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  1. Oh, this is such a shock and sorrow to all of us who remember CP, and who enjoyed the many enthusiastic and valuable contributions to BGO from the two of you. Praying that you and the family will find comfort and strength in the coming days, and sending you condolences.
  2. A bit late in the day, but best wishes to all for a peaceful. contented and healthy year. Happy New Year for 2020.
  3. Hoping to manage a few more in 2020.
  4. Peace and joy to you all this Christmas
  5. very odd - but there shouldn't be any more posts or messages. No under that name, anyway.
  6. She posted the same message on a couple of threads, and was bannd this morning. I have not had any private messages from her, was that what you got? How long ago?
  7. Well, yes - it hardly needs Tsiolkas to tell us that. The "Church" as an organised religious institution is a construct of men in the centuries long after those who knew Jesus personally, or knew those who followed teachings of Paul and the apostles. It has come a long way from its origins as told in the 'Acts of the Apostlea', and the teachings of Paul in his 'Epistles' - those letters to his fellow missionaries and the communities of believers they were nurturing. I certainly don't feel the need to read a novelists imaginings on the beginnings of the early church, especially having read your review of it. Thank you.
  8. Naturalist David Bellamy
  9. Probably the people of Basingstoke prefer to forget it. At least it doesn't insult the town, (as Betjemann does to Slough) but does cause some embarrassing hilarity on the infrequent occasions that Ruddigore is performed these days.
  10. And Clive James. Such a witty man. I used to enjoy seeing & hearing his broadcasts. I was so sad when I heard, some years ago, that his illness was so advanced he could no longer endure the long flight back to Australia. It seemed awful that he should spend his latter years more or less in exile here.
  11. Gary Rhodes OBE, popular TV chef in the '90s - aged only 59. Loved his larky stye, and his spikey hair. So young, so sad.
  12. Does he give the G&S connection a mention? I'm afraid that since my first experience of Ruddigore (back in the early 1960s), that is my first thought on hearing anyone mention Basingstoke. A reference probably completely lost to all but the keenest (or eldest) Gilbert & Sullivan fans nowadays
  13. There is a bit of that about it, especially trying to read it aloud. My instinctive pronunciation of "Ruel" is Roo-el, which makes rhyming "fuel" and "cruel" with it a bit nonsensical, and adds to the rumpty tumpty feel.
  14. Good to have you back with us, woofwoof! many authors have said that once the film rights of their books are sold than they consider the film to be an entirely separate animal. No doubt helped in that by, as you say, the cash. I think that attitude also saves them a load of heartache from seeing their work mangled in the transformation. A change of title helps to distance the film from the book, but publishers rush to re-issue the book, retitled with the name of the film to get a second chance at monetising it (ghastly term). So you get two lots of disappointed people, especially if there are vast differences between the two genres.Those who read and loved the book first are unhappy with the film and those who loved a film are disappointed when they read the book looking for characters and scenes they recognise. The changes made for this film are so sweeping that it really is not recognisable from the original, and the only way to enjoy both is to regard them as totally separate stories.
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