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  1. Thinking about Apple whenever I go shopping. I remember her past posts about the way some customers treat supermarket staff, and hearing various reports of abuse that many of them are getting in the current situation. I wonder if she is still working in retail, and on the receiving end of such behaviour? Other than that, I'm not doing anything very much at the moment. I was taking a daily walk, and was getting a bit done in the garden, but the cold blast of the last two days has put a stop to both of those. It's difficult to summon up enough enthusiasm for doing exercise indoors, or at least to do it with sufficient enthusiasm and energy to do any good. Still, I suppose even that small amount of movement is better than sitting in a chair all day.
  2. Ah, one of my favourites! Always reminds me of the huge flowering cherry in the garden of our last house, it brought me such joy every April.
  3. Thank you for that information, but we are OK for most things at the moment as I always keep a well stocked larder. Hopefully, by the time we need topping up Sainsbury's will have sorted out the priority online ordering for the vulnerable groups.
  4. Love it! Further to my last post, the family's CV survival plan has hit the dust on the first day! Elder Son and DiL seem to have left it too late to protect the vulnerable ones by taking the middle child out of school - he is coughing! They are now self-isolating, for a fortnight in the first instance, and extending it if other family members get it (however innocuous it is). Younger Son telephoned this evening. I could hear DiL coughing in the background, so they are self-isolating too. Mr meg and I are well so far. Best wishes for remaining healthy to everyone here, plus family and friends
  5. Had a long telephone conversation yesterday evening with Elder Son (the one who lives about 3/4 miles from us) on CV related behaviour. Two of their children are disabled, the 18yr old having respiratory difficulties. They are also concerned about us as we are both over 70 and both had spells in hospital with heart problems last year. He and DiL have conferred and come to certain conclusions as to how we can best support each other. The results of their deliberations are: To take their middle child out of school to reduce the risk of him bringing any bugs home to infect the more vulnerable ones, for DiL to take unpaid leave from work for the same reason (she is a bank teller, so lots of personal contact, and handling grubby cash etc). Elder Son has already been working from home for a week. For us, as far as possible, to immediately self isolate (not that difficult, as all our social groups are now closed until whenever) and maintain a strict hygiene routine around any necessary contact with others. That would make it possible for socialising to take place between the two households at either house, or outings to the park and the cliffs. He has offered to shop for us, but as he is already buying for what is a household of 4.5 adults that is likely to cause ‘bulk buying’ problems in the supermarket. The newly announced shopping arrangements for vulnerable groups will mean we should be able to shop for ourselves, especially if the promised priority access to online shopping comes into being before yesterday’s purchases are all used up. We have not heard from Younger Son for over a week, he lives and works in London, and his job is likely to be imperilled by the international travel restrictions. DiL was already working for from home part of the time, and will no doubt increase that. I am going to miss seeing our 3yr old grandson - they were due to visit in May, I was just waiting for a specific w/e to be finalised. No chance now 😢
  6. Ok - can anyone tell me what 'barton' means in the last poem? I know the meaning of 'barton' in The Ruined Maid, but I hardly think anyone could be hit on the head with a farmyard!
  7. brendaOO was banned yesterday.
  8. That makes sense - it was probably not an unusual name for a spaniel - at least at that time. No probs about the thread merger. The original is 11 years old, and I only knew about it because I started it!
  9. Oh, this is such a shock and sorrow to all of us who remember CP, and who enjoyed the many enthusiastic and valuable contributions to BGO from the two of you. Praying that you and the family will find comfort and strength in the coming days, and sending you condolences.
  10. A bit late in the day, but best wishes to all for a peaceful. contented and healthy year. Happy New Year for 2020.
  11. Hoping to manage a few more in 2020.
  12. Peace and joy to you all this Christmas
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