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  1. I found a female flower on one of my courgette plants this morning, and a male flower on one in a different raised bed 😀. I quickly introduced them to each other, and am hoping that this is the start of a resurgence of flowers of both genders. It has been the worst year for courgettes that I have ever had, and the first since we moved here that i haven't been putting them out at the front gate for passers-by to help themselves.
  2. Strange that we are having such different experiences with tomatoes, considering that we are both in the SE. I am in the midst of a tomato and cucumber glut at the moment. Not that I mind living off cucumber and tomatoes in this heat I must be further south than you - in fact, looking at the map, we are almost as far south as we could get and still be east of the meridian (by a few metres). Unless we were right on Beachy Head, of course. My tomatoes and cucumbers are growing in pots against a white-painted, south-facing wall, so couldn't be in a better position. Other veggies are not doing so well; the climbing beans were wrecked by the salty winds of a couple of weeks ago, and the courgettes have either had all female flowers or all male flowers at any one time, so next to no fruit. Gardening is a bit of a lottery at times!
  3. I made the best use I could of the hot weather - got three loads of laundry washed and dried. I love the smell of line-dried laundry! Other than that I remained indoors with the windows and curtains closed on the south, and the door on the north side tied back to let a little air circulate. Finally ventured out at 8pm to water the beans and pick raspberries.
  4. Put me down as a pluviophile* - we have had far too little of it here in the SE, this year and far, far too much sun! And wind, but there's not much point in moaning about the wind here in Meridian Cliffs, as it is almost a constant. The weekend's rain all but missed us - I had to get the hose out on the veggies on friday afternoon, following what was supposed to be a stormy night. The accompanying wind arrived, of course, and I was out at 7am on Saturday fixing guy ropes to the bean poles to stop them ending up in next-doors garden. The salt laden wind has just about done for the bean plants, the leaves are either blown right off, or shrivelled and crispy. The clematis, those that have not been blown off their supports, have also been dessicated by the salty wind, and although it is raining pretty heavily this morning I doubt there will be much chance of recovery this season. * I may change my stance on this during the winter
  5. Toni Morrison, author of Beloved, one of the most moving books i have read, with a particularly controversial scene which I thought prompted much discussion here. The thread on it is rather truncated, and does not reflect that response. It appears to be another that has been lost in one of the historic breaks in the BGO timeline I have not read any of her other books, although there are BGO threads on some
  6. How hast thou merited - Of all man's clotted clay the dingiest clot? Alack, thou knowest not How little worthy of any love thou art! Whom wilt thou find to love ignoble thee, Save Me, save only Me? All which I took from thee I did but take, Not for thy harms, But just that thou might'st seek it in My arms. All which thy child's mistake Fancies as lost, I have stored for thee at home: Rise, clasp My hand, and come!' Halts by me that footfall: Is my gloom, after all, Shade of His hand, outstretched caressingly? 'Ah, fondest, blindest, weakest, I am He Whom thou seekest! Thou dravest love from thee, who dravest Me.' from: The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson
  7. I'll ne'er blame my partial fancy, Naething could resist my Nancy; But to see her was to love her; Love but her, and love forever. Had we never lov'd sae kindly, Had we never lov'd sae blindly, Never met—or never parted— We had ne'er been broken-hearted. from Ae Fond Kiss - Robert Burns
  8. No, I am not, I wish I were. I've had very little energy for the past couple of years, and the five days away were spent mostly sitting down (& Mr meg does all the driving). In spite of which I was exhausted by the end of it.
  9. I am only just recovering from two family celebrations at the end of last week. My neice got married on Thursday, which meant an eight hour drive, mostly on motorways, the day before (that did include a detour for lunch and a walk round a NT garden). The day following the wedding we travelled down to the New Forest, a journey of similar duration, with another detour, to a different NT property. The route heading south took us down the M43, ahead of that road being closed for the Silverstone Grand Prix weekend. All the 'no-access' signs were already in place, but we had no idea when they were actually closing the road, which made for a slightly anxious journey. It was a relief to find that we could actually get on to the M40 at the end. The weekend in the New Forest was a family party to celebrate Mr meg's 70th birthday, and Younger Son's 40th. We had a great time with both sons and families, but it has taken all week to catch up on my sleep, as i am still recovering from the medical intervention four weeks earlier and missed out on my 2 hourafternoon nap on 4 of the 5 days! 😫 Elder Son et al were very late arriving, as their middle child had been away for a few days on a school trip, didn't get home until the evening and needed to unpack and eat before they set off. It was all a bit hectic. I think I have caught up now, and we did have a great time - good enough for us to contemplate doing it again, but preferably not back-to-back with other celebrations & long journeys 🙄
  10. Good call, momac. I don't know how we would have managed if my health problems of the last 18months had happened while we were living in our old house. There are bound to be people available to do that sort of thing - there are over here. We were quite short of time, so resorted to some drastic measures, including hiring a skip and letting our sons just throw most of the contents of the attic into it, but if you can take a bit of time I'm sure you could sell quite a lot of of your excess 'stuff' - although probably not for as much as you think it's worth. Getting Dave to agree to the move is the biggest hurdle and you seem to have managed that, even though he is not thrilled with the suggestion. I hope it all goes smoothly for you, but if you hit any snags, feel free to rant to us, we will be here to 'listen'
  11. Old elm that murmured in our chimney top The sweetest anthem autumn ever made And into mellow whispering calms would drop When showers fell on thy many coloured shade And when dark tempests mimic thunder made - While darkness came as it would strangle light With the black tempest of a winter night That rocked thee like a cradle in thy root - How did I love to hear the winds upbraid Thy strength without - while all within was mute. It seasoned comfort to our hearts' desire, We felt that kind protection like a friend And edged our chairs up closer to the fire, Enjoying comfort that was never penned. Old favourite tree, thou'st seen time's changes lower, Though change till now did never injure thee; For time beheld thee as her sacred dower And nature claimed thee her domestic tree. From The Fallen Elm by John Clare
  12. This is the first book for I don't know how long that has me picking it up at every available opportunity. Enjoyed the "Good Days" section enormously - now just starting on the "Bad Days".
  13. I don't have a plan - just to try and get some reading done, which has not been all that successful in recent years. However: I am now on book 9 for 2019 - which is already three times the number I read in 2018, and seemingly 9 times as many as I read in 2017 (I'm sure that cant be true, but can find no mention on BGO of more than one book started that year). So, this year can already be considered a success, thanks to the unscheduled medical emergency.
  14. About to start Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
  15. And who, when it comes to the crunch, can live with a heart of gold? That night, I dreamt I bore his child, its perfect ore limbs, its little tongue like a precious latch, its amber eyes holding their pupils like flies. My dream milk burned in my breasts. I woke to the streaming sun. So he had to move out. We’d a caravan in the wilds, in a glade of its own. I drove him up under the cover of dark. He sat in the back. And then I came home, the woman who married the fool who wished for gold. At first, I visited, odd times, parking the car a good way off, then walking. You knew you were getting close. Golden trout on the grass. One day, a hare hung from a larch, a beautiful lemon mistake. And then his footprints, glistening next to the river’s path. He was thin, delirious; hearing, he said, the music of Pan from the woods. Listen. That was the last straw. From Mrs Midas - Carol Ann Duffy
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