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  1. Very sorry to see you go, after all these years, jfp. Is it something we've done? Please reconsider, but whatever you do, I wish you well. megustaleer
  2. Doris Day! That's a whole heap of my early teen memories gone.
  3. Congratulations to your daughter, Binker, and to you for having brought her up to be a wise young lady!
  4. Our Poll cards have arrived for the European elections. I wonder if someone will let us know if we actually have to turn up and vote on the day.
  5. Ditto As far as numbers go, "the country" is fairly evenly divided. Or was at the time of the referendum, and no-one in power is prepared to risk finding that the proportions have changed, as they have no idea how they would cope if they have. No more idea than they had when the referendum result was not the one that any of them expected.
  6. I have always been a keen supporter of local politics, and deplore the low turnout in local elections - but: In our neck of the woods there are about 6 candidates standing for 2 seats on the Town Councli, and 8 for ?? seats on the District Council. So far we have received one leaflet from a Town Council candidate, and two for District Council candidates. Plus one from a political party which is fielding candidates in both elections and all wards, but hasn't given any details of the candidates - not even their names. Everybody else is going to have to get their leaflet stuffed through our door pretty smartly if they want our votes - which presumably they don't, or we'd have heard from them before now. I expect a very low turnout, and they can hardly blame the voters this time, given this lack of encouragement.
  7. I doubt that is actually to do with memory loss, momac, more to do with habit, and "physical memory" - where a regular action is so ingrained into everyday routine that the body goes into action without the brain needing to alert it. The sticky tape is a good idea - without that reminder, even if you had perfect memory, the automatic action could lead to a nasty injury.
  8. I seem to have hit the buffers on the reading front. I did spend much of April reading three cookery books, for the purpose of planning a menu to feed Easter visitors, but other than that the usual spring demands of the garden have taken over. Not that I have made much progress there, back pain is slowing me down and that also makes sitting reading uncomfortable. I also have knitting that has passed three deadlines, and i can't seem to get on with that, either. But, The Playmaker still sits by my chair, so i haven't totally given up on it.
  9. That's what I usually do, but I don't get to the garden centre very often, so bought my plants as soon as i saw them for sale. The warm weather in the week before Easter made them put on a growth spurt and, rather than risk knocking the tops off getting them in and out of the growhouse (which was far too hot in last week's sun) I thought they'd be better off planted out. They should be OK with a bit of fleece over them if it doesn't get frosty. There is no shade where the pots are, so I'd like them to get established before they have to cope with much heat, or the notoriously blustery wind we get throughout the year along this stretch of coast.
  10. The weather turned from unseasonably hot at the w/e to normal early spring temperatures on Tuesday - which is a bit chilly for outdooor tomatoes. The forecast for today in my neck of the woods was even chillier, with rain and strong winds, so at 06:30 I was outside rigging up some protection for my five little tomato plants. After breakfast I went shopping, suitably waterproofed, and came home at lunchtime sweltering in bright sunshine. I have not uncovered the tomatoes because, as soon as I do, the rain and strong winds will arrive and batter them down. Here's hoping they don't die of heat exhaustion in the meantime. English weather
  11. I have planted five different tomato plants in their pots - and the weather has now turned chilly!
  12. Edward Kelsey - known to many Archers' listeners as the cantankerous, but loveable Joe Grundy
  13. Yeah, me too! I'm paying for it now 'though. Slept badly last night, but managed to plant 3 tomatoes this morning (two still to do). Been tired, achey ad feeling quite rough all evening
  14. Oh, tell me about it! I seem to be permanently exhausted, and yet achieve nothing. The last few days were an aberration, which I couldn't have kept up any longer - don't know where I got the energy from, but it's all gone again now. Today I filled a few pots ready to put in tomato plants, and my back was in spasm by the time I finished. I had managed to get the visitors towels and bed-linen washed, but could barely lift the last sheet off the clothes line this afternoon. Not bothered about being 10 years younger, but could do with being 10 years fitter!
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