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  1. Now that's sorted, and not forgetting we've had (con) Gusto we can carry on wth H for - Harmony
  2. That's what I thought - fibrato might be an alternative spelling - but can't find any evidence of it spelled like that. Leaves us with a gap for F - I thought of one last night, but it's slipped my mind for the moment.
  3. Sorry, can't find this word. Looked in several online dictionaries and lists of musical terms.
  4. Looking things up is allowed, as long as the following 'rules' (from the OP) are followed = No double posting (or googling) unless there has been nothing posted for at least 24hrs. Be as inventive as you like! To continue: Barcarolle
  5. Visibility ( average this morning, early, could just make out the turbines of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm through the mist)
  6. Of course! I was struggling with that one - best I could come up with was Jack Frost, who used to draw beautiful patterns on the inside windowpanes of my unheated bedroom in the 1950s. In compete contrast: khamaseen
  7. Enervating - for all of last week!
  8. Probably me. I've never missed an opportunity to say how much i love this book since I first read it 30 years ago (pre-BGO) I re-read it in 2010, when it was my book of the year. It was the first book I read that year, and nothing came near it for the rest of the year. So glad you got the same joy from reading it.
  9. Victoria sponge cake. Big slice, home-made.
  10. A sandwich - choose your own bread, choose your own filling.
  11. Not just any old olives, Madeleine, but Queen olives 😋
  12. So lovely to see you here again, Barblue, I always think of you when I hear a certain football team mentioned on the sports programmes 😉 Welcome back!
  13. Really great to have you back with us, Nellie. Thread in Board Business duly deleted
  14. The Midlife Murders - James Patterson Sometime between his 45th and 55th birthday a man starts to feel dissatisfied with his life. He feels that time to make changes is running short. He starts making unusual choices ... Not all men at that crisis point make the kind of choices Rocky Rivers makes - choices that destroy many of the families in the small town where he was born and raised .
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