on the way down ! Mr meg wanted me to take to my bed, but I knew I would seize up if I did that, so have kept moving and gradually the various aches are reducing, and I am a bit less stiff. At least I can be fairly sure that I don't have osteoporosis!
  20. Advent

    Late again! here are a few advent calendars to help you count down the days until Christmas. http://projectbritain.com/Xmas/calendar/index.html https://www.compassionuk.org/pray-connect/advent/ http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/christmas/advent/ https://www.ashmolean.org/advent
  21. Advent

    Here’s a selection of Advent calendars to help you count the days to Christmas. http://www.stmarysaom.org/x%20adventcal.php http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/customs/Xmas/calendar/ http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/online/advent/ http://www.westminster.gov.uk/libraries/advent/ http://www.north-pole.co.uk/advent_calendar/index.htm http://www.uptoten.com/kids/boowakwala-events-christmas-advent.html http://www.hugkiss.com/christmas/advent.html Feel free to add any others that you find online. They are a day early, as I'm away tonight and most of tomorrow.
  22. Make A Snowflake!

    It's still very mild around here, so I'm making my own snow again this year http://snowdays.me
  23. Poetic Wanderings

    I love the stillness of the wood: I love the music of the rill: I love to couch in pensive mood Upon some silent hill. Scarce heard, beneath you arching trees, The silver-crested ripples pass; And, like a mimic brook, the breeze Whispers among the grass. Here from the world I win release, Nor scorn of men, nor footstep rude, Break in to mar the holy peace Of this great solitude. first three stanzas of Solitude by Lewis Carroll
  24. Stark series of books and novella's

    Not my taste at all, but for those who do like hot and steamy stories it is good to have a comparative guide to the ones available.
  25. what is everyone doing?

    Ah! Hadn't made the connection with the book you are reading.